Ashegaming Gold Challenge and Youtube Videos

Many of you may know Ashe from his YouTube videos on making gold, well he's back again with a series this time... he's going to try to make as much gold as possible on a new server within two weeks. All the gold he acquires will go to his first YouTube subscriber that has apparently helped him greatly since he started putting videos up.

Here's the link:
2 Week Gold Challenge by Ashe

OK so what does this have to do with JMTC? Well I want you guys to get involved with this. Discuss it on the forums, in the comments section here, and on Ashe's YouTube channel. Get involved and see if you can help Ashe make as much gold as possible in two weeks. Who knows, maybe you'll learn something from this as well!

Good Luck Ashe!

3 comments: on "Ashegaming Gold Challenge and Youtube Videos"

  1. Thanks for the shout out Markco!

    Its going pretty well so far and you will be happy to see I'm keeping my markets pretty varied :>

  2. Thank you Markco for saying this story and hey Ashey! Thank you so much for doing this!!


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