The Art of Flipping

Flipping, like undercutting, is a true art form in world of warcraft. In order to perform a plethora of profitable purchases periodically you will need to have a grasp of how much an item is worth (ie auctioneer) as well as how much the item will normally sell for. Just because essences of earth sit at 10 gold almost all the time doesn't mean that people will actually buy them for that price.

What to flip?

Flipping is most frequently used to make money with enchanting mats and other items that require 0 posting cost fees. This allows for margins of error in the flipping and cuts the loss to the flipper tremendously should they fail. The most popular item to flip in the game is probably greater cosmic essences currently. Other items that should interest you are:

Essences of XX, max level glyphs selling less than 2 gold, Vellums, entry level meats, low to mid level herbs/ore, and even high profile epics like gems and armor/weapons... (fill the comments with other items you like to flip as I am deliberately keeping the list short).

How to flip?

Simply buy out when items reach [Normal Selling Value - X] and then repost for [Normal Selling Value]. Notice I said normal selling value, not auctioneer's price. You need to understand the market and have a feel for how much items will actually be purchased at, especially some of the low level stuff that could be ridiculously overpriced.

Deciding on that normal selling value and the X are what differentiates you from a good flipper and someone who is going to lose a lot of money quickly. Practice with enchanting mats first, then move on to items that have a posting cost.

Good Luck!

PS: Word of advice, be careful not to invest too much into flipping or else you will end up being pressured to selling your goods for less than optimal prices.

6 comments: on "The Art of Flipping"

  1. Try flipping Mageweave Cloth in the week when the prices drop and reprice them for 10g - works wonders :)

  2. wool cloth always sells for 1g on my server so any time is 60 silver or less..I buy it out and relist at 1g.
    Azshara server

  3. Flipping hyacinth macaw minipets works great for me. Buy for 4k sell for 7k.

  4. I find Runecloth is a sweet one to flip. Anytime I see a stack for below 6g I either relist immediately aor stockpile it until a safe time I can flog it for 12g+ - usually works - even if it means that sometimes I end up with over 2ooo runecloth on me. IT will always sell eventually.

  5. Wool is great for flipping, it's historically rare and people don't appreciate that. Buy up anything up to 10g and repost at 10g/stack or more.

  6. I will buy most any metal if it's at less than 50% of value and hold until the market is favorable. Sometimes that means weeks. Same is true for crystalized and eternal elements. This is my steady income.

    I find if I buy stacks and break them up, I can generally flip for higher prices.

    I also go against some people's common thinking and flip rare and epic weapons and armor despite the high listing fees. If I've seen something more than 20 times on auctioneer and the profit would be at least 50 gold, I'll usually give it a shot. Over time, I've gotten a sense of what is likely to sell, and the ones that hit more than make up for the misses. And at least once every week or two, I'll get a single epic item that will flip for a profit of 1,000 gold or more.

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