Pick Your Favorite Way to Make Gold

Today is going to be really fun if everyone participates. Go ahead and place in the comments section your absolute favorite way to make gold. Keep in mind, it doesn't matter if it isn't necessarily your BEST way, but just your FAVORITE method.

Ok I'll go first:

Selling Armor Vellum III's and making 700% profit.

After you all make your list, I'll write another post regarding your methods.

Keep it to three ways to make gold max if you are torn on your favorite.

Thanks and have fun!

59 comments: on "Pick Your Favorite Way to Make Gold"

  1. Difficult one. In a general way I would say: Anything that takes me no effort whatsoever and give me profit (yes, i'm lazy. I admit it).

    But more specific:
    At the moment buying Crusader Orbs for around 400-500g from trade channel and reselling them for 700+g on AH.
    That's currently my favourite way, I guess.

  2. Transmute Cardinals , sell cut or uncut depending on the price, my alt has JC ofc.
    Buy frost lotus for like 40g sell flasks for at least 35 each. Do a WTS "item" advertising a price higher than AH, then buy it off AH and sell it to the man.

  3. Selling Netherweave Bags. I'm always amazed at the number of these that go out daily

  4. I am a big fan of buying Azeroth mats and reselling them. It's super easy to find cheap supplies and even easier to sell them again thanks of high demand low supply.

  5. My favorite? Mail all the crap that my alts have to the bank toon, then run an auction house scan. Then when one of the things i have scanned comes up with no competition, or an inflated price, I send one of my characters out to get just a little more of that item...

    Of course... It helps IMMENSELY to know what items will actually sell and what won't.

    However, I suppose that isn't really a specific method...

    OK, a specific method I find useful... Look at the auction house for the mats for Fish Feast. Usually Nettlefish are lacking in balance on the auction house. Whichever one is low in quantity (like maybe 1 1/2 stacks), I go out and fish for and post about 5 stacks. Sometimes they sell within the hour.

  6. Right now my favorite way is buying all the northrend herbs at under 25 with my main as he is a scribe and the reselling for at least 35 or more with my bank alt.

    My second is just finding good deals on AH and reselling, plain and simple.

    Right now also I am pretty low on the gold chain as I have been leveling another toon and also helping my wife max her jewel and enchanting.
    These are actions that I believe will payoff big dividends in the very near future as her main is jewel/mining and her second is enchant/tailoring,with my main professions being herb/inscrip, and my second mining/bs.

    Also question for the whole site hows everyone's Tankard's selling my server is stuck at around 750 less than what I gave for the 12 I have.

  7. I like to sell rare items.
    Like Shadowfang, Pendulum of Doom, Dirge's cooking recipe.
    I now have Hyacinth Macaw in the AH for 25k,and i get allot of people bidding 15k for this pet.
    This might be a tip Marcko, to make a list of rare items you should standard look for when you are in the AH.

  8. Selling my Ulduar & ToC BS crafted items for a 500g tip :-D Surprised people will pay it, but then it's a fraction of the mat costs, so hey ho :-D

  9. Wow there are a lot of things I enjoy...

    A few are; Transmute Dreadstone, Spellweave cloth, and Sapphire Spellthread.

  10. I quite like buying up northrend herbs and crafting either Faces of Doom or Iron-Bound Tome. They seem to sell quite happily, and with a good return.

    Other than that, buying cheap raiding flasks and reselling them at a higher price on a Wednesday seems to be quite successful (and so easy).

  11. Enchant weapon: Crusader
    The mats cost me about 40-50g, I always buy if they are cheap...then sell the Scroll EVERY DAY... It's curious but I sell one every day with little to no competition... at 179g.

    Another one that I just try yesterday was buy all 8 chaos cards at 30g each (240g), build the deck and sell it for 550 in an hour...

    The last one was one method that I was doing months ago when the Nobles deck was BIS... I was buying the cards in between faires for about 4.000g for all eight...then sell the deck when the faire arrives to town for 6.000-7.000g...

