Suggestion Box Friday (11/20/09)

Suggestion Box Friday is when I, the gold making guru, step down from my saronite plated frozen thrown (what else are you supposed to do with all that extra saronite anyay?) and allow you, the loveable auction house amateurs take a stab at making heads or tails of wow economics.

Feel free to discuss anything gold related, here are the comments of the week:

Regarding Vendoring Saronite Bars
Jeff said...
Stacks of green WotlK gems have been selling for 2g on my server. :-) Cut and sell for 5g, more if you get perfect cuts....

Regarding Titanium Bars vs Saronite Bars after Patch 3.3
Mus1k said...
I concur with Euripides mostly. I'd stack couple of tabs of saronite ore just in case, but won't be hasty to convert it to bars even, so that i can prospect em, if titanium hits the ground.
More interesting question is: how will the price affect the ore price. One would think that the ore price must fall accordingly, but i feel it will not be the case for a while after the patch hits.

Discussion: Patch 3.3 2 weeks... 4 weeks.. 2 months away? What are your thoughts? I'm betting on 3-5 weeks with the arena season ending about 2 weeks after.

15 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (11/20/09)"

  1. I don't know when the patch will be released, but I'll be ready for it Monday night .

  2. I'm pretty sure the green wotlk gems sell for 50s when they're cut, not 5g.

  3. Adamantite ore has really gone scarce on my server...Prospecting adam ore been really good lately.

  4. @ second Anon

    yeah you're right, uncommon cut wotlk gems sell for 50s, if you happen to get a perfect one they vendor for 1g

  5. R U Serious about Dec. 1?

    I thought it would be a longer waite then that...


  6. My money is on December. Some people already have their background downloader going so the time is coming. Dont think it will this tuesday because of Thanksgiving. So sell all your orbs before they drop down. What does the magic guru Markco think?

  7. I think it depends on if we get the whole patch know or only piece one.

    The patch is 480 mb which is a little bit small for icecrown.

    2.4, the pre wotlk patch, was over 1 gb.

    I expected 3.3 to be around 600-700 mn like the ulduar one.

    Then again, the ptr is up for quite some time. AFAIK, it was never up for more than 5 weeks.

  8. New epic ammo coming out. If you are an engineer, or have an engineer friend make the new ammo. It takes 2 crystallized shadow for the arrows and 2 crystallized earth for the bullets. IMO you'll see over 500% profit if you buy the crystallized mats now.

  9. rumors have patch at 3 downloads.

    the one you got in the background this week was probably graphics, environment, surroundings, art stuff. smallest stuff first. in size and importance.

    my money is on Dec 8.

  10. I think it will be the week that school gets out for kids...

    for the holiday myself..

    More downloads in short order...
    so... maybe the 8th is a good guess...

  11. My buddy who works for Blizzard says Dec 8th.

  12. My buddy who works for Blizzard says your buddy doesn't work there.

  13. mmo-champion suggest it will be a month away, atleast, but i cant see it coming before christmas, its a big holiday

  14. LOL @ debussy

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