2700 Rated Prot Warrior Tanks Team to 1000

I wanted to start carrying friends in 2's but it was getting really difficult because of my 2700+ mmr. Therefore I decided the only solution was to go 2v1 until I bottomed out at whatever rating. That rating ended up being 1,000. Here are some of my wins while I was tanking down from 2700, including the first one which was an ~1850 team. Enjoy!

I've had this article in my que for about two weeks now and I have made 10,600 gold so far from carrying teammates to 1800. Everyone I've carried so far has had an absolute blast (that's part of my goal to let them have fun) and I think many of them emerged a better player. Not to mention the fact that they walked away with a shiny weapon to pwn in bg's with.

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  1. I'd pay to get carried.
    I'm not completely incapable, but finding a good team, that has synergy plus can agree to be online at the same time every week is not that easy. Especially if you're a casual player.

  2. nice vid.. what arena frames do you use there? Is that SSArena Frames... I like the look of them

  3. So many nubs.
    Love the pvp videos dude. You should let people know when your doing streams of arena, whether its legit or carrying.

    As far as arena frame, looks like Gladius to me.

  4. Any chance of getting an article on what your doing in PvP? Listened to the Interview with How I Wow and caught some details, but just curious if you could put it down on paper a bit (I've been getting more into PvP on my warrior! )

  5. excellent choice of music. i find committing violent in-game acts of murder and mayhem set to classical music eerily soothing.

  6. look at me i have 47,000 health and can chain silence you to death.

    prot needs to get the fuck out of arena.

  7. Can you carry a hunter in 2s? how much would u charge?

  8. Dang Markco. I may have gotten on your case a bit re: gevlon, but that PvP is impressive. Well done.


  9. At the health comment: Try like 28k health and 400 resilience.

    Regarding gevlon my response is tomorrow.

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