MMO - Chumpion Strikes Again - Best Thorium Farming Spots?

MMO-Champion released another 'method' for making gold or rather... a great way to lose it!

At first I really liked their article, it was about prospecting ore and selling it based on the prices of gems you most frequently received from the ore. Perfect so far. Then it was mentioned that Thorium is a great way to do this... BAM! The post went in an instant from excellent to moronic.

Sure sure, let's tell them to go get thorium, since half the people reading really don't know the best spots to farm (dark whisper gorge, dire maul, etc) they will simply buy it off the auction house. How many of those people will even check to see if the gems are a good enough profit before prospecting? Why didn't you just say something along the lines of go compare ore with what it makes and see if it's valuable? Ugh! This is just getting to the point where I throw my hands up and say ok MMO-Champion, how many people do you have to screw over before people stop using those tips?

Here's what I'm going to do with this thorium fiasco.

1. Buy out all Thorium.
2. Camp an alt in dark whisper gorge and farm once around every 30 mins to 1 hour.
3. Post for dumb prices.
4. Laugh when people buy them eventhough gems are ridiculously flooded. Also I will post gems for crazy prices to help keep the price high, eventhough no one will buy them.

You're just leading lambs to the slaughter. People make smarter decisions when they have to think for themselves, however when you tell them do this task as if they are playing a single player game without real thinking opponents then you are turning them into sheeple.

Come sheeple, the thorium is selling quicker than I can stock it!

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  2. Why do they keep posting this stuff? Don't they realize that as soon as they post it, it is no longer relevant or true. Put on top of that people who may not have auction house experience, and you just have a site that is going to be pissing people off.

  3. I always liked the bug caves in Silithus for Thorium. There are lots of nodes in there, and they're all rich.

  4. haha. I'm not sure how this will change things on my server. The other posts have not done much to our market.

    Thorium Ore is normaly around 3g each. Last week a farmer dumped heaps and drove the price down to 1.5g each.

    I bought up about 4k worth because the gems are still holding their price (I was making 200% profit on the 3g each price)

    Though if I was you, I'd be storing the ore for the new Worgen/Goblins who will be leveling JC with the next expansion.

    Another tip is to sell the gems in larger stacks. Anyone buying the gems will need a stack, not one or two. I've been selling the gems for more in stacks than the ones posted individually.

  5. My first thought was... Woah! Is that true? Are those gems going for that?

    So I logged onto Kul Tiras and checked... Yup!

    But... How much Thorium Ore is there?

    None. Well, damn little.

    Being a hard core old timer... I know all the nodes. I might actually have to take a break from the AH to do some farming!

    Selling Thorium Ore could get some cash... and be a cool 'retro' ride for a while. Heh.

  6. I found this great trick where I find a child with something cool. Then I push him over, take it, and call him an idiot. Works like a charm.

  7. Oh - is that why Thorium suddenly spiked from 30g to 80g?

    Oh well, that was only something I did casually for pocket money anyway.

    Like many people, I've just ended up making a profit off all the sheep who don't really know what they're doing, and instead are just rushing to follow whatever MMO tells them to do.

    Taking the opportunity to sell off some dusty lowbie herbs for 80g/stack, cobalt for double what it used to be, and excess inks for stupid prices while everyone else is jostling to sell glyphs for 75s... works for me.

    I don't mind shelving my thorium prospecting hobby until after the newbies realise it isn't making them millions after all, because ore is 100g a stack and gems are flooding the market.

  8. These posts are ridiculous to us, but huge help to the average player. True: we get more money than they do from this trick. But they also get more money than those average players who don't read MMO-champion.

    The standards are so low that such advices as "fix your shoelace before climbing a hill" is considered great.

    Most people are just grinding dailies or mining saronite (and sell it on the AH below vendor price). ANY advice, no matter how easily abuseable to us is a great help to them.

  9. Gevlon -

    When people are losing 10g/prospect, it's not really helping. Thorium demand is going to be huge, but who uses those gems? People leveling jewelcrafting?

    Gem supply is next to none, and undercutting is going to happen on items that don't sell that well to begin with. This doesn't help anyone.

  10. You guys are mean. Pretending to be all caring and having a lot of integrity; then, when mmo posts something that you consider to be ridiculous

    (Lets face it bro, you spend most of your precious human life making virtual gold in a virtual world, so I bow to your ultra-expertise, for whats its worth)

    But then, you post about how you're going to go rip off all the sheep who follow the primitive mmo advice. Even if you're just kidding, other people will do it.

    I dont mind as long as you stop prending that you demonstrate some kind of virtue in the midst of your insane addiction to making gold in wow.

