One Year Anniversary of JMTC

Just My Two Copper's One Year Anniversary is today!

So much has happened and been going on that I didn't really even notice the time going by like a freight train. I hope this year has been an amazing time for you as well and that I provided you with the information, inspiration, and most imporantatly the intellectual enhancements you needed to become an expert at the world of warcraft auction house.

In celibration of the one year anniversary of the blog I've dropped my gold guide's price down to $27 for the holiday season as well as added an amazing update with a niche market I discovered that provides an average of 600% profit on investment depending on server prices (based on testing on a dozen live servers). The item involved will blow your mind because I gaurantee you weren't expecting it to be this valuable. Besides this sweet method, I've also upgraded the guide to include several walkthroughs for key addons that will make your life so much easier in world of warcraft. Guides for professions have been updated as well with a few minor specific methods.

Please comment on your experiences with the blog and how it has impacted your wow life, or perhaps your real life as well. As mentioned on the how I wow podcast (RIP), I'm a pretty good motivational speaker and I hope I've positively influenced your habbits both by my words and my achievements.

Never stop learning, reading, experimenting, and most importantly... HAVING FUN!

Thank you for this amazing year. Looking forward to another!

67 comments: on "One Year Anniversary of JMTC"

  1. congrats on a great blog

  2. Markco,

    Ignore them and Gevlon's comments, you have never made it a secret that your goals were to make real money from your guide and advertisers while establishing a site for gold making ideas from other Wow players. This is a great site and will continue to be as long as you want it.

    Don't make the mistake of accepting Gevlon's challenge because that is a no win situation. So what, you just got posted on his moron of the week, live and learn.

  3. Gratz on an awesome blog Markco.
    The day i discovered your blog i was poor in-game and a daily quest farmer :P
    just by reading your daily posts i learned so many different ways of creating wealth. You blog and way of writing inspires me.

    Regards to the Gevlon post etc, ignore it man, hes an ignorant bastard and he just indirectly advertised your guide anyway.
    All i sense in his post are lies.

    Anyway, keep up the great work :)

  4. get over yourself markco

  5. Please keep the comments pg13. I have no problem with negative comments on the blog as I appreciate every comment, but don't use foul language to make your point.

  6. @GermanD, all you sense are lies? Go back and actually read - Gevlon provides proof for his claims, and Tobold backs him up.

    I'll be honest, I stopped reading this blog as soon as I noticed the gold guide for sale. I'll take my tips elsewhere, thanks - from someone I don't have good reason to suspect wants to give me incomplete or falsified information in an attempt to get money from me.

  7. After reading your email you completely lost all my respect. You are a business man and I respect that, but that's not what I was ever reading your blogs for. I don't mind advertising, but obviously you dont' care about anything else other than making your money. I hope your site flops and you lose out on everything. Poor bastards that you scam! Good day to you and goodbye!

  8. not sure how selling a gold guide that people can refuse to willingly buy is scamming exactly? (it's not). i respect your removal of the post- thanks and i will continue to enjoy your blog!

  9. I am a business man who follows this model:

    Value giving to people free information more than getting their dollars. In the end you actually make more money.

  10. No, you are doing one of three things: undermining yourself, providing inadequate information in your blog, or ripping your readers off by selling duplicate information.

    None of which I respect. Poor business model.

  11. Congratulations Markco! You have no reason to defend yourself to these trolls. Keep up the good work, and we'll see what they have to say in another year.


  12. I understand your anger Michael and I'm sorry you feel that way.

  13. I would like to point out that I sent that email from my work account only because I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing and had signed on the wrong email address.

  14. "Create a post about gold guides and how you hate them. Give examples of guides and then at the very end start talking about my gold guide and use my blog as credibility for the guide. Perhaps you can mention that this guide is the only one you will even consider tolerating"

    - removed from favorites and never coming back

  15. Some of you may be intelligent enough to realize that gevlon planned to release my emails and was just egging me on. That is why I'm going to ignore him and move on with my blogging and my RL work.

  16. There is no problem asking other bloggers to advertise your wares. Thats business. They can accept or decline.

    What is a problem? Asking another blogger to lie on a review. Thats not advertising—thats deception; and I'm not impressed.

    When people used to ask how I got a mammoth at level 40, how I could power level every profession as soon as I hit the level requirement, I had a reply macro that said, "check out and". Sadly, only gevlon will be getting subscribers from me now.

    I liked your blog. Really did. Didn't have a problem with you selling a gold guide. But asking bloggers to lie for you? Not bright bud.

    Sorry this had to come on your 1 year.

  17. From what i can tell, you still suggested the whole 'bash gold guides then promote mine'. Also, your the one who let yourself get egged on.
    If you were stupid enough to keep emailing him(nevermind scheming in the first place) you created your own screw up, not him.
    If your emails were fine, if he published them, there would be no issue.

