Endless Rage Frost Wyrm Alchemist Spreadsheet

Check out this forum post on Whittaker's alchemy spreadsheet which he developed for his alchemy business. I really like his style and how he handled the creation of this spreadsheet. Definately worth the download!

The spreadsheet focuses on Endless Rage and Frost Wyrm flasks which are key dps raiding flasks at the moment and will be in high demand while raiders push to take down the lich king in icecrown.

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  1. I think you are overlooking a key component by not also considering Stonebloods. Tanks, moreso than probably any other role, are out to min max and will flask for just about every encounter. If I need Stonebloods for the raid, I'll pay whatever the price of that mats are, or just buy the flask if it's cheaper. We're used to big repair bills, and consumable bills are just part of the being the Main Tank.

  2. I agree with you honors, but you have to think about the numbers. Even if tanks (I know I am) are twice as likely to flask as dpsers, there is a minimum of 2.5 dps per tank (using a 2tank 3healer 5dps setup) the ratio gets worse as you look at 25man raids (I've never seen more than 4 tanks in a 25man, but even if you had 5 and 5 healers you still have 3 dps per tank). Thus, while I wouldn't overlook stone blood, dps flasks will sell better.

  3. How do you use spreadsheets lol

  4. I find it very interesting that there are fewer comments when we can't get to the information discussed... :)

  5. Follow the link and use your brain, you will find access to the spreadsheet on the forum page.

  6. The forums that a ton of us can't get to...

    Ya those....

  7. http://www.yourfilehost.com/media.php?cat=other&file=FlaskMadness.xlsx

  8. While the address works great..

    getting through my company
    fire-wall would be better...

  9. Hey, how about while someone finds the file in the forums, downloads the file for you, gets it around your firewall and then teaches you how to use it, they just go ahead and log into your account and put you to the gold cap?

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