New Epic Ammunition

Some of you may have heard that new epic ammunition is coming out for engineers. It will require rep with a new reputation group poised against the lich king but I'm under the impression that the new 5 man dungeous will give you plenty of rep with this new faction.

Engineers create the ammunition using 2 crystallized shadow for the arrows or 2 crystallized earth for the bullets and I would definately advise buying up these materials in anticipation for the patch. Earths can spike heavily but crystallized shadow is often pretty cheap so look for some deals while you wait for this new ammunition to hit the scene.

Shadow can be farmed easily in wintersgrasp and the earth can be farmed off of Revenants in stormpeaks.

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  1. While I'm glad I get another way to make gold with my engineer. I am not happy with the choice of regents for this ammunition. The bottom of this market is pretty low because regardless of the price of an eternal you are only spending a fifth of one. I am wondering what the stack size is 200 or 1000, probably 200, but nothing surprises me anymore.

    Another reason I am weary is because I use shadow to mass produce some goods and any increase in price of shadow would be considered a loss in profit.

    Oh well - Refocus - Adjust

  2. On the other hand, if you have a blacksmith or jewelcrafter, picking up extra eternal earths and eternal shadows will help secure your supply crafting mats. As with any patch, there will be turbulence in the market as prices reach an equilibrium. Having mats to carry you through that period can put you on top of a market - while others fight for scraps.


  3. Eternal Earth have dropped heaps to 5 - 6g on my server. Eternal Shadow are around 4-5g.

    Currently I have 1500 Eternal Earth and a few hundred Eternal Shadow.

    It will be interesting to see what happens once the patch hits.

    ps. I bought most of the Eternal Earth before the ammo was announced as I'm using it to JC/DE.

  4. My server has seen Eternal Earths average around 9g for several months now, and I have been buying any at 8g or less per. Meanwhile shadow has rocketed from its 2g per at 3.2 release to 6g per most recently. I am usually buying all eternal shadow at 4g per or less.

    As I see it, these mats, as well as saronite ore are what I hope to make bank on when 3.3 drops.

  5. This definately helps engineers make a bit of profit. Though most of the engineers I know say that they are not in it for the cash - It's more of a calling than a profession. Still, it's all good if the price of my eternals continues to rise.

  6. Sorry to poke a hole in this idea, but Ashen Verdict rep is ONLY from the new raids.

    The 5-mans give Sunreaver/Silver Covenant rep if you're not wearing a tabard, and tabard rep if you are, judging from my time running them on the PTR.

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