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Wool is one of the most expensive cloths in world of warcraft, and its price constantly fluctuates. The reasons for its expense is the lack of popular instances which contain wool, as well as the lack of humanoids to drop it in the more played instances. For instance, black fathom depths would be an awesome place to get cloth... if the humanoids didn't make up about 25% of the mobs and were earlier in the instance. Currently I am on the lookout for a wool farming location. I tried the harpies (level 28-30) in thousand needles but didn't have that much luck since the level 30's drop silk cloth. I think that ashenvale might be the key to this. There are some high level 20's worgs in a cave that might drop wool cloth. I remember farmers used to park there all the time back at 60.

If you can send in a video or just the location of a great wool farming spot, I'm sure everyone here would greatly appreciate it. If you own a blog or something and find a great spot, this is a great oppurtunity to get known.

Thanks all! I'll keep looking too!

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  1. Stockades.

    All humanoids in the instance, can pull the whole place in one pull and most of the time, there are some lower level people asking for a run through.

    I know you're horde, but maybe someone else could find this useful.

  2. Deadmines. Plenty of humanoids, tonnes of wool cloth.
    :) not too bad for horde to get to either, little annoying, but doable.

  3. When I need wool cloth in abundance, I do the deadmines.
    Any level 80 with a strong enough AOE can clean it out pretty fast, just bring big bags.

  4. In the southern part of Wetlands there are some densely packed gnolls that respawn very quickly. They are an absolute nightmare for at level characters, but a high level can clear them out fairly easily. Very short respawn means quick farming, and they have a great drop rate on wool cloth.

  5. Blackrock Orcs and the gnolls in Redridge have a decent wool drop rate.

  6. I normally go to Stockades.

    When ever i have had to level up an alts first aid i have always gone to the stockades on my main.

    Its a nice quick easy instance, all the mobs are human so they have potential to drop wool

    A level 80 can normally completed in in 10mins or less

  7. I would say stockades it has the most humanoids under level 30. I used to farm it on my mage would average 2-3 stacks of wool a run through plus greens and a few silk.

  8. SFK may also be another good place to checkout.

  9. A place where I used to farm wool is in the Southern Barrens.
    There are quite alot of Dwarves inside this small Stronghold, respawn time is also not too bad as far as i remember.

    But I guess its Horde only.

  10. In the barrens, the pit with the dwarves called Bael Modan. I can get a couple stacks of wool in that place in no time.

  11. damn.. beaten by one minute

  12. I think the gnolls on Wetland as they said on a previous post is one of the better spots because they are concentrated on a single area

  13. Hillsbrad farmers/peasants/etc and the syndicate mobs in Hillsbrad Foothills

  14. alliance get easy wool through stockades and vc. horde get easy silk through scarlet monestary.

    Farming stockades as horde would be difficult due to limited bag space unless you had an engineering jeeves or argent crusade squire.

  15. In addition to the deadmines themselves there are camps of Gnolls in the Dust plains. I used to take an AOE frost mage out there and wipe out each camp with an Arcane explosion or two. The proceed around the campsites. At level 60 they respawn before you get to the first camp again. At level 80 you may go through too fast for them to respawn once you get back to the first camp. So pace yourself.

  16. Buy it on alliance side, where wool is always very cheap, and transfer it over.

  17. Back at level 25-30 in vanilla WoW, I grinded the mines in Hillsbrad because they dropped wool. Don't know if it would do a good farming spot, but I think it's worth trying.

  18. Problem with instances is that you can only do them a limited amount of times an hour.

    I found Southern Barrens > Bael'Dun the Dwarf Pit to be great, you are constantly killing, fast respawns, all have a chance to drop the wool.

    However after doing this for 2 hours I only netted 250g worth of wool (according to my AH price average)

    Given there are many other things you could do for higher gold/hour, might as well do that and buy wool from the AH.

  19. I'm a cloth pack rat and I can safely say 90% of my wool came from Deadmines. It's also a decent spot for linen cloth too!

  20. Stockades for sure, if you are alliance. Deadmines if you are horde.

  21. Razorfen kraul all the servitors drop the cloth this i a great place for it

  22. I was doing the cloth turn-ins the other night and RFK barely yielded a stack and I killed every pig in the instance.

    Waiting for the re-spawn directly north of the instance yields a good amount, but you know when you're too far north as the mobs are all dropping linen by then.

    Oh and, Deadmines for sure for massive cloth quantities.

  23. For Horde, Durnholde Keep in the Hillsbrad Foothills is a nice place to farm wool. Good respawn rate.

  24. Deadmines and stockades definitely get my vote for the best spots.

    The Furbolgs just to the North West and South East of Astranaar in Ashenvale also have reasonable drop rates.

  25. Wool is cheap on both ally and horde on ghostlands-us and garona-us.

    So ... it depends on the server.

  26. In the southern Barrens, there are 3 quillboar areas I've found to be excellent drop spots for Aggama'gor, Bramblescar and Blackthorne Ridge.

  27. Blackwolf River in Stonetalon Mountains, also the Venture Co. Mine in the same area.

    The southernmost reach of the Dead Scar, and Deathholme, in the Ghostlands.

  28. I used to stealth into stockades just to farm wool cloth even though I was horde.

  29. The stockades are the answer no doubt about it. Lets face it Stormwind is empty anyway, but if you die getting in there its no hardship to make it through to the enterence of the stockades.

    I farmed there for 30mins, cleared it on my lvl80 pala and walked away with over 100 wool cloth.

    Just walk out of the instance and reset, rinse and repeat.

  30. Yeah stocks or Deadmines. As a Horde, Deadmines is easier to access

  31. "For Horde, Durnholde Keep in the Hillsbrad Foothills is a nice place to farm wool. Good respawn rate."

    This. The respawn rate is good, there are a lot of mobs and they drop a decent amount of wool - though some still drop linen.

    Plus... it's pretty close for flying to and from Undercity =)

  32. Skin sheep!

    All suggestions have been good. I personally like to farm the gnolls (low 20s) in Wetlands because their respawn rate is aweseomely ridiculous and I usually come away with a good amount of greens and a blue or two.

    WoWWiki pretty much covers all the suggestions made here.


  33. Sheep can no longer be skinned. :-(

  34. I always found Stockades to be best (I'm Horde btw) just run an 80 through Stormwind naked and you usually don't have any trouble if you know where to go.
    The bigget challenge was when instances were broken, but since they actually work now, farming is easier than ever. Ther entire instance can be done by a plate wearer in one pull (or two if you don't want to deal with KDs). If you choose to do in two, you basically just weave in an out of rooms being sure to grab EVERYONE, until you get to the intersection, from there grab the mobs in the room, head out and hang a right (not to the final boss room but the other way, left path if you are looking at your map) and grab everything then kill. THen mop up the other end and there you go, you can easily finish a run in ~8 min, loot quickly though, they despawn really fast.

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