New Craftable Items in Patch 3.3

Chimei of Kilrogg EU Writes:

Hey markco, I thought that even though there are undoubtedly other people out there that are already starting the process of doing this there are undoubtedly a lot more people who aren't.

In patch 3.3 there are new craftables coming out,


Deathfrost BootsLeggings of Woven Death Lightweave Leggings Sandals of Consecration


Legwraps of Unleashed Nature Draconic Bonesplinter Legguards Blessed Cenarion BootsFootpads of Impending Death Lightning-infused Leggings Bladeborn
LeggingsEarthsoul BootsRock-steady Treads


Hellfrozen BonegrindersPuresteel Legplates Pillars of Might Protectors of Life Legplates of Painful Death Boots of Kingly Upheaval

The mats used to craft these will be: Spellweave, Ebonweave - Arctic fur, Heavy Borean Leather, Jormungar scale - Titansteel bar, Saronite bar and Eternal shadow. Buying a decent amount of these now to resell when 3.3 hits should yield massive profits. Thanks for all the work you put in your guide and your blog, and good luck with the weight loss!

15 comments: on "New Craftable Items in Patch 3.3"

  1. Is there a new "orb" needed or will it be without such material? I think that will ultimately determine the actual demand, the limiting factor.

  2. What do we have to say? Thank You for this useful information. No thanks in this post, it's pretty bad.

    Of course there should be an "orb", it would be too cheap if there would be only 'raw' materials as the one's listed.

  3. the typical gear looked like it would be requiring 6, 8, or 10 of the new 'orbs' on the data mined gear on mmo champ and like sites.

    in the first series of recipes coming out, it literally said something along the lines of "icecrown material of extra importance".

  4. There you go, ramping up on these mats may not net you any profit when 3.3 hits. However, I'm sure the ToC designs should do real well which utlizes the same mats, so in that sense it probably will; assuming the cost of crusader orbs go down. I figure the new 5man instance will drop Triumph emblems.

  5. I remind everyone of icy dragonscales.

    thank you.

  6. I'm not certain why these items are being linked everywhere as new and craftable. Aside from datamined information, has there been any confirmation that they are indeed being added to the game?

    They're replicas of BoE items that were already craftable from Ulduar drop patterns, or items that actually dropped in Ulduar itself, with different names, and multiple armor proficiencies.

  7. The important mat that is not listed here is the "Icecrown Thing of Crafting Things."

    This will be the new (unnamed) orb that drops, which limits the crafting demand.

  8. What I'm really curious about is, will there be new Darkmoon cards? It'll be a huge money maker again if it is the case (since I've been banking all my snowfall from selling glyphs since current darkmoon card prices are so low).

  9. Be careful because I believe exactly the same mats formed the basis of the ToC loot that is craftable when it was on test realm

    I wouldn't trust these mats at all

  10. "Be careful because I believe exactly the same mats formed the basis of the ToC loot that is craftable when it was on test realm"

    And how many people do you currently see running around Dal in these?

    I think I will ignore this piece of "speculation".

  11. He was saying that the mats are identical, minus the orb, to the ToC craftables. This means there is a high chance the mats on the recipes are placeholder mats.

  12. I think this "tip" is void 'cause of following reasons;
    1. There's already several craftables that uses the same mats. So adding these wont be a big prosentual increase.
    2. Not many are able to craft/get crafted these (new orb)
    3. all except the new orb is easily farmable. In many servers there is already constant oversupply of these items.

  13. I love my intelligent readers :)

    Sometimes posts are meant as discussion starters, and I'm always impressed as to where they lead.

  14. I'll be doing what I always do with these kinds of speculative items. Buy them and keep a stock of more than I normally would, but ONLY when they are substantially below market price on the AH i.e. I picked up saronite ore and bars at 70% of market value last night. When the patch hits IF they are in more demand then I either make a big profit but my risk of losing cash isn't that great. Ok ok so opportunity cost and all but lets face it, most of the time my cash sits in the bank not even earning interest because I like accumulating it all.

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