  11. I agree with Gevlon. MMO-Champion's posts are very straightforward and simple to many of us here, who spend most of our time in-game playing World of Auctioncraft. But many if not most players are totally clueless when it comes to knowing how to acquire gold. They need all of the help that they can get. MMO-Champion's posts, if nothing else, show how they can go about doing so--and the posts are written in a STEP BY STEP, easy to understand format.

    I WISH that some WoW economic sites did the same. The fact of the matter is, a lot of the things we see on WoW economic blogs and sites are too dense and confusing for the average player to figure out. Starting up with the auction house is a monumental task for most. MMO-Champion at least makes getting into the auctioneering a bit easier for these players--and doesn't charge them $20+ for a gold guide.

    The only problem is that MMO Champion is so widely read that everyone will try these exact methods for the first few weeks. But the smart players who only needed a stepping-stone to get started on making money will read these posts, understand that they'd lose money because everyone else is doing it, and just wait till the crowds disperse--OR they figure out that they can use basically the same strategies in a different market and make tons of money.

    The only people who are being hurt by MMO Champion's posts are the idiots who wouldn't have ever been able to figure out how to make money on the AH anyway.

  12. not sure why you take this soo personal. I think your readers (us) know how to profit from this - exactly doing the same things you mentioned. looks like you are going against these 'proper and detailed' tips by providing 'proper and detailed' countertactics.... and i am afraid that despite your following (us) most people are still reading mmo champion rather than this blog.

    or are you scared that they will dilute your messages by giving easy, one stop shopping ideas on how to make more money? Why not counter it with other money making ideas with the same level of detail as they do?

    otherwise this becomes a battle of i did this, you did that and we, as a community, do not benefit from it anymore...

  13. Good job Markco for pointing out that these tips (more like direct instructions) leave areas for us real auctioneers to make massive gold.

    I was upset when I first saw the post on MMO-champion because prospecting thorium has been my most consistent source of income for months!

    So far on my server things are going well for me. Thorium ore usually sells for 30-40g a stack (lower than most servers) I however only bought when it dipped below 20 when farmers dropped their supply. The last 6 hours I've sold probably a dozen stacks for 60-70g per.

    On the bright side, gems haven't been flooded (yet)! Still selling Opals/Emeralds for 15, Diamonds for 12.5, star ruby's for 10 and blue sapphires for 5.

    Thankfully I have both a large supply of gems and thorium, so I don't even have to farm, I just have to watch and see :)

  14. I must agree with Otelma, as well; I've been a long-time reader of this blog and have greatly enjoyed it. However, these random shots at MMO-Champion are becoming annoying, as they are coming across as something near to rants. MMO-Champion is giving some decent-quality advice, albeit advice that, when many people try it at once, causes issues (but eventually, the people who lost money will stop doing it, and the people who learned from the experience will come away with a greater understanding of the markets).

    Instead of being dismissive and, well, fairly insulting to MMO-Champion, why not be competitive? It's been a while since we've seen clear-cut, in-depth and useful money-making information that is the same or better quality of MMO-Champion's little guides. Instead of complaining about them, try one-upping them with better and more detailed information!

  15. You mean you want me to post exactly how to make a few gold so that someone else can make a hundred off you?

  16. Personally, I believe that it's inevitable that a goblin/trader will use the fact that they know what a large number of players will do before these players know it themselves to profit, but that there's no reason to not talk about specific gold making strategies. Unless that goblin is willing to babysit the AH, the supply of thorium will go up, and the price of the gems will go correspondingly down.

  17. Matthew, Gevlon, agree with both of you. Looks to me like these are kind of 'futile' ways to affirm who has views and can have views, and who has views and is just the usual large corporate nasty guy missing the big picture and which is going to drive herds of lemmings off the next cliff.

    I enjoy this site - not a big fan of the making gold thingy, but like playing the auction house every once in a while. To me wow is mostly pve (as it may be mostly pvp/gold making/rp whatever to someone) but i do not pick on people saying things i disagree with.
    I think, as a very interested reader of this blog, that calling mmo-champion names is a l33t attitude which adds very little to the debate.
    mostly because these sites cater to very different readers.

  18. If you want to make money, you already know how to do it. If you don't know how to do it, you're probably not interested in this topic.

    These posts on mmo-champion are for people who don't have the time or are not interested to make money, because they are fine with their 150% flying mount. They just would like to know how some people can reach the gold cap.

    I also watch TV shows about animals and I don't plan on buying an elephant. :-)

  19. (forgot to register for e-mail follow-up)

  20. Why do they keep posting this stuff? Because it directly benefits the author both in-game and out. Anyone harbouring the delusion that Boub posts these guides with the intent of helping anyone but himself is ill-informed. He knows exactly what he's doing and if he truly wanted to help the "every day player" make gold, he would point them toward general resources like this one and have them learn for themselves. Teach a man to fish, as they say.