  18. I never asked him to lie! In the second email I explained that he was misinterpreting me and that I wanted him to honestly support my guide!

    I can't stand how evil this post of his was. It's not only a lie but it's so twisted to include my personal information in it.

  19. Congrats on your first year anniversary. Hope there are many more! On the note of the whole publicity nightmare? I can't imagine readers are actually surprised about it. Afterall, you sell a 'make gold guide' on this blog. What difference does it make that you also ask other bloggers to promote the guide?

    Anyways, warm congrats! Here's to another year of JMTC. <3

  20. Seems pretty obvious to me that you wanted him to lie.

    "Here’s how you could sell the guide and not put up a single ad: Create a post about gold guides and how you hate them. Give examples of guides and then at the very end start talking about my gold guide and use my blog as credibility for the guide. Perhaps you can mention that this guide is the only one you will even consider tolerating. Leave a link to the site with your clickbank hoplink encrypted inside of it.

    I can guarantee that if you did this you would make $500-$1000 the first day it was posted. You’d maintain your ‘street credibility’ and at the same time make some great money"

    "I don’t want you to ‘risk being caught’, I want you to honestly and truthfully advertise the guide on your blog."

    Mr Obvious says, "Hey buddy, pst. Endorse my blog. I know you are against gold guides but you could tell your readers you hate all gold guides except mine and lend your credibility to my product."

    Anybody that can read can see it for themselves. I don't begrudge you making money, but your you are lacking in ethics. I stand behind my judgement and post on this topic.

  21. Did you miss this part:

    "You completely misunderstood my email. I don’t want you to ‘risk being caught’, I want you to honestly and truthfully advertise the guide on your blog."

  22. Congratulations, and here's to many more years, Markco!

    You rock, and your site is still the best. My wife has pulled in 13K from using just a couple of ideas from your site.

    I'm personally looking forward to your ideas on Cataclysm. Can't wait.


  23. @Markco
    Nope, didn't miss it at all. I thought it was rather ironic considering your previous e-mail so I posted it and even put it in bold for everyone else to see. You see, honestly and truthfully wouldn't be stating that he hated all gold guides but he endorses yours so he can make a buck. That's crossing the lines or journalistic and business ethics. See why I found it amusing enough to highlight?

  24. My guide is nothing like what's out there currenlty. If he had taken a look at my guide then he might be able to truthfully say what I asked him to.

    I didnt' realize he would assume I wanted him to lie.

  25. You digust me.

    Removed from my blog roll.

    That is all.


  26. Grats on the 1 year, hopefully you survive the self inflicted drama (or brilliant publicity stunt, depending on your perspective). I look forward to more thought provoking wow economic content for years to come.

  27. "My guide is nothing like what's out there currenlty."

    Do you use what is posted on the forums by others as part of the guide? reworded or otherwise? I would think that crosses the line.

  28. Unfortunately, the actions of this blog's owner have caused my reputation in regards to him to drop from "Friendly" to "Hated."

    You may call it free publicity, which it is. However, I am willing to bet that there are others like myself who have stopped reading this blog because of the blog owner's actions. One is greater than none, so he cannot say that his actions have not negatively impacted his readership.

    Goodbye, JMTC.

  29. I have never used content from the forums for the gold guide. I think you would of heard of that happening by now if it were true.

  30. Markco, you sure came out of this mess looking like a fool. Not only does it look like you were groveling/begging him to link your guide, but you were also inviting him to collude with you.

    When it comes to buying gold guides - who does this anyway? I'd soon pay gold farmers to transfer gold into my cold sweaty palms before I pay money for a grinding guide that has me running around Azeroth for hours and hours.

  31. Meh. Everyone commenting here acts like they've never made a mistake.

    It's not like Gevlon hasn't posted here in a positive way, so I can imagine Markco thinking he could approach him in a friendly manner with a mutually beneficial proposal.

    Mistake made: trusting a dude who openly mocks children on his blog. I think even the Grinch would call that "crossing the line".

  32. The Grinch stole food and toys from children. Gevlon points at children and laughs at their naivete. Your point?

  33. A child can live without toys, and they can live without a meal. They bounce back pretty easily.

    The kind of mockery that I saw Gevlon post as a screenshot - to a nine year old kid - is really sick. Most adults would respond to a child with, "No" or /ignore. But to ream a kid for asking for a run... that's really sick, man. Words hit harder than a fist.

  34. Also, the Grinch had a change of heart and brought everything back. Redeemed.

    Kind of suspect there won't be a "sorry I called you a moron and a slacker, little nine year old" anytime soon.

  35. Markco, why won't you just say sorry? I'll be blunt. I've never even looked at your site until today. So my opinion of you is currently based on the emails put forth by Gevlon.

    I don't care if you want to sell gold guides. If you can make some money and still put forth good content, then good for you.

