Turkey Time! Price Changes on Auction House

A handful of items are going to see their values plummet during the thanksgiving turkey events:

Netherweave Cloth, Large Prismatic Shards, Ancient Lichen, and Adamantite ore.

These items drop in the instance Sethek Halls and it's part of the pilgrim's plight achievements to kill the final boss wearing the proper attire.

Keep an eye out for netherweave dropping as well as netherweave bags this week. Large prismatic shards aren't used that much but you should still look to flip them for moderate returns after the holidays. The ancient lichen and adamantite ore are not in very high demand but if the prices get low enough look to pick them up and flip just like the prismatic shards.

Drink too much, eat too much, and enjoy your time with your families!

7 comments: on "Turkey Time! Price Changes on Auction House"

  1. Use the cheaper Large Prismatic Shards and make some Mongoose enchants for a nice profit. The Scroll of Enchant Weapon - Mongoose goes for around 500g on my server.

  2. Don't overestomate the effect either, prices will drop, but only by a little.

    Two level 80's can clear it without any problems, so team up and charge other people for the run. Just make sure you have a rezzer with you for the unfortunate lowbie that happens to run to it's doom.

  3. Don't forget the people who are frantically trying to level their cooking to 330 for the achivement this week. Almost any kind of meat you can cook will sell at an obscene price. Small eggs stack - 50g.

    Also people will pay to not have to go to Tedrasill for the sweet potato, bring to Stormwind and sell. Easy money.

  4. make spiced bread. it uses 1 flur and one medium spice and sells for 2g a piece easy. for about 10c worth of mats. You can even get away with selling the mats for about 1g each.

    Made about 150g from this in the first couple of hours. Theres a lot of running around in the acheivement quests and high levels wont want to waste time and see nothing about splashing cash at ah.

  5. I found that there seems to be an opportunity for eggs, it seems the pilgrim recipe set has people thinking they need to level cooking to do the quests. of course the quests are basiclly an opportunity to power level your cooking to 300 for like 2 gp, but the missconception has created a run on eggs for some and I am selling at 2.50 each right now.

  6. Unfortunately this has killed the cooking market on my server. People have clued into the fact that they can level their cooking up to 300-350 without doing a lot of running around and buying expensive mats.

    Also, foods like Fish Feast and Snapper that normally sell well have tanked thanks to the cheap stats food that people have been cooking. Hopefully that market will come back in a couple of weeks once all this food disappears, but with all the new Chefs running around making their own food, who knows what the market will end up stabilizing at.

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