Scavenger Hunt

Today I'm actually not here, as I'm somewhere in the wilds of the midwest fending off wild animals and avoiding scary red necks with big guns. Hopefully I'll make it back in one piece!

Anyways, I have a little game that I constructed for you to play as a team. Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to answer the following questions using the information found within the hundreds of posts on the blog.

For some this will prove a real challenge, so I'm asking that you comment with the answers and try to get them all done before I get back from my trip on Tuesday evening. Looking forward to reading how far you got!

Here are the questions, all answers can be found in previous posts or comments:

1. According to Hokiejaybee, what is Markco's RP brother's name?

2. Who is hoarding frostweave in sholozar basin?

3. What can you farm in durotar at level 9 for lots of easy gold?

4. Can you name the numbers in the XX/XX Rule?

5. What can be combined with Draenic Water to produce an item that often vendors for more than the mats required to make it?

6. When is the "Black" time period for bidding?

7. What is the #1 gold maker on the neutral auction house?

8. Which is better use of your gold according to my math, a guild bank or a normal bank full of 16 slotters?

9. Can you fill in the numbers that Bitwise uses for his auctioneer scans?

Minimum Profit: XXs
Minimum Discount: XX%
Minimum Seen Count: XXX (to be accurate on prices and profits I set this very high)

10. What advice did the greedy goblin have for players complaining that they couldn't make gold because their server was 'high population'?

11. What were the two possible nerfs I wrote about that I may have caused from posting on the world of warcraft forums?

12. According to Bill, what mobs drop a BOP Jewelcrafting Design and he got it on the second kill when he went back to the farming location in storm peaks? Hint: Gray Loots.

13. What extraordinarily rare item pwns a level 80 player but drops off low level mobs? A recent patch nerfed this item and gave it pvp dr's and reduced the time it affected a player.

14. What dessert might hurt if you ate it but definately is worth disenchanting?

15. What undead giant has a 43% chance to give you 6 gold?

16. Who gave the Mithril Ore gold tip?

17. "Just to the west of the Argent Dawn camp where you can do Troll Patrol is an amazing farming spot." ~ What was my name for this spot?

18. What are the top 5 addons Valrot can't live without. Hint: You will need to find a link to the location of this answer.

19. In what youtube video linked on the blog did I say "If you like monkeys please click away"?

20. "I may be the only warrior in the world who is going to shelve this in the bank after using it." What weapon was I referring to in this quote?

21. Where did I send my guildy to make some quick cash before his raid?

22. What item costs an eternal earth, water, shadow and four saronite bars and modifies a gear piece?

23. When an anonymous user was getting flippant, Scrooge responded with this image. What was the title of the post?

24. What primal still sells for amazing profits to level 80's looking to enchant their boots?

25. Which Auctioneer Tip stated: "Purchase an item as a stack of 20 and resell one at a time for 150-300% profit."?

26. Which blue gem according to my reliable sources sells for the most gold?

27. What poster recommended including cloth to help sell portals to leveling lowbies?

28. Long Elegant Feathers are the hardest component to get for what item?

29. What title does my brother use? Hint: It's not doctor.

30. What youtube video linked on the blog also played a song that included the lyrics: "I'm fat, I'm fat, I'm really really fat."

31. After 20 minutes of farming I found 35 Blindweed where?

32. What mobs can you farm without ever moving? Hint: They are neutral and in Icecrown.

33. What was the title of the post which the rogue Valustria submitted.

34. On what post did I say: "Create a level 1 of the opposite faction (better be alliance)"?

35. Which Suggestion Box Friday Post featured a video on farming crabs in westfall? (Looking for the date here)

36. What post did I say this: "Guess something good came about from my being banned after all: I had been removed from his ignore list."

Ok I've been at this for a while now and I got to believe this will keep you entertained for a good amount of time!

Now for the final question:

On what date did mini-me appear on the blog?

12 comments: on "Scavenger Hunt"

  1. eternal belt buckles is one of them, i cba to keep looking back and forth :D

  2. 1.
    3.Boar meat
    5.Jaggal pearl
    12.Nascent Valkyr
    13.Magic Dust (From cyclones in Westfall)
    14.Sharp cookie (From Halaa)
    17.Average Joe's Farming Spot (Or something to that extent)
    20.PvP weapon, can't remember which.
    22.Eternal belt buckle
    24.Primal air (cat's swiftness)
    31 Swamp of Sorrows (I think)
    32. Converted heroes
    Too lazy to actually search the blog for the answers, but I'm sure that a decent number of my answers are correct. Hopefully someone will take the time to finish this, since it has a decent amount of good information/tips in it.


  3. 20. Is a 2 hand pvp Weapon, cos as prot warrior it is kind if useless

  4. 1. EJ (doubt this)
    2. Freya (avatar of freya)
    3. Boar Meat - 50s a piece!
    4. 80/20
    5. Jaggal Pearl
    6. Tuesday 5AM-12Noon (as in, start bidding at 12 noon again)
    7. Pets for the opposite faction
    8. Guild bank
    9.Minimum Profit: 50s
    Minimum Discount: 50%
    Minimum Seen Count: 100
    11.disenchant cobalt chest peices to make unlimited amounts of gold and the Scion of Storms farming spot
    12. Nscent Val'kyr
    13.Magic dust (bye 30 sec slee)
    14. Sharp Cookie
    15. Kreug Oathbreaker
    16.Ryosh, Draenor-EU server
    17. Average Joe's Farming Spot
    18. Auctioneer, ArkInventory, Questhelper, Bartender 4 and Xperl.
    19. WOTLK Farming Spots - Sholozar Basin Gorillas
    20. Furious Gladiator's Sunderer
    21. I'm sure it was boars outside org?
    22. Eternal Belt Buckle
    24. Primal Air
    25.21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #11
    26. Scarlet Ruby
    27. Sherretz
    28. Admiral's Hats
    29. Loremaster
    30. All I know is that the song is 'I'm Fat' by Weird Al Yankovic
    31. Swamp of Sorrows
    32. Converted Heroes
    33. Pocket Farming the Cathedral of Darkness!
    34. Cross Faction Trading
    35. Suggestion Box Friday (8/27/09)
    36. LOL Bowsmalone Gets Owned Again

    I think I'll let someone else find out when mini-me was on the blog - I'm sure I remember reading about that though :)

  5. HINT: Chimei is wrong about #1. (I snuck on a computer at the hotel hehe so I could check in on the blog)

  6. having prior knowledge and being a part of a question?


    i named his lil' bro Murkco. :)

  7. OK GUYS YOU ONLY NEED #23 and #10... CAN YOU DO IT :D ?

  8. oh and the mini-me question... hint: 1 million

  9. 10. Gevlon: High population servers have many businessmen, covering lot of fields, but not all.
    There are materials that are not produced/buy-and-sold by anyone. Find them and use them. You can also pick a market and try to take it by force. You can win since a richer competitor can easily say "this field does not worth my time to fight, I let that noob have it"

  10. Kkeen ,Stormscale said... October 31, 2009 at 2:07 PM

    Mini-Me appeared in One million page views post made on June, 16 2009

  11. Ryosh from draenor here. Should I feel honoured seeing my name on the blog again? I was surprised I made it here in the first place XD

  12. Congrats on finishing!!!

    That was awesome :D

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