Knothide Leather

Knothide Leather is something that everyone has to burn through in order to level their leatherworking. I found an absolutely fantastic place to grab the knothide leather quickly and efficiently:

Talbuk Thorngrazers are your primary target, although you will find the occasional elek and Clefthoof Bull to skin as well. There are groups of four or so around every tree as well as by the lake which will provide you with a steady stream of fresh kills. What's more, by the time you finish killing them the original pack of 3 or 4 should have respawned, allowing for constant farming and skinning. One run through this place netted me almost 1 1/2 stacks in around 5 minutes. Not bad considering the heavy version of this leather can go for as much as 12 gold a piece.

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  1. While leveling normally, you can't skin enough to get leatherworking up high enough to start with northrend recipies. This is a great opportunity to profit of other peeps lazyness.
    This spot also shows up as recomended for the heavy leather on thottbot (since you can't grind heavy).

  2. I don't have a leatherworker :(
    only 450 mine/skin and alchemy/jc herbalist is only lvl 63...wah!!!!!

  3. Heavy leather doesn't drop in outland, never.

  4. This is the spot for Knothide Leather!

  5. Ah, now I understand. You meant farming "Heavy Borean Leather" and not "Heavy Leather" (

    Because "Heavy Borean Leather" can not be skinned but only created by a LW.


  6. The best I've ever found for Knothide leather is in Shadowmoon valley, there is a farm in the mid north of yellow-titled boars. 6 of them respawn every 20 seconds and they have very little health. One with an AoE spell will quickly make 3-4 stacks every 20 minutes

  7. And there is an NPC nearby which you can sell your gray dropps to.

    And he used to heal you so you had no downtime.

  8. No, the real spot to farm knothide leather is black morass (cot2), at least if you are a lvl80 tank or have one. Mount up, ride around collect all mobs (67-68) and then run back to entrance and aoe them down (do it until they fix mounted pulling in here as well (like in zf) ^^).
    Getting alle the mobs in here (not the dragons, just the non-elite mobs) will net you at least 5 stacks in 5-10min + ~10 netherweb spider silk (which tailors still need/want). Run out, reset and repeat.

  9. If you wanna level from 1-80 in a week played time, check out Zygor's Leveling Guide

  10. Unfortunately, the domesticated felboar at Oronok's Farm in Shadowmoon are no longer lootable/skinnable. They just die and that's that. Sadface. Nagrand is the next best place I'd say. Happy hunting.

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