Smoking Hot Prot Pvp

I was feeling pretty good today so gonna toss up my latest youtube video as well as the normal 8:00 AM post.

Enjoy some Prot PvP Loving!

11 comments: on "Smoking Hot Prot Pvp"

  1. as I'm subscribed to your youtube channel, I've watched it hours ago already, the only thing I didn't like that you didn't show us the final scoreboard ;)

  2. Jhaman kicked my ass by like 75k damage lol

  3. Very impressive, I love pvp. I have two lowbie Prot warriors (Horde & Ally) they can be amazing in pvp. I also play a lowbie Feral Druid in BG's too. It will be interesting to see how much I like playing pvp with them at end game.

    I also pvp with my priest and Hunter. Recently, I really haven't had the time to do too much besides hopping on to list Auctions.

    What addons do you use for your Prot Warrior?

  4. This video is sorta inspiring and depressing at the same time. I mean, it's inspiriing in the sense that you have become the prot pvper that you are, but it's depressing to see the same types of numbers that i see on my full furious DK coming from you as prot. =\

  5. L2keybind Shouts noob.

    J/k, how are you guys doing this season in arena?

  6. Being a Prot noob, I'd love to read a tutorial about your Prot PvP - or at least a clear list of the gear, macros, talent build, and your button mashing set-up.

  7. I'd hate to be an alliance on your server

  8. I've having a bit of fun doing a couple of bgs as a PvE Prot Pally. I do alright damage (I'm in almost full T8.5), the only issue I have is mana management.

    But other then that, I can hold up 3-4 hordies at the flag/tower/bases until reinforcements arrive.

    The thing I love is nub dks who doggidly attack me from the front :)

  9. Markco love your stuff. I am going to keep this as positive as I can. No disrespect or anything at all meant, but, its wsg....
    That video is about what everyone experiences in wsg. People in bad gear, people who have no clue about anything etc. Video's of people stomping less geared/less skilled people are a dime a dozen. Now...I know your a good pvp'er, so, I kind of expect something a bit better comming from you. Show me some arena footage. Show me some wins/show me some losses, show me when you do some really nice work or make some mistakes. Its easy to edit and make yourself look like a pro(yourself being the video maker, not you in particular). Like I said, I mean no disrespect at all. I know you have a higher standard. Rise to it and don't fall to mediocrity.


  10. I like how this guy gripes :)

  11. I just think Markco was making a movie to show off the new mounts and some fun we had while pwning. =p

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