Dealing with Saturated Markets

Twinkletoes wrote on the forums regarding saturated markets:

There are a few things that instantly spring to mind.

Firstly, you recognise that a market has a limit and it would appear from what you've said that you are posting right at your markets limit. This is a good thing and is something many people dont get.

There are really only two ways round this. Dip into another market or time your market better.

In timing your market you should look to find out when your items are bought and be there to repost so you always maintain a full presence. To avoid sitting on the AH all day and night have a think about who's buying and what they are buying for. We know its probably enchanters buffing a friends/guildies gear or people gemming up new epix. That says to me you should post just after the instance reset at 9am server (for europe) and just after people finish raiding. Be there spamming trade with your wares while your at it. I think there is a beancounter data parser on this fourm to help.

The second way is of course to enter into other markets. Grab one of these all singing all dancing spreadsheets that are knocking around input your servers numbers. This will let you know whats profitable. I suggest as your already supplying the raider try looking into other similar markets. Flasks, Leg Armour, Food, etc. If it was me I would spend some time understanding the high end food market and the enchant scrolls market.

Finally, 14k a week is a good number to be at. Auctioneering 101 is patience. Understand when your onto a good thing, keep it quiet and simply repeat what your doing gradually building up your reserves.

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  1. Does anyone have link to a good craftingspreedsheet, with multipe professions ?

  2. Yeah i'd like one too please

    Sarainy (hope I spelled that right) made an excelent spreadsheet that covers all proffesions

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