Winter Veil Coming Soon

I'm heading back home today and am looking forward to see how the scavenger hunt went last friday. Were you guys stuck on any of them? Now's your chance to finish it up!

There are a few major part to Winter's Veil which you can make money off of if you start preparing now.

Winter Squid

Catchable in Hinterlands, Azshara, Tanaris and Feralas.

As pointed out in a comment here:
September , October , November -> winter squid and summer bass
December , January , February -> winter squid only

Here's an interesting point:
June, July ,August -> summer bass only

So if you're patient you may want to sell your winter squid during the summer for some low supply, medium demand for cooking/fishing achievements.

Small Eggs - Zach wrote:

"Hello Markco, with the holidays fast approaching, I figured it might be a good time to remind everyone of the profit that can be made from small eggs. Once winter veil hits, those who still need achievements will pay decent sums of gold for these easily obtained items. The best place I have found to collect them is the dragonhawks in the blood elf starting area."

Tailoring Patterns - Tiffany wrote:

"Wool cloth: For hordies just head to Silvermoon. The tailor's shop in the Bazaar sells not only wool bits of cloth for a couple of silver, but also bolts of wool cloth that will be a hot commodity in about a month when tailors start making winter clothes and leather workers start making winter boots. The cloth needs to come somewhere so grab the bolts and bits of cloth wherever you can find it and stock up fast. I have an alt camped at the tailor shop and nearly every time I log on I end up with 4-9 pieces of wool cloth and sometimes 2-3 bolts of wool for a few silver each. So worth it when the cloth goes for 90s or so a pop (each) on my server."

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  1. The gold I made during the first 24h of the winter veil gave me my epic flyer. Ice Cold milk, Gingerbread Cookies and alot small eggs gave me around 4500gold. With about 2h work. The market was never the same after that tho, so have large supplies and be ready

  2. Agreed. The holiday market is, at times, amazing. I sold much more ice cold milk and simple flour than I thought I would in the past 2 days. But the reason why is so obvious that it is easy to miss: no vendors in dalaran sell these items. Or they sell just one, I can't remember which now. Being a mage, I can port willynilly to get what I want (hint: exodar) and be back again quickly. Except when the bug for the bread of dead existed and it all went poof* when you ported.

    In any case, don't underestimate the power of small items. And since these are such cheap investments, you can undercut way down to the quick. Also - if you end up with excess supply, keep it until the next holiday. Odds are that there is some item that will use them.

  3. I already have the pattern for winter boots on my leather worker. Is it worth crafting some now and trying to sell them on the auction house for profit? Or should I save the materials for the event and sell them to other leatherworkers?

  4. I was pretty new to the game last winter and I remember most of these but not the Winter Squid, what are those used for? WoWhead didn't seem to have any information on it...

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