Suggestion Box Friday (11/6/09)

Suggestion box friday is your chance to be the blog author. It's when I, the money making guru of glorious gold stacking glory descends from my frozen, saronite plated throne for a short time in order to provide you, the loveable rank amateur, a chance to try your luck at making heads or tails out of the living beast we call the auction house.

In short: You can basically write about anything you want, and I sort of take the day off to go get smashed on kungaloosh.

Comments of the Week

Regarding Two Manning Flame Leviathan for Gold

Thomas said...
Doomwalker can also be two manned (even soloed according to wowhead comments) and drops even more gold as well as level 70 BoE epics (which, granted, doesn't sell for all that much anymore)

Regarding Winter Veil Coming Soon

Deborah said...
Agreed. The holiday market is, at times, amazing. I sold much more ice cold milk and simple flour than I thought I would in the past 2 days. But the reason why is so obvious that it is easy to miss: no vendors in dalaran sell these items. Or they sell just one, I can't remember which now. Being a mage, I can port willynilly to get what I want (hint: exodar) and be back again quickly. Except when the bug for the bread of dead existed and it all went poof* when you ported.

In any case, don't underestimate the power of small items. And since these are such cheap investments, you can undercut way down to the quick. Also - if you end up with excess supply, keep it until the next holiday. Odds are that there is some item that will use them.

4 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (11/6/09)"

  1. In Dalaran there isn't really an AH for most people. And wherever an AH is, there you can also buy milk.

  2. markco, i always knew you were a lush but that doesn't explain your tolerance to the roofies i gave you... e.e


    oh but the topic at hand, it never hurts if you find yourself bored to farm up items that are needed for holidays, some of which are ridiculously easy with very high drop rates...

    but i can see how you can make gobs of gold reselling simple flour and ice cold milks on the ah during the holiday

    most people are lazy and arent going to run around to buy an item they havent used in a while

    people going for achievements as quickly as possible are probably more willing to shell out 1g for an ice cold milk than to go to a vendor

  3. @ Jels

    Alot of people don't even know where to get the items sometimes...

  4. I'm a fairly new AH player (and recently returned from a break since tbc), but I've entered it with time and gold to spend, research (thank you), many maxed tradeskills, so it has not been fruitless so far. However, I have a few suggestions, or at least things I have been dealing with.

    First of all, gold farmers are no longer just mages blasting away somewhere or gatherers poofing into existance right next to a herb: they are in the auction house. I don't know how it is on your server, I have not read about it here or on other similar gold blogs, but on my server there are 'gold sellers' active in the auction house, looks like two shifts, around 9am to 2am you will get undercut within 2 mins on whatever they are selling. So even on 4.5g vendorvalue blue gems (with high deposits). They will relist and relist automatically, probably with QA2 or w/e. I'm finding it really hard to deal with this, I can't compete because I don't have 20 hours/day to spend, so I can either list real cheap (which they will undercut but at least I cut into their profit and maybe make them lose their stock, even though that is unlikely with certain items like blue gems or scrolls or anything you can produce). Or I can find things they aren't selling, but this isn't very practical nor safe. Or I can abandon the auction house and try trade instead. Anyway, why aren't I hearing more about this problem? Isn't this a universal thing?

    Secondly, unfortunately I did not receive warning from your blog about the infinite dust change. Suddenly I noticed my jc/bs chanting mats crafts producing more dust and I had to adapt quickly. Luckily I did not have a lot of dust in my banks but it did have a big impact on my little 'industry' overall, prices on dust took a very big dip. This could have had a bad impact on people that were saving chanting mats for 3.3 as suggested. Any retrospective views on this?

    If I seem critical please don't take offense, I very much enjoy reading your blog.

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