Netherweave Bags

Netherweave Bags cost approximately 4 gold 50 silver to craft and they often sell for 10-16 gold each. Even a mediocre tailor can craft these and every single leveling character would love to have some nice big bags for cheap. Even selling at 6-8 gold is worth the time it takes to make these and regardless of the competition you can always sell for a profit.

This is an important lesson to learn about making consistent money on the auction house. If you are going to want to make tons of gold every day, you are going to need to decide whther you want to shift with the market and when to hold your price.

For these bags, the ridiculously low cost allows you to shift and undercut people without a worry about losing too much profit. Since you know these are going to be bought up by the dozens every day (usually 4 at a time), you can dump tons for cheaper than everyone else and they will sell, even if you are undercut by a few other people.

If you want to maximize profit than you may want to risk posting at a steady price all the time, regardless of market fluctuations. You won't sell all your goods all the time, but you will make much more gold in the long run.

Either way you will make great profits on these bags, regardless of how you choose to sell them. Try selling in trade as well, you'll catch people leveling and trying to buy skills who might want to upgrade their bags.

Try to apply these concepts to other markets and see how you make out.

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  1. In my market they undercut like dogs brought the gold down to 10g in one day undercutting. But ive sold a ton and im out posting the others in my market because i had more time to AH.

  2. Hmm, on the realms I have been on, the bags never go under 6g at all. That seems to be the normal price for those bags.

  3. They only cost 4g50s to make if someone lets you have the cloth for that price. I buy any cloth that falls below 8-10g a stack, so the other bag makers have issues just getting cloth, much less undercutting me in any volume. A few were stuck on using fixed prices for their bags, so pushing the price of cloth past that point pushed them out of the market.

  4. I've also been selling a lot of these the past few weeks. I'm usually undercut a lot, but even if I post 30 bags they'll sell before the auction period is over. I gotta say that this is probably one of the more steady gold makers in the market.

  5. I can usually sell 5-6 of these a day regularly. The price tends to fluctuate but it'll be profitable. My limiting factor is just being able to get the cloth for low enough.

  6. The price of the Netherweave cloth varies on my server. I've seen it as high as $8, however, when it is $4 I snag it all. Netherweave bags, on average sell for $11 on my server.

  7. To be more accurate, the cost to make the bag is whatever one stack of NW costs, plus one rune thread (50s).

    On my server, the market value of NWx20 is around 7.5g, and the market value of a NW bag is 9g. Right now the bags are going for 7.33g.

    Using Auctioneer "snatch", you can often grab cheap mats, but why bother? Not worth the effort, it's much easier to make the same $$ from selling one epic that you'd make from selling 40 bags.

  8. I plan to have a big stash of netherweave, imbued netherweave and frostweave bags for when cataclysm comes out. Tons of new toons will be heading to the auction house to get twinked out with levelling gear, and bags will be in high demand. This should be especially true on Horde side where lots of people will be rolling goblin bank alts. All those bank spaces full of new bags! /salivate

  9. I've been making steady money for months on bags.

    Protip: when buying cloth, dont convert all of it into bags. I hold onto some raw cloth and bolts of cloth all the time in case the market turns. Often I can undercut others who try to compete with me on bags while I rape them on overpriced cloth (raw and bolts) at the same time as they are tying to compete with my bag production.

    It makes me lawl at how I can motherfuck them.

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