Suggestion Box Friday (10/23/09)


How will the new snowfall ink based glyphs affect the wow economy? It appears that blizzard is working on creating several new glyphs that require snowfall ink as a reagent. What's your thoughts on this?


Regarding Riding the Wave

Indy said...
Pygmy oils can also be used to make Guru Elixir, a decent buff for anyone - +20 to all stats, as I recall. I haven't found it to be a good seller, though, on my server anyway.

Given the high vendor value of pygmy oil (1.5g/stack), I haven't considered the risk/reward ratio reasonable enough to AH them. (My server is medium pop at best, too.) I've done a bit of advertising in trade channel for it, and sold some that way, and found some regular buyers to COD to.

So thanks, Marco, for mentioning pygmy oil earlier. Instead of vendoring the supply I get off my fishing expeditions, I decided to recheck the market and got some extra from it.

Regarding 10 Tips to Leveling Professions
Onewing said...

This is such a great example of why this blog works so well for both the hardcore and the casual gold-making player in WoW. Never underestimate the value of stating what appears to be obvious. I doubt any of the hardcore players reading this don't do each of these steps to some extent, but having them written out provides a focus that can improve the process. What seems like a post targeted at the casual player still provides value to those dedicated players that typically scoff at the "casual" tips on other sites (i.e.

Regarding Arctic Fur Predictions

richard said...
Also.. transmute:titanium no longer has a cooldown sooooooooooooo you figure it out.

Regarding Stop asking how much gold you can make per hour!

Bill said...
Measuring gold/hour is like measuring weight loss. Or DPS. Its valuable to understand your gold/hour, as long as you calculate it appropriately. Don't "step on the scale" at the wrong interval.

All these measurements can assist you in getting better in your given task. You just need to understand what they mean. And over what period.

Weight Loss

Down to ~238 pounds, which is just 2 pounds shy of my 20 pounds in one month goal with just a week left before I fly out to see my girlfriend. I think I'll make it easily :)

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  1. I haven't had a chance to research any information regarding new glyphs in 3.3 but I think:

    There will be at least 2-3 glyphs per class that require Snowfall Ink as a reagent. Each Glyph with probably not take 2 inks to craft resulting in a base crafting cost approx 5x's higher than any other 1 ink glyph. Honestly I can't see the supply of these glyphs staying low as every Scribe (not inscriptionist) will likely have a few stacks of Snowfall; I know I do. Unless Blizzard throws something interesting in the picture like "Class Mastery",daily crafting cooldown or some other type of limiting factor the only thing I can see happening is herb prices will go up, especially Adder's, Icethorn and Lichbloom. Ultimately the price of herbs is up to the farmer and glyph sales will always be a cut throat scene resulting in low low low prices.

    Just my 2 copper.

  2. FYI

    Pulled from MMO

    Earlier today we made a post in our Service Status forum (linked below) noting that a hotfix was being applied that would yield more materials for enchanters when disenchanting or shattering items. For those of you who may be waiting for this hotfix to disenchant some leftover items, please note that the hotfix has been delayed. We still plan to push this hotfix in the near future and will inform the community when this happens.

  3. I am unconcerned about the new glyphs. (Assuming this isn't a bug...)

    All this will do is generate a 3rd class of glyph: one ink, 2 ink, and 10 ink.

    It will be interesting to watch the people that don't seem to know how to set thresholds post them for 1 gold, though. They'll learn the lesson really fast, I expect.

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