    The personal insults were actually the nail in the coffin for me. The fact that instead of apologizing, you choose to ridicule Tobold(who really had nothing to do with your personal information being available) and Gevlon is what pushed me away.

    To be honest, I would have gleaned useful information from your site despite this being what brought me there. It would have even increased your all important hit count. It's due to your poor handling of the situation that Gevlon and Tobold will continue to get visits from me daily.

    Since visitors are important to you, why don't you write a blog post detailing your traffic starting today and continuing for the next week or two. Also include Tobold and Gevlons traffic in the graph if possible.

    I look forward to this post, but I'll be surprised if you actually make it.

  36. Everyone deserves a second chance...

    Also, everyone who has a simple chance to make more money will take it, end of story. Markco good job and keep it up, although I was surprised by the email, but Gevlom was not right in what he did.

    To those "I am going to stop reading"- Stop freaking out, this has no impact on you personally, you come to this blog for gold making tips and strategies not ethics and RL business/advertisements lessons so just calm down and let it blow over.

  37. /target markco

    mistakes happen, goblin pointing it out to everyone oh well

    bet there not be anything good to read on either site for a week or so now!

  38. Markco,

    Gratz on the anniversary!

    Don't worry too much about Gevlon, since he is always out for people. Some people might find his negative attitude to anyone who doesn't fit in with his way of thinking amusing, but I don't.
    I look for info, I find it, I use it.

    Actually, Gevlon's "I'm not social and proud of it"-attitude is extremely annoying. The fact that he keeps saying it, makes me think that he WANTS attention, thus WANTS to be social.
    That doesn't mean that I don't read his blog, but I only do so for ACTUAL information and not for mockery and hate.

    With kind regards,


  39. Meh, you did make a mistake in asking him multiple times about it but i'm honestly tired of Gevlon being a pompous attitude. He made a bitch move posting your RL info.

    Ignore him and just keep doing what you're doing

  40. Whitewolf here...

    Congrats on the anniversary.

    And in case its not said enough to you, thanks for setting up and maintaining the JMTC forums.

    It's given a voice to a large number of people to share ideas, and be ...(gasp!) than any blog could ever do.

    (I'm off to hunt gypsies now...)

  41. Pro tip:

    would've = would have != would of

  42. I'm on your side of this one.

    Gevlon's blog has become pretty crappy in the last month or so.

  43. I think it would go a long way with readers if you would admit to some errors in judgement.


  45. Oh such a fun day. Im loving these posts.. here are some of my favorites excerpts.

    "Ive never been to your site before ( so I know NOTHING about you other than todays comments. ) But I read about you on Gevlons site ( so it must be gospel. ) This has given me the power to know what you really meant in your emails, because I am also psychic. I will tell you what you meant here.. ( random blah blah.. ). So there.

    Signed.. another sub-ape routiner"

    See how much fun that is?

  46. Wow, last anonymous is a real tool.

    Yes, I need to know someone personally to interpret what was meant in an email. /sarcasmoff Maybe you're that incapable of reading comprehension, but most people aren't.

    I didn't base my opinion on the comments at all. I read the emails, it left me with an impression I didn't like. Then I came here, spotted Markco's response to Gevlon before it was deleted. That left me with more of a bad impression.

    After that, all it took was me noticing that half of his blog is ads to decide it wasn't for me.

    But hey, if it floats your boat to be the anonymous guy on the internet acting like a smart ass, go for it. You successfully trolled a response out of me, so you got what you came for.

  47. Only the Ive never been here before was a reference to your post.I referenced about 3 other posts. but hey God with a capital G.. read into it what you like.

    Oh wait.. did that prove my point..


  48. Marko, God bless you. You shouldn't have to deal w/ this garbage. I love your resources, I think the guide is fantastic, and I won't let a thing about all this drama change that for me.

    What a silly notion to say not to ever buy a guide because info is available everywhere for free...

    That's about as sensible as "Don't buy books because all of the information is already on TV or the internet." And let's be realistic my "everything on the internet should be free" friends. Smart people learn how to offer great services for free, and convince their loyal base to purchase a high quality product for some income.

  49. I am not surprised by either Gevlon or tobold, one should remember them cross posting a while ago. They often bate eachother on the same day and to be honest i've always though they co-ordinate what they do.
    Anyway Markco, Ignore the crap thats flying, from a wow point of view you have provided me with more actual gold in game than anyone else and i've never even read you're guide, just you're blog.
    So i say to hell with people who FAIL at READING let alone UNDERSTANDING English and carry on the good work.
    I will not be reading Gevlons site anylonger, he should not have posted any of your personal info.

  50. WOAH everyone slow down. Stop press. Markco tried to make money? How very dare he....

  51. Your disingenuous business practices raise doubts about your motivations behind the site and the content that appears on it. Even aside from those questions, the sort of character that emerges from the posted emails is not one I want or will endorse. It's a shame that I have contributed to your user counts and page views over this last year; but no more.