    It's interesting to see people here calling folks out for an "elitist" attitude toward MMOChamp for posting these guides. I saw the same type of attitude over there from posters who seem to be above spending most of their "precious human life making virtual gold in a virtual world", yet presumably have no qualms acting on spoonfed advice for a valid aspect of the game they so deride people for indulging successfully in.

    Kudos to Markco and anyone else hamming it up over all this. The WoW economy can't be laid out like a boss strat, but all the excellent advice one could want is already available in easy-to-find places just like this. The onus is still on Boub for leaving out the ground rule details freely shared with those who thought to go looking long before he started posting his self-serving guides. Shame on anyone who doesn't recognize him as a kindred "goblin" spirit instead of the good Samaritan some are making him out to be. :P

  21. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I made the same mistake with telling everyone about disenchanting blacksmithing helms for huge profits instead of telling people to look for items to de on their own.

    It's more of a maturity thing imo then anything else.

  22. I have to agree with Markco on this topic...

    The problem with these posts on MMO-champ is right along the lines of the problem there was with Jewelcrafting for a LONG time...

    the posts are saying "this is exactly what you do to make gold" instead of "these are things you should look for" or "this is how to think for yourself"

    Making gold is not about finding just one niche... it's about learning how to find niches, then applying that knowledge...

    if you are blindly following someone else's advice - then when the factors change - you don't know well enough how to fix the problem and you're right back where you started..

    a great example - when I first started making gold - I was using inscription, following a lot of gevlon's advice in the area... but since that time I have quit and come back - when I came back to the game - the inscription market on my server is run by multiple undercutters, so instead of fighting for that market, I found others that have little or no competition that I could take over (metagems, bags, etc)

    instead of getting to where inscription was harder and harder to make gold and just plugging away, I knew how to find other niches and switch gears...

    players following this advice don't have any idea what they're doing - other than following someone else's instructions...

    so when tons of people read this post, and the market crashes... really how useful is this? Seems pretty worthless to me...

    Also, his comment on "If you need a spreadsheet to figure out if this is profitable - it's not worth it"... really?

    I use spreadsheets for both milling and prospecting - and discouraging this is just crippling people...

    the spreadsheet I use for prospecting does the math for cobalt, saronite and titanium ore, takes into account enchanting mats and making rings to DE, and all 3 commonalities of gems...

    apparently the person writing this "mini-guide" is telling the person that if they would have to use a spreadsheet to figure this out - it's not worth it... in my opinon that's like saying "if you're using a calculator for that math - it's really not worth doing"

    why wouldn't you advocate using tools that make life easier? seems like some really bad advice to me

    (sorry about the long post... kinda ranting)

  23. Alexander - Germany said... October 13, 2009 at 11:55 PM

    I never played the AH before in this game, my interest has always been raiding and pvp. My main is a JC and Eng (the latter more for fun then anything). To be self sufficient i raised herbs, mining and Alchemy for pots and flasks. I hate dailys and farming, so most my income has allways been DE few greens crafted from gems, quite profitable endeavour, but after these guides Eternal and gem prices shot up immensely. So i decided to try them to find new ways to earn gold. the only good thing i found in those guides was that crazy little addon for the AH, thats the only good thing in them, because all the rest especially the glyph market is completly saturated.

    Anyway after reading these guides I become more interested in getting a good amount of gold for my account which I never had, and this eventually led me to your blog. So basically the mmo guides are good for you has I am sure, the more interested people are trying to find places where you can get good information.

    Since then in 2 weeks of farming AH, like some reader said, I found my niches, completely different but related from the ones in MMO.

    i also levelled inscription to find a market completely saturated, flooded with AH campers basically people with a LOT of time in their hands, disillusioned at 1st i found couple ways of making very good money in them. (One was a very good tip from Marcko).

    In 2 weeks i made more gold then i ever had in 3 years of playing this game, part due to the MMO guides but mostly because i got interested and found it entertaining and rewarding to do.

    Funny enough my biggest loss in this 2 weeks was buying all the Thorium has soon has the guide came out. bought 4k worth of it and the reverse to what everyone is saying happened both gems and ore prices plummeted really hard.

    But i am sure eventually it will pick up again, so it will just have to sit on my precious bank space for now.

    I have learned a lot, and got a completely different feel of the market now, my goal is to lvl more proffessions because with the experienced i learned over the past weeks i can see much better which markets are good too be picked up at the moment but im limited by trade skills for now.

    Just to finish i would like to say that both you and MMO can only benefit from this guides, the wow markets just like in any real trading markets fluctuates with speculation but eventually the normal times come again because the lazy will still be lazy no matter how many guides you put in front of them.

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