Suggestion Box Friday (10/1/09)

This week was probably one of the best weeks of my life. I spent maybe two hours playing wow the whole week, but made about 4k gold lol. A lot of great RL stuff happened, which I'd share with you guys but I want to wait for now.

I wasn't able to participate in the MMO-CHAMPION nonsense all that much, but I can say that I laughed so much at their inscription post. The idea of telling people exactly what to do for any gold making strategy is complete and utter nonsense! The best way to make gold from these recent MMO-CHAMPION gold guides is to make money off the uneducated members of the wow community which follow the instructions like a robot. This is why I try to leave my readers with intelligent off shoot strategies that they can employ if they think hard enough about what I suggest they do, especially in my gold guide. I think that's what seperates my guide and zuggy's guide from the rest of the ones on the market. Anyway, I digress.

I loved the fact that MMO-CHAMPION left out selling armor vellum III's, possibly my biggest money maker for my glyph industry. Weapon vellum III's are ok but they don't have the same profit margin on my server. My favorite part about armor vellum III is the posting cost... nothing.

For the wool cloth discussion, I really really want to try the dwarves in the barrens, excellent suggestion for those that made it! It really is a horde problem though, alliance never have an issue with wool cloth because of their instances.

No weekly comments this week, I don't have time, sorry :(

As far as my weight loss is going I'm down like 7 or 8 pounds, I say like because I weigh myself after breakfast, so it's a little off. My goal is 20 pounds lost in 30 days (.66 per day), which at this rate I will hit. The only bad thing so far is that I might have a minor stress fracture in my left foot, it isn't swelling but it has a steady pain that spreads the longer I run and goes away temporarily when I rest it. I will continue applying ice midday and at night as well as using an ace bandage while I run.

18 miles in 6 days, not bad for an out of shape nub :)

My workout schedule is 3 miles a day run plus one walked, as well as lifting for my arms every 3 days. If I keep this up for 30 days... I can't see myself losing less than 20 pounds. Although I am gaining muscle in my legs and arms, so I might look like I lost a lot more in the end.

Thank you for your kind emails and support, it goes a long way. Wait until you find out why I'm doing this, it will knock your socks off. Remember to check this community's amazing forums... YOUR forums for everything gold related.

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  1. Good luck with the training, whatever it's for :)

    A good nutritional intake plan is also important while training so I hope your eating well burgers & fries ;)

  2. Yes I'm eating and drinking very healthy. Ran 4 miles last night, so we're up to 22 miles in 7 days :)

  3. Wish i could get back in shape used to run cross country. Nothing like a 5 mile run to develop your plans for what you want to do on wow.

  4. Ditto on the armor vellum IIIs. It might also pay dividends to educate new enchanters on your servers because a lot of them don't know about vellums.

  5. Little advice on the workout. throw away the scale. Seriously. Toss it. Your weight can fluctuate as much as 5 pounds in a day based on water weight alone.(talk to a wrestler, they know all about it.)

    The best thing to do is to take measurements. You may stay the same weight, but the tape never lies. In addition carrying more muscle will help you maintain your weight loss. Muscle burns more calories, so just being more muscular will help burn more just walking around.

  6. This is in all ways none of my business, so feel free to tell me to shove it. :) I wanted to tell you congratulations on the weight loss and healthy changes, and to let you know that most "authorities" agree that it isn't all that healthy to lose more than two pounds per week after the first week. They say slower loss is more likely to be permanent too. I believe you totally could lose 20 pounds in 30 days if you are determined, but it might be better and more sustainable to shoot for 10, tops.

  7. The MMO Champion post just spewed a bunch of retards into the mix. They will probably run out of money soon enough.

  8. @Rachel - Thanks for your kind words :D but I will not stop running, ever. Because of what I'm doing this for, I can't stop.

    One month, 20 pounds or bust. I am more determined than I have been about anything before; for reasons I will discuss at a later date.

    Since I will never take a day off and I'm working out like crazy, I will most likely lose far more weight than what the experts think is healthy. And @althalas that's some damned good advice! I will still weigh myself but I'm going to wait longer periods between doing it. Measurements is a really good idea.

  9. If you are having pain when you run you should try swimming. I had a lot of pain from running every day in the military and finding something lower impact will give you good results without the discomfort. Gratz on sticking to it, it is hard to do!

  10. althalas is right. measure not weigh! get a myotape it makes it a ton easier

  11. Marko has a hot date!

  12. Whenever you begin a program of exercise and changes in your diet, you will see very fast weight loss at the start, which slowly levels off. If you find that the "going gets tough" hang in there. You'll eventually reach a point where you're losing around a pound per week. If you're also lifting weights, this can slow your weight loss, but not your fat loss. So your rate of weight loss will seem to slow down, but your appearance will continue to improve.

    Good luck with it, the extra energy alone is worth it!

  13. Do not run that much you will hurt your self and you will put the weight back on.

    2 years ago I did exactly what you're doing basically lifting and running every day. I promise you you will hurt your self. run every 2 days for a month. And run to enjoy it you will see tons of improvement in a short time and you won't be hurt.

