Farmers are your friends

Silently Farming,
His dusty pickaxe in hand,
Making the Golds

Farmers are a wonderful thing in world of warcraft. Now I don't mean gold farmers who try to sell accounts or make gold and what not. Though I must admit I have a blast kiting bots to opposing faction cities... maybe I'll make a video of that some day hehe. Who I'm talking about are the people who devote an hour or two a day (sometimes more) to grabbing in game materials and then they simply dump them on the ah for the cheapest price in order to get instant gratification and fill their coffers.

Taking advantage of these people will not only give them the instant gratification they live for, but also give you the materials for crafting at excellent profit margins. It's all about ROI after all (return on investment).

How do you find a farmer? It's actually quite easy, you simply look at the auction house and whisper people who post everyday. Be kind but don't let them know why you want the items. Simply say that you leveling a profession, that's the easiest cover up for whatever devious plans you have for their materials.

Buyers are just as important as farmers. If you can find the ultimate cycle, you will have a farmer giving you materials, you'll be crafting some item for super cheap but making excellent profit, and you'll have a buyer waiting on the other end who can't wait to buy every last item you created. Everybody wins! This is the basis for the wow economy after all: farmers, crafters, and buyers.

Here's how I make 1-2k gold a day from inscription without selling a single glyph:

1. Get herbs from three different farmers for 15-17 gold a piece.
2. Mill everything while talking on the phone or reading a book or w/e.
3. Craft everything into inks and sell the mats to buyers who have sent letters requesting snowfall inks or inks of the sea for their own crafting desires.

That's not the most profitable way to make gold with inscription, after all I could change places in that pyramid of players so that I'm the person buying the crafted goods to resell for more profit, but it is a very profitable methods for making gold. I gave it a try and it was definately a great way to make gold without risking anything.

Give it a try with other trade skills such as disenchanting, prospecting, or any form of crafting. Find a farmer, craft your goods, sell to a person who will try to resell them or craft something else from your mats.

It's a lot of work but it's gauranteed gold for those that need it, so I definately recommend this for someone who is hard on their luck for cash. Also, be prepared to reinvest a lot of what you make to keep your business running, I tried this for a few days and found myself buying herbs with 75% of my profits each time and expanding by 100-200 herbs purchased every day.

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  1. Building up a good relationship with the farmers providing you mats can be a massive plus.

    Loyalty and trust on both sides mean that you can guarantee a steady flow of materials at all times, no matter than current auction house standings.

    Great post!


  2. How can you kite a botter? What can you do to get them to move in the direction you want?

  3. I actually am a farmer for a friend of mine. I sell him goldclover, icethorn, and lichbloom at 20g a stack (goldclover and icethorn sometimes go for less on AH, but lichbloom goes for more, so it evens out), and adder's tongue at 15g a stack, as well as frost lotus for 40g each (lower than AH, but I don't lose money from the cut).

    I farm two hours every other day, and he's been so pleased with the results that he's starting to look for other farmers to offer the same rate to.

    We both are making money with the arrangement, and it means neither of us have to worry about AH fluctuations on those herbs.

    -Tufak of Feathermoon

  4. @Euripdes - If they are your faction you taunt their mobs, if they aren't you get them to attack you.

  5. "Be kind but don't let them know why you want the items."

    Eh? I've been considering farming stuff myself for an hour or so a day and finding someone to sell the mats to. I'd much rather sell it to a person honest about their intentions than someone that can't admit they'll use the mats to "craft stuff".

    A person likely to farm will probably prefers farming and nothing having to deal with watching markets etc. I doubt you'll lose a supplier by telling the truth.

  6. You had me until "Mill everthing." Milling drove me out of the glyph business. It' too damn boring.

  7. milling is not the problem with inscription, retrieving 1200 unsold glyphs from your mailbox is.

  8. I am currently able to keep up with milling with just the Herbs sold on the AH on my server... I can get Adder's Tongue/Icethorn for 25g and under, and Tiger Lily/Goldclover/Deadnettle for 15g and under... which makes me plenty of gold on Milling... I about break even for the stacks of herbs with just the snowfall ink... so basically anything I sell in INk of the Sea, Glyphs and Vellums is all pure profit... it's pretty good business...

    and yes - collecting glyphs from the mailbox is painful at best...

    Milling is where the money is with inscription - you can make some gold buying the inks and selling glyphs - but I prefer the mindlessness of milling...

  9. I agree milling is a pain but there are always times where you're waiting for someone in a group or waiting to get into a group or waiting for a BG to start and I use these times to mill. Then I don’t feel like a robot going clickety click on the macro for 40 minutes straight

  10. Farmers are a godsend and I give them all the respect in the world. I try my best not to haggle them too low so the experience is good for both of us. I especially would like to mention leather farmers who at their own peril venture forth in the wilderness and fight for their keep. I saw this on hunter farmer kill over 10 mobs in a group with his pet and he was good enough to sell me 10 stacks of leather at a fair price. Well done.

  11. Retreiving things from the mailbox is painful?

    You do use Postal or a similar addon, right?

    Just click "open all" and if you have over 100 or so items in the mail, go pee and come back. Empty your bags by mailing to an alt, repeat (well, not the peeing part). It's not too bad, honestly. If you're that rich, you have huge bagspace on the AH mule, so you can do this with minimal fuss.

    Myself, I tend to list in higher-end markets like titanium ore and gems so I don't have more than 100 listings at a given time.

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