  12. I actually am terrible at making gold, so for me my favorite method is to level an alt -- thereby gaining Greens, and gathering herbs and ore to clear through my Bank Alt.

  13. Of course I make tons of gold with glyphs, gems, bags and whatever, but the most fun is selling Flasks of Port for 9-19g when you can buy them from a vendor for 1,5s. And yes, people still buy them for their cooking achievements because they are lazy to travel or HS. So was I, and when I first checked AH for flasks of port, there were none. God, I made few hundreds off this silly stuff. :)

  14. I LOVE buying vendor cooking recipes whenever I am passing buy places in Vanilla wow for 1g-3g then always keeping 2 of each kind for 30g on the AH - i rarely have any long term or wide-spread competition posting against me, 4-10 sell in singles every day and then once every few days, someone levelling cooking will come along and buy one of each of the 15-20 recipes I keep on there...

  15. My favorite way of making money is Obsidian Hatchling pets. I still can't believe people will pay stupid amounts for these pets on the ah when they could walk to the vendor and pick it up.

    Other then that its the normal saronite shuffle, netherweave bags, and glyphs.

  16. My favorite way to make gold must be to stand in Dalaran and take 15g per gem I make, and 30g per gem if I come to them. You wont belive mow much more I have made just because I have to take the portal to another city xD

    I have another too, and that is the tailor supplier in IF that I can buy some recipes for a few silver and then sell them on the auction house for as much as 20g xD

  17. I must say my favourite way to make gold is craftable epics. For example the books "faces of doom" and "iron-bound tome" for my inscriptionist, they require little to no effort to make (1 click -_-), cost about 20 gold for me to make (i have a bunch of leftover snowfall, that i can't sell anyway) and sells steadily for 5-10 books a week.

    That's the easiest money i do on AH, and that's why i like it the most =)

  18. Buying uncut Northrend green gems for under 50s each at auction, cutting them and selling them for 50s to 1g depending on what it cuts into.

    Several nice, relaxing turns around Wintergrasp or Sholazar to gather mats for my Alchy friend, then selling half the frost lotus I get at 55g each.

    -Tufak of Feathermoon

  19. The most fun? Exploiting auctioneer weaknesses.
    Let's say I have a piece of cheap green/blue armor/weapon/whatever that auctioneer has rarely seen.
    I put this on AH for a tremendous price (1,5-2,5k), then relist it a couple of times until auctioneer shows an overly increased market price.
    Then during the WE I relist and sell it for 15/20 times the original market price, waiting for some deal-hunter... works most of the time.

  20. doing the JC daily on an alt that I don't really play. Takes about 10-15 minutes depending on the quest, sells the dragons eyes from the tokens, and is now level 74 mostly from doing this daily. Curious to see how close I can get to 80 before the expansion with this technique.

  21. Buying low. Every time I get some dumb farmer sending me titanium ore for 10g each or saronite for 20% less than vendor, I smile a little.

    Conversely, my favorite thing to do with my gold is buy lowbie farmable mats from lowbies who are trying to make enough for their mount at higher than market.

  22. Wool cloth stacks sell in alliance side of my realm for <3g and they sell on the horde side for 18-30g.

  23. I have sold Savage Saronite Armor since LK came out and make over 90 thousand gold. So yea, I really like armoring up the death knights, warriors, and paladins of the world with my armor.

    The mats are at most 40g and at the start I was able to sell each piece of armor for 160gold! Now my margins are down, but I'm still making 100% profit instead of 400% so I still can't complain. :-)

  24. Eternal Belt Buckle:
    Eternal Earth, 5g
    Eternal Shadow, 6g
    Eternal Water, 3g
    Saronite Bar x 4, 6g.

    That's 20g in mats and then I sell them for 45-60g each depending on the day. I can probably get away around 10 of these each day.

    Flavah, Hellscream EU

  25. enchant chest - super stats. The mats are cheap, my scribe makes vellums as an offshoot of card making, and I sell a few every day at 50-60g. Not a huge profit margin, but enough to pay my repair bills.

