21 Tips in 21 Days - The Series

I'd like anyone new to the blog to take a look at this awesome series (pats self on back), and for those that have already read them, please add your own input to the comments section.

This kind of set of posts was actually really fun to do, if you'd like to see anther simliar series add in the comments what you would like it to be about. Please keep it gold making related (sorry prot pvp fanatics).

5 comments: on "21 Tips in 21 Days - The Series"

  1. It was both entertaining and informational. Series like this are good things, in my opinion

  2. Liked the series! I'd love to see one that brings together all the best farming places at various levels.

  3. 80 farming spots in 80 days!!

  4. Hmmm farming spots would be fun to do, I'll look into that! :)

  5. err I meant 80 farming spots in 80 levels!!!

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