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Will new glyphs that require snowfall inks in the next patch drive the price of snowfall inks back up to what they were a few months ago? Will the item level 200 trinkets (aka greatness) still hold enough market value to keep people buying snowfalls? Something to think about as many people have stopped producing the cards all together.

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  1. I am almost completly sure that greatness cards will keep their value. There's no reason they wouldn't. Sure, there are some new ilvl 232 trinkets from 5-mans but they aren't very good for their level. I wont craft any new decks until I know for sure that the stats wont change though.

  2. Where can I find some information about these new glyphs requiring snowfall ink? I don't recall seeing that yet.

  3. Ya, call me crazy, but I don't see anything about glyphs requiring snowfall ink either. I've been keeping a pretty close look on news and went back to look at the 3.3 PTR patch notes to see if I missed this, but I see nothing:

  4. It's a possible route they will take with new glyphs. Was discussed a few weeks ago but not yet implemented.

    Probably won't be in 3.3 but most likely the next patch unless they scrap the idea.

  5. The snowfall ink for new glyphs was a bug.

    The 5 man trinkets will definitely make snowfall drop, i would say at least 50%. There are too many easy ways to get trinkets as good as greatness now.

  6. At this point it is really had to say what the market will do simply because Greatness remains a valid/desired trinket even in very high levels of gearing. I see quite a few Rogues in BiS gear that continue to use Greatness simply because the proc is just so good.

    It will prove interesting to see how the market fluctuates to account for the ilvl 232 trinkets being dropped in 5 mans.

  7. What ever happened to the gold contest you were going to do a long time ago?

  8. Lately just farming rugged
    leather and thorium in winter north of org. Can't think of the cause I am at the bar on vacation

  9. Greatness decks are still in high demand.

    Seeing as how we are still 3+ weeks from the patch and the Darkmoon faire is coming around again on December 6th I'd say continue making cards but expect the price to drop after 3.3 hits.

    After 3.3 we can see what the impact is on the market, truth is people use Greatness cards as a way to get instant gear for gold without having to cross their fingers for a drop. so the deck may still hold value in this regard but drop in price from lower demand.

  10. While Greatness may be superseded by other trinkets for some classes as the BiS item, it remains a quick, easy-to-buy stat improvement for new lvl 80 alts.

    Overall demand will drop. While I no longer expect to sell a few a week, I do expect to be able to sell a few each month.

    The price will drop if scribes keep producing cards in the same quantities as they've done over the last year.

    Since the mats cost will remain relatively constant and since deck production is dependent on luck and also since there are now other ways to use snowfall inks such as buff scrolls, I see most scribes reducing their card output in the near future.

    This may serve to keep the value of the trinket stable.

  11. The way I see it, snowfall inks as well as cards will remain the same or jump back to the prices they were a few weeks ago (on my server they dropped in price the past week or two). The reason for this is because casuals who don't have access to heroic raiding gear have in their minds that there will be easy to acquire, but very good trinkets in 3.3.

    I've looked at those trinkets and they are still not better than greatness. With high expectations of new gear, the price of greatness has dropped with the nearing of release of 3.3, making it less desired by these casuals. When 3.3 goes live, people will see the new trinkets are not better than greatness and the demand for snowfalls and cards increases, which should increase market prices accordingly.

    This is what happened with release of 3.2 as well.

  12. My gold making advice:

    DO NOT go into the Dream Shard market.

    It seemed appealing enough on my server, with shards in low supply (or so I thought...there weren't many on the AH when I decided to make my move) and prices around 30g each and material costs from 15-20g, depending on how the shards were obtained (I tried dirks and rings). At first it was fine- there were not many major competitors in the market- but after a while the prices took a steep dive to below 20g. The posters were mostly people fresh out of heroics posting a shard or two. You wouldn't think it would have much impact, but there were so many of these people, many of which undercutting at more than 1g a time, that if nobody bought many shards for an hour the price could nearly halve itself. I was stupidly enticed into buying out the lower priced shards, but because they were flowing in so rapidly my stock never decreased and I didn't really profit at all.

    So my suggestion- don't go into this market full-throttle. Maybe 10 shards here or there for some quick cash, but it is close to impossible to move three-figures worth of shards on a realm that's not very low population.

    Cheers, happy Thanksgiving (err..Black Friday now...), and happy gold-making!

  13. Hey Marko, I've read the blog for awhile but never felt the need to comment on anything so far. I have a question though, I have about 20-25 stacks of frostweave cloth sitting in my bank right now. I was wondering if I should sell them before cataclysm drops, or after? I have no clue whether frostweave will be a repeat of netherweave, with the prices rising, or if they will be worthless because people leveling their alts will have enough drop as they level.

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