Spreading Out the Markets - Diversify Your Portfolio

Currently I am barely playing this game, yet I make more money than most players make in a week with just 15 - 30 minutes of work across four characters. Although I still look for new ways to make gold all the time, it is good to find several niche markets and sit in them as long as possible.

Currently I am playing pygmy oil, snowfall inks, Armor Vellum III, iceweb spider silk, some glyphs, low level mining materials, low level skinning materials, as well as completely random items earned from auctioneer scans.

Quickly moving through these markets allows me a diverse portfolio which helps buffer against losses from any one market. Should something fall because of extreme undercutting, I can undercut my competetitors at a loss and still make enough money from the other markets to keep the profits coming in. My four alts will often take in upwards of 1200 gold each a night, and for a quick 15-30 minutes of work that's pretty good. I could make more, expand into more markets, but I have never cared about hoarding money, just having enough to never worry about it is all I want.

The point of this post is to place emphasis on diversity and to never stop looking for new ways to make gold. You'd be surprised how there is always a new way to make gold that you haven't discovered yet.

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24 comments: on "Spreading Out the Markets - Diversify Your Portfolio"

  1. I'm kind of disappointed that you've resorted to advertisements *within* your posts. I thought blogger.com was free to use, though I could be sorely mistaken. I realize you need to pay for the forums and gold making guide websites, though I would imagine you make more than enough from selling your guide alone.
    Don't get me wrong, I love your site and gain new knowledge every day from it - just think it's stooping below your level to post advertisements within your posts.

  2. I totally agree with previous poster. I've been a lurker for a long time and even left a couple of comments before. Seeing the ad in the post makes me want to stop visiting this website. I've never seen these ads in the posts, but if it keeps happening I'll just find better blogs to go to.

  3. Pygmy oil... do you sell that on the AH, or buy cheap suckerfish, convert to oil via alchemy and vendor it?

    Last I checked, I didn't see much profit in AHing the oil on my server; perhaps I looked at a bad time.

  4. I don't see what the fuss is about - advertising is advertising, we've all got to make a living.

    As long as the advertisements don't get in the way of the posts (like being interlaced with the content) then it's fine in my opinion.

    Simply don't read the last paragraph or two once you realise it's a sponsor and there is no problem.

    And come on guys, posting as Anon is a cheap cop out. At least put a name to the comment if you are going to criticize ;)

  5. @Anons: Let's try to keep the comments constructive, if you have beef with the ads or something toss an email at me. The point of these comments is to help people with making gold, just like the forums, youtube guides, twitter, xfire, and my other websites. I will not tell you my expenses for the website or working hours. Guessing as to what they are or how much I get in return is a waste of your time.

  6. I say if he can make some cash with a couple of ads go for it.

    This guy has made a home for people to exchange ideas and helped make a lot of us wealthy.

    I personally am grateful for him taking to the time to set all of this up and fully support him reaping some benefits from his work.

  7. I'd rather he mention a website or put up a banner rather then having annoying popups or anything like that ;-)

    No harm, no foul.

  8. I'm actually kind of sick of all the random unrelated stuff this blog has in it. I don't care about weight loss, poker, whatever. I come here to read about how to make gold and that's it. If i want the other stuff I'll visit the appropriate blogs/forums. Good bye Markco.

  9. No one else see's the irony of it? "Diversify Your Portfolio"
    That goes for in game/RL/Love etc :)
    I honestly don't care too much for the ads, yet I realize that markco is doing what he needs to do. He's practising what he's preaching atleast which is alot more than other sites can say.
    P.S. This is BakerBoy78 posting

  10. If only the anon two up had looked at the forums, farewell :(

  11. @Jason: /agree

  12. Weak excuse of a blog post (comparatively,) complete with an enormous advertisement. Next time just post the ad so I can hit j and skip it. A nonsense post is a waste of everyone's time.

  13. Playing on or linking to an online poker site is a felony in my state (one of seven such states). I'd spend less time in jail stealing your money than I would winning it from you in a game.

    Thou shalt not compete with local Indian casinos.

  14. I love the attitude of those anons. Instead of being grateful for all the great information that Markco has been posting for such a long time they bitch about the ads on his blog. Get real people. If you don't like the ads, just ignore them. It's not like you're on a pay site. Or you know what? How about Markco started charging for the information he offers? I'm sure you'd have an ad-free experience then.

