Auction House Tycoon Gold Strategies

I'm no statician, but I'd bet money that less than 1% of the players in world of warcraft would be willing to try something as complicated as the Saronite Shuffle.

In building a strategy for becoming an auction house tycoon, you should keep in mind that the more steps involved in your schemes, the safer you will be against copy cats. You may be wondering what makes a scheme difficult to copy, so let me break it down for you in a quick list:

Having connections with the opposite faction (you will need friends for this since you cannot buy auctions from any of your own characters), commanding multiple professions on multiple characters, aquiring high amounts of startup cash, and managing to snag rare patterns or mats greatly distinquishes you from your fellow auction house tycoon. Less tangible and measurable assets would include: cyclical knowledge, understanding of supply vs demand, psychological understanding of buyers and sellers, as well as experience working with large amounts of auctions.

So the next time you come up with a clever way for making gold, be sure to always be on the look out for additional income paths stemming from your original idea which will complicate the way you're making gold and cover your wow auction house tycoon tracks. Work towards building up your own mini-cartel among your characters by getting them to atleast level 65 and maxed out in their professions. Something my girlfriend tried was making four alchemists and taking advantage of their gem transmutes. She makes thousands of gold each week doing almost nothing but transmutes and relying on alchemy procs for easy cash. Now how many people do you know who have four alchemists? Not many right? There's an example of covering your tracks by having complicated requirements for making gold.

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  1. I agree with you views on the auction house. While I myself don't feel that I have reached tycoon status, it is the next logical step to breaking into triple figures. I pay close attention to some of the big tymers on forums, but still feel it takes much longer for me to learn a new market. I am more the type that tries to hammer a square peg into a round hole until it finally dawns on me to try a different approach.

    Hopefully, they will open up the mail system for player characters on both factions. Right now it is a major pain to get good across factions, plus the fees are a killer.

  2. great link, thanks!

  3. I do something very much like the saronite shuffle on a regular basis. The only piece of the chain I can't do myself is enchanting, so I ship the green items off to my girlfriend who does it for a cut of the profits (and often enchants me for free).

  4. With the patch happening soon,
    do you think there will be Gold to be had in the Titanium Transmutes?

    I have enough Saronite to make over 200 Titanium bars and with the CD going away...

    I hope to make some G quick once the patch comes out.

    Any input here guys?

  5. I leveled two enchanters back in burning crusade when void shatter was lucrative. This can screw you pretty soon... The cooldown removal sucked.

  6. @last Anon I think the market will be really good for Titanium bars right after that patch hits but then will tank once everyone else catches on.

    @Kring I doubt we'll ever see cool downs for epic gems get removed, but then again with 5012 different ways to get epic gems in wrath I wouldn't be surprised.

  7. For a while I was just doing the greens -> enchanting mats portion, and it slowly dawned on me that I could add new pieces to the equation.

    At this point my diagram would be even a bit more convoluted, adding in some blacksmithing goods, tailoring cloth cooldowns, and some flipping of the goods I sell, and even mats I make them with.

    Theres something rather pleasant about seeing my competition in the Meta market buying eternal airs from me for twice what I paid for them, even as I undercut the gems he posts.

  8. I ment that having 4 alchemists is putting all eggs in one basket which can backfire.

    If it's fun for you: do it. But if you do it for the money, it's risky.

  9. Don't forget that alchemists have different specializations, so you don't necessarily have to make them all transmute spec.

  10. @Kring

    the only reason why I have so many alchemist is because I love the profession, I have one for each mastery, as to say I have all my eggs in one basket is an is not the only thing I do for making way more gold than Markco :)

  11. ok.........
    1 stack of Saronite = 26G

    titanium bar = 24G per

    Almost double the money and selling bars cheap...


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