Suggestion Box Friday (11/13/09)

This is your day to be heard. You can talk about anything related to world of warcraft, so go nuts :) !

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Gold Guide Announcement

I have been making some serious changes to my gold guide, including dropping the price down to $27.00 for the holidays and adding a super secret gold making tip so powerful that it has made me 600% of my investment every day that I've tested it. Several minor updates were made for patch notes and changes to certain strategies as well.

Your Comments of the Week

Regarding How to Deal with Undercutters

I use to make gold with the 100+hp twink enchant, the mats are 2 X Small Brilliant Shard and the price per shard is about 1-2g/each on my server, still I manage to sell the enchant for ~70g, and I sell several each week. By simply buying out all of the shards, so I deny all my competition. I totally agree with Daxenos that buying out all the netherweave cloth would be the greatest strategy, if the mats are gone the competition will be gone soon tooGood luck

Regarding Endless Rage and Frost Wyrm Alchemist Spreadsheet
Zeran said...

I agree with you honors, but you have to think about the numbers. Even if tanks (I know I am) are twice as likely to flask as dpsers, there is a minimum of 2.5 dps per tank (using a 2tank 3healer 5dps setup) the ratio gets worse as you look at 25man raids (I've never seen more than 4 tanks in a 25man, but even if you had 5 and 5 healers you still have 3 dps per tank). Thus, while I wouldn't overlook stone blood, dps flasks will sell better.

Regarding Auction House Tycoon Gold Strategies
goth said...

I agree with you views on the auction house. While I myself don't feel that I have reached tycoon status, it is the next logical step to breaking into triple figures. I pay close attention to some of the big tymers on forums, but still feel it takes much longer for me to learn a new market. I am more the type that tries to hammer a square peg into a round hole until it finally dawns on me to try a different approach.Hopefully, they will open up the mail system for player characters on both factions. Right now it is a major pain to get good across factions, plus the fees are a killer.


Will saronite bars rise in value with the removal of the titanium cooldown? Will titanium bar prices fall as the saronite bar prices rise? Is it worthwhile to start buying saronite bars at the current price and then sell titanium one week after the patch lower than everyone else?

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  1. Saronite bars on my server hover around 30g a stack currently. They can't get much lower as it is, so I've begun stocking up. If they remain the same, no problem, I'll use them. If they go up, profit!

    I think it's a sure thing titanium bars will drop in price. Titanium ore probably will as well, but to a much lesser degree.

  2. I have all of my bank tabs filled and ready for the patch...

    25-28G per stack to sell for
    12-15G per bar.

    Almost double my money... i have enough Saronite to make 300 titanium bars...

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