  26. Buying massive amounts of cheap Northrend greens, disenchanting, and selling mats or enchant scrolls, whichever is less flooded at the moment.

    I'm really getting spoiled by this blog... I had next to no clue how to use the advanced settings on Auctioneer before coming here. Reduced my banker setup time by 400%, easily.

  27. as Guilds breakup, reform, merge and what not,buying up guildbanks for cheap, and liquidating the contents.

  28. I sell scrolls. Specifically, I sell scrolls with level 60 enchants optimal for heirloom gear. Fiery Weapon, Crusader. +15 and +25 Agi, +22 Intellect, +29 and +30 spellpower, all sell like hotcakes, as do +4 Stats and +100 health for chest, and the mats are CHEAP.

  29. Probably farming instances, de-ing everything and selling the enchanting mats. I really am a loot whore and just love getting drops, even if 15 minutes later they are all DE'd.

  30. Eternal belt buckles and Netherweave bags, these two because good ROI and that i am not able to do them myself and there is always someone else who make them for me for free with the mats that i have in stock :)

    The other one is an old world enchant that ive beign the ONLY one posting on my server, 20g or less on mats and i consistently sold them for 135-150g

  31. Titanium Weapon Chains. There were only 2 on my server for 50g and I bought them out, relisted them at 75g and they were gone the next day. It costs 2 saronite and 1 titanium bar to make (40g total on my server). I sell 5-10 a week.

  32. I love people that aggressively undercut without any regard to the market price, yet don't have the inventory to keep prices there. If post a few gems at 9g, they'll retaliate with a flood of 7g gems. I buy up everything they have, cancel my auctions, and relist the gems back their usual 59g.

    (They even send me taunts about how badly they've beaten me with their undercuts, which serve as a useful reminder for me to go stock up.)

  33. Buying stacks of Runecloth during the week for 3g and selling them for 10g at the weekends. I store them ntil days the AH is low on them and wham........

  34. 1)Hitting Batch post on my 3 bank toons for glyphs and playing some Baseball Mogul while they post. 20 minutes later, with modified auctioneer settings, I have every glyph in game posted. Some don't have a chance in hell of selling when their are already 10 up at 1/20th of the price... but boy is it easy.

    I lose a bunch in unnecessary deposits, but you can't beat the efficiency of only needing to pay attention to the auction hall for a few seconds. Each character maintains a stack of 20 of each glyph and two or three times a week I sit down and remake all the glyphs I sold on my Inscriptionist.

    2) Second favorite: Catching someone trying to monopolize part of the glyph market when I am scanning with another alt. Nothing like doubling your sales for the day on someone who doesn't realize you have weeks worth of glyphs on you :P

  35. I get three, and just thought of a third so here you go:

    I have a reserve of enchant scrolls and mats, but I mostly resell the mats using basic buy low and sell high. There are a couple enchanters (maybe just one) who will buy up all the mats to drive up prices when people start competing in the market. So, when I Have a ton of something like Arcane Dust I will start posting a bunch of different enchants that use Arcane Dust... and the Acane Dust will start getting bought up left and right doubling it's min value for a week or so. that allows me to just undercut blindly selling mats at double what I normally would have gotten.

    So he/she spends a couple days buying Arcane Dust I post at 2 gold a pop that normally would cost him 1 gold while simulataneously selling his Scrolls at less than normal. I make a ton of gold, I get cheap Enchant Scrolls for my guild in bulk, and the person I am burning for all this money and cheap scrolls comes out of it thinking he's a winner when I dissappear after a few days. WIN WIN for all!

  36. I <3 selling vendor items such as thread and copper rods, don't make a lot of g from it, but I probably sell 1 a day, which always makes me giggle.

  37. My favourite way to make gold is coming up with new ways to make gold that's more efficient or faster than the previous method.

    Probably the reason why I made my site.

    I would have to say anything to do with market manipulation, spreadsheet calculations and forecasting trends in supply/demand excite me the most.