    Another thing is you will not hit 20 lbs in 30 days unless you are grossly obese which I assume you are not since you are running. that 7 lbs you lost is water. every gram of carbohydrates in your system is attached to 4 grams of water. You probably noticed you are pissing like a racehorse.

    Also with your exercise regimen being so strenuous so fast your body is going to panic and you are going to binge. Your weight will shoot back up.

    shoot got 10 a month at most, Find your Basal metabolic rate I sugges It's what I use and have lost 80 lbs in a year 55 lbs since January.

    I have to also add do not throw away the scale weigh your self every day right after you piss in the morning it's a good motivator and you know what your progress is independent of what you might have eaten.

    When it comes to weight loss, don't listen to bodybuilders because they endeavor to gain weight in muscle. the routines used by bodybuilders and unsustainable and strenuous and are changed rapidly also your diet has to be so on point or you will get fat.

    The most important thing is your diet it is way easier to not eat a 300 calorie slice of pizza than to run the 3 miles it would take to burn it off. So clean up your diet. The second most important thing is rest, Sleep alot it helps BIG TIME. excercise is the least important in comparison to the two. So as one fatty trying to get slim to another, I implore you Stop excercising so much and cut your food intake.

    I would suggest you read the Rapid Fat Loss handbook by Lyle MacDonald
    It has a lot of basic information to make wise choices to sustain the changes you are trying to make.

    One last thing I would say is to begin with a goal in mind so pick someone you want to look like. Find out what they do to look the way they do, and make your own personal adjustments from there. Best of luck look forward to hearing of your success.

  14. @Carl Lewis

    WHO YOU CALLING FATTY?! I'm currently 28 pounds overweight, I'm not obese :D

    Don't worry I won't 'binge.' I'm happily eating what I love to eat :)

    (orange juice, eggs, cheese, nuts, meats, vegetables, the occasional half piece of weat bread, milk, protein shakes and lots of water)

    Foot's feeling great too, been running with an ace bandage around it and icing it.

    The sleeping advice is really true, I definately lose more if I get a full 8-10 hour sleep vs a 5-7.

    Really appreciate all the comments, these help me reevaluate what I'm doing :)

  15. You should definately run a half-marathon when your done! :D (A lot easier said then done though.)Im on a program like this aswell, for reasons along the same lines as yours and it is one of the most gratifying things in my life when I finish a nice, long run. (Almost as gratifying as a good night on the auction house:P)

  16. So Marko, I read everday but never comment but feel like its a good time to finally do it. Guy said this on a late night commercial for some type of exercise. He said something like "when I get ready to eat that hamburger, I think would I rather look and feel good, get compliments and looks on how I look, or enjoy the 30 seconds it takes to enjoy it?" keep strong with the regiment, if it was easy everyone would be doing it. somehow it was good motivation for me when I want to be lazy. Time to go hit the weights. Grats so far.

  17. Ah man last night I tried those new Wendy's Buffalo Chicken nuggets, with a side of fries, and another junior bacon cheeseburger.

    Ok, ok, just messing with ya!

    That MMO article has mostly affected eternal shadow on my server, which has skyrocketed from 3g per to 12g per. However Infinite Dust has gone from 4g per to 6g per! Glad I had a bunch laying around.

    BTW, any strategy behind buying Tankard O Terror's cheap now and waiting 2 weeks after brew fest?

  18. That was addressed a few days ago wiggins, I don't have the link on me though. Thank you all again for the comments, I'll keep working my ass off :)

  19. hey, new reader here, and you want to know where to farm wool eh? this one is an old one i learned about way back in classic during the AQ gates event (every one needed wool, it was the hardest to farm for horde)

    goto wetlands young one. its easy to get to from arathi. you want to go to the middle along the river where all the gnolls are. these guys spawn pretty damn fast, and drop wool like no ones bussiness

  20. ohh, and as for running giving pain. try finding a nice field where you dont have to worry about rocks or glass or such, and try running bare foot.

    you will be amazed the difference it makes. Shoes actually hinder you foots ability to properly distribute force. your feet are a marvelously engineered wonder designed to flex and form and reduce impact when walking or running. Shoes are stiff and try to mimic this with cushioning, but usually tend to force most of the impact into your heals.

    the main point of shoes is real protection for you feet from aforementioned rocks and glass and such.

    there are specialized running shoes like the nike free now though that are like a glove for your foot that are as close to running barefoot as you can get while still wearing a shoe, but they cost a bit more.

  21. Grats on the workout program, it will indeed help your hand-eye coordination. It will also help you maintain a higher energy level when you play arenas. My one suggestion would be instead of working out your arms (a man's favorite body part to get big) try doing squats/lunges instead or in addition. The bigger the muscle you are working out the more calories it burns repairing itself and the more calories it burns just existing. Your quads/hamstrings are the biggest muscles around so don't leave them out, and it'll help your running game!

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