  52. Gevlon just buried this guy lol!

    Plus this is the most hits/comments this fella has ever gotten. He probably thinks this is good for business.

  53. What sort of attention you getting on that "work account" e-mail then ?

    You muppet !

    I'm sure you'll get a traffic spike during this little drama, but longterm you'll loose regulars.

    This is one who is deleting you from his lists.I don't like your style.

    While I find Gevlon an arrogant ass at times, at least his posts are thought provoking.

  54. @anony above, lol you really don't get it, do you?
    Stop being stupid! thanks

  55. He has nothing to apologize for...not to me, not to Gevlon and certainly not to any of you anonymous, cowardly troll posters who have been escalating things all day.

    Go be shocked by software companies buying favorable reviews in gaming magazines by threatening to pull their ads.

    How idiotically ironic (or would that be ironically idiotic) that these morons comes to a site to find out how to make game gold and are offended by someone trying to make real money.

    I'm mean Markco hides those guide ads on the blog so well, who would suspect?

    Get off your high-horses people...(and I use the term loosely.)

    You want to take the blog and the forums off your Favorites lists? Oh god no! We'll miss your valued input. (Who the hell were you anyhow?)

    (lift leg...trot, trot, trot...)

  56. Most of you are missing the whole point everyone is upset about. It's not that fact that he tried to make money, it's the fact that he is trying to conduct shady business deals AND the fact that he pestered the guy. Anyone with common sense would be able to see that.

  57. And that gives the right to post his name and email for everyone to see! Right??

    Where some reader openly revealed even more personal information which has nothing to do with anything regarding this drama (and can/should just be kept confidential).


  58. My God! I must lack common sense.

    He "pestered" Gevlon?

    I saw selected excerpts from 2 e-mails. Do 2 e-mails constitute a full blown "pestering" nowadays? (Especially between individuals who've known each other for a year?)

    I didn't realize this was a full-blown "pestering." When will they schedule the lethal injection?

    He suggested an angle, a justification, a line of reasoning, he floated an idea....its called spin-doctoring and marketing. It's not like Gevlon hadn't sent baby goblins to the JMTC site before. So he must have at one time believed it held some valuable info. One would think (I've never read it)the guide itself would would be more of the same. Not for us old pros...but certainly for someone who wants to make their first 20k.

    The proposal is only shady to those who never get out in the real world and see the sun.

    I mean this is GEVLON we're talking about here....a guy that's gone on record for saying how lying to Morons, Socials, competitors, friends, family is a perfectly justifiable way to milk them for gold. ("Sure, we'll co-operate and sell at the same price"...log onto alt....repost 5g lower....)

    And without benefit of the entire text of the e-mails, Gevlon's use of only selected parts allows him to manipulate the message making it about as trustworthy as FOX News. (Geez...Gevlon manipulating text to support his own arguements...why does that sound so familiar?)

    You know what, I'd almost be willing to concede that its because English isn't his native language (at least I hope its not) that Gevlon read the "offending" lines so literally.

    The real issue I have is that he's done nothing to remove Markco's personal information in either the article or in the comments section. That's what crosses the line and makes him the real slimeball in all of this.

    Leaving that info posted has led to cyber-harassment. To level the playing field, why don't all you trolls go track down Gevlon's real info? I'm sure he wouldn't mind his own real life name , address, employer and relatives known for all the world to see.

  59. If everyone would just properly read Whitewolf's post.
    Spot on dude.

  60. I nominate Whitewolf's last comment as post of the month.

    Grats on one year, Markco.

  61. "...and certainly not to any of you anonymous..."

    And what separates you from the world of anonymity, Whitewolf? You are as anonymous as anyone else.

  62. AMIRITE?

  63. The whole flap over MY supposed identity should have demonstrated clearly how flimsy an online identity really is.

  64. Forreststump said...

    ""...and certainly not to any of you anonymous..."

    And what separates you from the world of anonymity, Whitewolf? You are as anonymous as anyone else."

    Great attempt to alter the topic under discussion by quoting half my sentence to suit your own agenda. Thank you for illustating my point about manipulation better than I ever could.

    And if anyone wants clarification as to whether a comment with my name on it in a blog comment section was actually written by me, they can ask me in the JMTC forums and I'll be glad to confirm or deny it.

  65. "Thank you for illustating my point about manipulation better than I ever could."

    You're welcome.

    I'm really not tryng to incite a secondary argument, but something about specifically adding the adjectives "anonymous" and "cowardly" stood out in my brain like a fiery beacon, begging for attention. Plain old "troll poster" would have made the point clearly. But I (as you said) continue to digress, so I will terminate my rambling, and bid you, "Good Day!"

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