    Currently I am very involved in the Inscription market, after realizing my goal of making 10k/night from inscription wouldn't be a reality I have found other markets in inscription that are turning to be very profitable - Darkmoon Cards, Vellums, Runescrolls, selling Inks outright.

    It takes a higher level of understanding of the entire market as a whole, and acting on areas where the supply doesn't meet the demand. But most importantly figuring out WHY those patterns happen in the first place so you can make it happen or foresee changes you can act on. Once you can spot a consistent pattern that happens weekly, you can exploit it for your personal gain.

  38. All good stuff.
    1. Lately I've been buying ~20-30 stacks of Titanium Ore at 15g each ore on Fri/Sat, then selling them Mon-Thurs for 20g each. Somebody out there farms like crazy on weekends! They haven't responded yet to my mailed offers to buy every ore they farm for 14.5 yet though.
    2. Damaged necklaces. Doesn't happen that often, but I always check these when I log into my bank alt. Sometimes somebody out there lists it for 20-30g on the AH and then I relist it at the server-standard 250g+.

  39. My favourite way was selling ammo to Hunters, so buying in cheap mats and crafting for 200-400% profit, with many units selling each week, especially at raid times when lazy people buy rather than craft. Easily made over 100K gold selling them but that's over many months.

    Sadly, the changes to ammo (lowering the mats required and removing arrow makers and bullet machines) have killed the profit margins, so once I finally use up my mats I'll be expanding into new markets (and I had a lot as I always bought Saronite Ore when it was listed at below vendor price by stupid people).

    Alchemist daily epic gem transmutes are nice easy way to make 100g-150g per uncut gem, I just wait for the AH to run dry and post at 150g-200g per gem, I refuse to post if the prices are lower, and I never have more than 2 of each gem in stock.

    As has been mentioned earlier, a number of enchants are steady sellers of 3 to 5 a week for each enchant(as I don't have time to camp AH) and give a nice profit of 50g to 200g depending on how many others are selling etc. Quick to make, so that's why a favourite, anything that saves time to let me play works for me.

    And thanks all for the tips :D

  40. This comment section has become so epic, very nice job guys!

  41. JC-DE.

    And selling vendor-bought Resilient Parchment.

  42. Da voodoo--erm, saronite shuffle mon. Also Netherweave bags, when I remember to. Also, selling dusts overpriced. Looking into buying armor/weapon vellum and enchanting instead of just dust selling.

  43. Hmm... my favorite 3?

    well - watching trade for deals... spent 1500g on uncut gems today... for my trouble I got about 400 uncut blues, and about 400 uncut green gems...

    I resold the greens uncut in stacks (they are popular ones for icy prisms)

    I cut about 1/3 of the blue gems and posted them... should this stuff sell - I'll more than triple up...the average price per blue gem was 4g, the average price per green was about 50s...

    Another favorite of mine lately has been epic gem xmutes... I'm a xmute master on my alchemist, and I transmute mine every day... but I've also found people willing to sell me their xmute... (ie chumps)
    spamming trade for it will always net a few people who can't do math... I have them make dreadstones... 10g for the twilight opal, 5g for the eternal shadow, even paying 30g for the transmute... I would make gold posting them for 100g uncut... naturally though I cut them and post for 200g... they always sell...

    also - metagems have been really profitable lately - I've been selling 5-10 earthsieges a day for the past week or so... being an xmute master has been helpful there...
    mats price for the earthsiege is around 30g - they sell for 50-60g per when cut into the tanking cuts... so that's been pretty decent lately

  44. Favorite method? I'm with those who love selling Vanilla and BC recipe/pets etc.

    It still amazes me that people buy these, when my account was hacked recently they left me about 2 gold between all my toons. By the time my items/gold where restored to me i'd turned the 2g into a bit over 1k using that method as a jump start.

    Another method i'm fond of is selling lowbie crafted items, necklace of the deep costs me 20g to make and i sell it for 80g.

