Do you dream of wow?

I've had several conversations in the past with both interviewers and friends who jokingly assumed that I must dream of wow to have all these ideas about making gold constantly pouring from my overused and abused brain. The truth is... no I have never dreamt of wow.

Have you dreamt of wow, whether it was your character, an action within the game, or just the world of warcraft universe in general? Share your stories in the comments section :D

All right this is a blog about making gold so here's a very easy to make potion that is great for raiding 80's, especially warlocks: Major Dreamless Sleep Potion. (New WOTLK Version here: Potion of Nightmares

Check the comments on wowhead for the locations for horde and alliance to buy this recipe.

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  1. I've dreamt of WoW.

    I dream about raiding if I've done it more than two days out of a week. I used to have nightmares that I was PvPing and that all my keys suddenly unbound during it. I've dreamt that I was farming herbs or ore before, just flying around in lazy circles.

    I've also had at least one dream where I was my character sitting at a computer and playing a game similar to WoW, with myself as the person on screen...

    -Tufak of Feathermoon

  2. yes I have had dreams that involve WoW either in game or out.

  3. Wait... does that mean you still get some sleep? You're playing it wrong.

  4. I do when I spent lots of hours into the game. the brain likes to mix recent experiences with past memories and part of your imagination for making up the dreams. anyway you may have dream about it and don't remembert about, not always onbe remembers about their dreams.

  5. oh and about the potion, ther is a lich king version of it, may be easer to get the mats witout having to search the old world in your "slow" epic mount

  6. And I wouldn't recommend this potion as a moneymaker. I made a bunch of these when leveling. Sat on the AH so long that I had to vendor them. They fall in to the same category as resistance potions, mercurial stone trinkets, etc. Seemingly good items made by alchemist that no one wants to buy.

  7. OMG micro thank you I posted the wrong freaking potion!!!

  8. I've dreamed of WoW.

    The best one has to be the endless Titanium Ore vein I found pre WotLK (it was in Sholazar Basin if you must know!).
    It turned into a bit of a nightmare as I ran out of bag space and didnt want to stop mining just in case.

    The funniest I heard was a guildy dreaming of raiding the supermarket (Tesco's). His mind had merged it with Ulduar and it all got very the car park was FL, Hodir was the Frozen Foods Manager, very random but gave us something to laugh about on vent.

  9. I sometimes dream that my character is alot better that it is or that im doing something i should be doing but am not.

  10. I've had wow related things happen in my dreams. Like just the other night I dreamt that I jumped from a really high bridge and just before I hit the ground I cast Hand of Protection so I didn't die. Haha.

  11. I was sitting in class once and thought "Man, I can't wait until this is over so I can hearth back and hit 70."

    I didn't do too well that semester.

  12. I had the worst dream ever....i was on my warrior and i kept bladestorming but they just wouldn't die D:. And then blizzard came with they're death knights and were just like loldeathgrip. I woke up on the other side of the room.....

  13. Yes I dreamed of a neverending phase 1 KT - and I ran out of arrows and had to melee the skelletons xD (thats why I always enter a raid with at least 10000 arrows and a stack of saronite (since I'm engineer).

  14. Sadly, I have never dreamed of WoW. However, I did dream of Asheron's Call a few times.

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