Vendoring Saronite Bars

One of my favorite ways to make gold is by simply buying items people posted on the ah below the price that a vendor is willing to pay for it. Upon purchasing these items I either use them in one of my professions or simply vendor for usually a small profit. One item I consistently see falling below market value is Saronite Bars. Eventhough blizzard included a small tooltip which tells someone how much the item vendors for on mouse over, people still post below vendor value.

The vendor value of Saronite Bars is 1 gold 25 silver per.

I have probably bought and vendored thousands of saronite bars over the course of a month, each one netting as little as 3 silver or as much as 75 silver per. What's more, I often find these get sold in stacks of 20 when they are below vendor price so it makes for some nice profits.

Are there any items that you often find below vendor value?

Some vendor items which auctioneer confuses for being worth more than they actually are:

Fish feasts, corpse dust, and fel hides. Watch out for these!

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  1. Same goes for stacks of saronite ore selling below 12G 50S , just melt them into bars and vendor them for profit. Made me an easy 50G while AFK

  2. Outland gems consistently sell on ah less than vendor.
    Especially Living Ruby on ah sells every day at 2.5g and vendors at 3.

  3. I talked to some farmers to ask them why they sell below vendor price, the answer is that Blizzard checks accounts which vendor Saronite bars, since they are typically farmer accounts and ban them if that is the case.

  4. Store these bars till 3.3 hits and decide then if you're going to vendor, transmute or relist them.

    There's no rush.

  5. Netherweave Cloth less than 3g = turn into bandages and vendor

  6. Stacks of green WotlK gems have been selling for 2g on my server. :-) Cut and sell for 5g, more if you get perfect cuts....

  7. Saronite bars, icy dragonscales, BC gems....these are just a few I see all the time.

  8. I still get stacks of Aronite Bars for 23.5G all the time...

    I also get Herbs for Dirt prices durring the first days of the week...

    I made 400 Pots last night and made 45G+ just making them and vendoring them...

  9. As usual, this is worthless information.

    Why would you ever vendor bars or ore when the prospecting / disenchanting / resale in stacks of 5, will gain much more profit than vending ever will....

  10. @Above anon
    The title was controversial to pique your interest, not to tell you that it is the only way to make gold. If you would care to understand the idea of it, you might just make some gold.

    Another point is if the markets are saturated and your bank's full to the brim, simply vendoring them might actually benefit you in more ways than just getting you some easy gold. You will also make sure that other items further down the line stays higher, since there isn't as much supply.
    Don't ruin your niche markets, balance them and care for them instead;)

  11. Is vending more profitable than making them into deadly saronite dirks and sharding them for dream shards?

    The vendor price cost per mats for a dirk are 8.87g. On my server a dream shard goes for about 20g each.

    The eternal air can be costly, it sits at about 16g each on my server but I have a healthy collection (30) from my random sporadic mining trips.

  12. i have enough Saronite bars to make 285 Titanium bars af of last night... (might have a few more after i check my mail)

    I have a farmer that is going to but the whole lot from me...

    easy 2K Gold...

  13. When saronite ore prices first crashed down on my server, I bought hundreds of stacks just to smelt and vendor them. Eventually the botfarmers left, and I ended up selling just over 11,000 bars to the vendors in just one month. The few thousand gold I spent ("lost") was more than the made up by being able to maintain higher prices on gems and dust.

    I watched markets on other servers crash and burn from the botfarmer oversupply, even though the high vendor price would have made it relatively painless for a group of players to simply dispose of the surplus.

  14. @ Jeff

    wow im jealous i wish they sold for that much on my server

    i am half tempted to give markco competition and buy cheap saronite bars/ore to xmute into titanium, guess we'll see

  15. Diamond-cut Refractor Scope sell for about 3g buyout and on average 1.5g bid each and nobody bids on them so i bid and win or if i don't feel like waiting just buy out and vendor them, i think it's 4.5g they vendor for but I'm not entirely sure. All i know is a make a profit off of them.

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