Two Manning Flame Leviathon for Easy Gold

This tip comes from Ashe, one of my favorite youtube gold making artists!

Hey again Markco!

Just thought I'd make a quick email about something I like to complete each week. This is not a new idea but I imagine a few people might not know about it.

Two manning Flame Leviathan in Ulduar 10 can be great fun and provide some real benefits. You usually receive around 150 gold as well as two epic ilevel 219 items that can be disenchanted. If you are an engineer the profit is even greater as you can disassemble the boss for extra items.

I have made a very quick youtube video showing how I two man the boss and I hope this cold be useful for some of you:

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  1. that's just brilliant :D

  2. Fyi.. This is actually a bannable offense to blizzard. Their reasoning makes no sense as they claim its an exploit to game mechanics but be aware people have been banned for this in the past.

  3. Glad someone mentioned this. The bannable offense is actually if you use 2 demolishers and stay in opposite corners of the room and kite him back and forth, meaning flame leviathan can never touch you.

    I actually advertised this video on the EU forums when I first made it ^^


  4. Doomwalker can also be two manned (even soloed according to wowhead comments) and drops even more gold as well as level 70 BoE epics (which, granted, doesn't sell for all that much anymore)

  5. But how do you get there with just two people without it taking forever?

  6. How do you take down the towers with only 2 people? We've managed to take down 1 tower as a gunner and driver, but see seem to fail on any other towers doing the same strat or in different rides too.

  7. Just a matter of trial and error really, always make sure to keep pyrite levels up to use against the bigger mobs.

    The gunner needs to be aware of aerial mobs as they can cause a lot of damage and the driver needs to be aware of how many mobs he is taking on and just work through it.

  8. As far as I recall, "undermanning FL = bannable offense" myth started when a certain guild claimed that they have killed him by placing demolishers in the corners, while he drives back and forth.

    Of course, it turned out that they have actually kited him outside the fight area (which was clearly an exploit, and has been hotfixed since then).

  9. Argh. The video has been removed. Anyone has a clue of where to find it?

  10. Damageomatic - Bronzebeard Allies said... August 30, 2011 at 10:26 AM

    Guys This only Works at level 85 as the tanks and demolishers scale based on you Item level so with my gear I have 3.6mil health and hit 100ks or more on flame lev.

    Hope this Helps some people

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