  45. Selling the full tuxedo set (including Dress Shoes) for 29 99 per unit. I sell about 3 per day, an easy little earner.

  46. Selling Scrolls of Enchant Bracer - Assault. Mats cost 8G (6*1G for dust, 2G for vellum) and I sell the scrolls for 50G. I sell approx. two of these each day so that's an easy, reliable 80G/day. These were great for leveling enchanting too.

  47. Soloing old instances/bosses.

  48. Soloing old content

    Im farming the raptors for the pets.
    Killing the tiger boss for the mount en fishing the fish boss for the polymorph book.
    The pets sell for 1000-1500g
    The polymorph book sells vor 500-1200G
    I already have the raptor mount.

    Then going to AQ20 for enchanting formula's that I still miss.
    Those bosses are easy to solo and drop alot of gold.
    After 3 bosses in ZG and 3 bosses in AQ20 I have around 250g, some greenies and alot of blues/epics to DE.

  49. 0. Get home from work, do fast AH-scan.
    1. buy profitable DE-greens/blues of AH.
    2. send to enchanter-alt, DE.
    3. Send mats to banker.
    4. Buy as much Titanium Ore as i can afford, send to main JC.
    4. Craft Epic/blue gems, send to banker.
    5. Craft blues/greens, send to enchanter-alt, DE and send to banker.
    5.5 Do JC-daily, buy tokens and learn recipes.
    6. log on Banker, post auctions.
    7. log off until raid-time and collect profits.

  50. I like to buy a lot of cheap material. Some day i dont find anything, another day I could spend more than 5000 gold.

    Craft Leatherworking or blacksmith, saronite shuffle, cut, dez, make ink, card

    Then sale a lots of enchant scroll, bucklet, mats, darkmoon card,......

  51. Frost Lotus from Freya's room. Haven't done it in a while, but could get 5 or 6 every respawn

  52. Been making tons of gold buying Runcloth for cheap, then making Runecloth headbands, one of the cheapest that DE to Illusuion dust, which is sold for TONS on my server.

  53. Selling Copper Rods. Vendor price 1s25c. I sell them for 5-10 gold each depending on the competition.

  54. Make mongoose scrolls. Mats are 220 g tops, and sell for 330 g.

    Buy uncut epic gems and cut into some which sell (runed cardinal ruby is a good one). Earn 20-70g each.

    Buy uncut meta gems and cut into some which sell (austere earthsiege is a good one). Earn 10-40g each.

  55. My favorite thing is speculating. (buying low posting high). It's insanely risky that I am blowing thousands of gold and may lose it all (risky = fun to me), and when i actually gain thousands of gold I cheer and yell. I was in the crusader orb market and spent my fortune (15k, not much), on them, and was so worried I'd lose everything i worked so hard for. But in fact I made some money. So,happy! Now that market has gone down though.

  56. I find farming (herbs and mining nodes) to be unbelievably calming (as a relief from healing, which to me is stressful but rewarding). For this calming effect?? I get stacks and stacks of herbs to sell. My server (the one my main is on) has a lack of mid level herbs, so in a few hours of running around on my tiger enjoying myself, I can make some gold. Great trade off.
    Also, Crusader Orbs are serious. I just run a lot with my guild, take my emblems and sell those things like pancakes in a breakfast house. :)
    I used to run the AH like crazy and made good doing it but I wasn't showing my toon much love so I stopped and I farm now.

  57. I have a new one. On my server, the mats for shining spellthread are about 10-15g and people are buying it for 40-50. I discovered this when my Druid needed a chant for her pants and I checked for the mats. I couldn't believe it. I know it's not he biggest gold maker but an extra hundred on a still poor raiding toon is awesome. (I make and sell about three a day)

  58. What i do is wait to get wintergrasp buff

    And go farm in wintergrasp for the eternal fire...

    kill elementals for nice drops of eternal fire...

    also have herbalism so i get to famr some frost lotus aswell while flying around and looking for more elementals...

    Im herbalist/Incrisptor
    what are good ways to make cash on this?

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