Suggestion Box Friday (10/09/09)

Suggestion Box Friday is when I, the gold making guru, remove myself from my saronite plated throne and allow you, the loveable heart-in-the-right-place amateurs to take my place, or atleast attempt to, for one whole day!

Lots is going on in the world of warcraft these days, so get cracking and try to help each other out with your suggestions!

Anyone notice the new enchant in dalaran? Definately worth checking out if you are an enchanter! I made some great tips off it, but I'll let you discover it :) (Hint: Good idea for the suggestion comments).

Weight Loss

Going great so far! Have been running 3-4 miles every day and lifting every 3 days. The diet I made is working great too. No binges or anything like that, though yesterday I wasn't paying attention and ate like half a bag of baby carrots lol.

Comments of the Week

Dream Shards going to Spike

Archangel said...

Dream Shards can be "produced". Same as dust and essences. If the dream shards pass the 12-13g threshold I can start to produce them whenever I need them. Saronite ore -> saronite bars -> saronite dirk -> voila: cheap dream shard for 9-11g. Or saronite ore -> prospect -> Jade Dagger Pendant -> voila: cheap dream shard. I'm positive that so many of us know this by now. So I bet we will start to make dream shards for sale, as soon as they even try to climb in price. So it would be stupid to stockpile them as long as they are easily produced by at least 2-3 professions (I think leatherworking has a profitable recipe also).

Inscription Spreadsheet

Lostmybow said...

Thank you very much for this one - the "% Profit" tab is genious - keep it up mate :) As WowConfidential said, adding Runescroll of Fortitude, and the price of 1 and 2 ink glyphs would alyways be nice. :)

Gold Making Podcast

Gloob said...

I say World of Goldcraft

To Gloob: OOOOoooo I like it! "World of Goldcraft - A call to Auction" That sounds pretty good lol. (phoenix came up with the second half)

9 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (10/09/09)"

  1. I think it would be a good idea to pick your fave 5 podcast names and make a poll for us to vote on :)


  2. Ok, I give up. What's the new enchant ?

  3. The new echant's name is "Abyssal Shatter" and it breaks one abyss crystal into many infinite dust or greater cosmic essences.

  4. What ever happened to the gold contest you were going to have?

  5. The new enchant is for staves

  6. there is no new stave enchant.. I just looked.

  7. New enchant for, there isn't one. At least on my server, there isn't. All the formulas sold by Vanessa Sellers, are "already known" for me. Also the trainer has nothing new (I already learned the abyssal shatter, the same day it came out).

  8. The new enchant is actually the old enchant black magic. They buffed it to give a ton of haste on proc.

  9. careful with the running. try not to run more than 10-15% per week, otherwise you could really hurt yourself. running is a high-impact sport, and can be more dangerous than you might expect. You don't want shin splints or tendinitis ruining your month :P.

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