Upgraded Saronite Shuffle

Some of you may not know what the Saronite Shuffle is, well in lay mans terms, it's the process of prospecting saronite ore, creating necks/rings, and disenchanting said rings or doing other things with the gems to make gold.

The game was recently patched (around two weeks ago) so that infinite dusts now drop around 1 more on average from level 71-80 greens. This greatly increased the value of greens for disenchanting, especially crafted greens.

Check out A Gnome's Conquest for this article on the Upgraded Saronite Shuffle to learn more.

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  1. Unfortunately the price of Infinite Dust plummeted to the point that it balances out, if not actually have less of a profit margin.

    At least this is what I noticed on my server. Infinite dust has gone from 4g25s each to around 1g50s each.

  2. ezMooks
    The dust went down, but it will go back up because saronite is about to become expensive.
    I bought about 500+ stacks of underpriced dust the past 2 weeks and I'm buying as much saronite as I can, but saronite prices are already jumping to 18g/stack. dust is still cheap, which is good for me.

  3. i hope you guys are right about saronite ore after 3.3 patch...i just picked up a ton of it on azshara server. Thanks

  4. I noticed that the Saronite shuffle was yielding more dust. For once, my guildlings are going "holy crap that's a lot of dust" when looking at our gem / enchanting mats tab.

  5. Okay so i bought 100+ stacks of Saronite (god prospecting will suck). What should i do with it i have access to a 450 JC with not a ton of cuts and a 450 miner in case i need to cut and run (i got it at 12g / stack so its all good. Silly botters) Any advice? Infinite dust is 2.5g and Essences are 18g

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