    In regards to the pygmy oil, I don't quite get it either. Unless you're doing what the other commenter suggested.

  15. @Zamboni: online gambling is illegal in the entire US, where I am guessing a very large portion of readers (as well as Marcko) are located.

  16. Everyone wants something for free. Markco has helped out lots of people with this blog. Its a shame that some of the followers don't want him to be compensated for this. I can imagine this is a time consuming blog, I'm not sure if many people are aware that if you make a blog with blogger.com there is an option to put ads on your blog...(someone reviews the content and places ads based on keywords etc.) Markco's blog has been the most helpful one I have come across, its just a shame to see so many negative Nancy's not wanting to see him succeed. Talk about selfish people.

  17. I agree with the first poster. You already have a shitload of ads on the page, we don't need more inside the post. I will still use the forums, but I am removing the blog from my bookmarks for a while. Will check back in a few months to see if this stupid idea has past.

    Good luck marcko, and keep the ads out of your blog.

  18. Marko,

    I have been a reader of your blog pretty much from day 1. I love all the information you have here, and as a podcaster and community leader I understand the content drive and the costs you have to bear. I want you to have adds, and I want you to make money.

    That being said, inserting an add into the blog post is jarring. it feels very out of place and sort of like your "selling out". (not really my opinion, but it sounds that way.)I understand the blog grind and I understand the need to cover costs, but this is not a good fit.

    If posting is becoming a drag, get some forum members to do some posts for you. If the site costs are getting to high put out the tip jar and ask for donations. But please, do not water down your content with adds that feel forced and do not sync up with the overall content(WOW) of your blog.

    Now posts sponsored by Logitech, or Razor would fit in. I think that you should go that route if you wish to get advertising in the posts. That or reviews of equipment, or something.

    I know there is a lot of hate in these replies. I don't think your a duche or are making a money grab. I just think this is an experiment that didn't work out.

  19. I'm the "original" anon poster, and I do agree with all the hate here about how Markco gives tons of great info for free, I should stop bitching, etc. But I agree *more* with the last poster who said it makes you seem like you're selling out. No, I don't think you're a douchenozzle for having ads on your site, but yes, I do think it takes away from your posts quite a bit.
    As was already said - if you insist on having ads, maybe try to get something from companies who produce gaming gear (or hell, maybe Blizz will toss some coin your way?.... naa, nevermind. They hate you as it is) - but seriously, weight loss and online gambling?? (Gambling - which, I will be the second to point out, Online gambling is illegal in every state of the U.S. which is where I would imagine the majority of your readership comes from)

    With that bit of B.S. out of the way, I do wanna say thanks for all the great info you post (daily, might I add!!) I understand this is a huge time commitment for you, not only to post, but also to come up with the content you post, as well as make it easy to read and understand.
    So, Markco - No, I won't be following those who say they're leaving your site - I'll continue to visit here on a daily basis as I have been doing for months. I will, however, ask you to rethink how and where you insert the ads.
    Once again, Thank You for all of the free information you give us, it is greatly appreciated.

  20. Yeah this experiment blew up in my face like a misfired gnomish lightning generator.

    The reasoning behind trying it was that I was offered the equivalent of one month's hosting costs for that ad. A WHOLE MONTH!

    I will do a lot of thinking regarding where ads are on my post and about removing the google ones. For now there won't be any posts within a post.

    Please remember I'm new to all this, and the idea of posting an ad in a post is revolutionary as far as I know.

  21. Frankly, I find today's add the least obnoxious ad I've ever encountered anywhere, because it's text-based. I guess I am a crazy person.

  22. Heh, I had a comment in mind, but the comments here were pretty in my face. :P

    So, no adds in posts - probably a good idea (I'll keep in in mind for my blog). :)

    Anyway, the comment I had was that while this is simple advice, most money blogs post specific money-making techniques and diversification is probably the most important of all. Sure, you might find a niche and essentially corner the market, but if that market crashes, you're in trouble.

    Diversification GUARANTEES continued gold revenues.

  23. As I skimmed the post I was a little surprised to see a poker url listed, and though it might have been comment spam or some sort of accident. So I had to go back and read the whole post.

    I'm more interested in how you found a way to make gold off Pygmy Oils.

  24. I just want to say, screw you all who think marco is wrong for the ad. Have you donated to his cause recently?!? You try paying for this on your own as something extra. :)

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