10 Things You Should Know About Patch 3.3 Analysis

Patch 3.3 Analysis from Just My Two Copper

What's going to happen in 3.3? I'm sure it's on everyone's minds. If you've been checking the JMTC forums then you are aware of several major item changes that will affect the game and making gold in wow.

1. Saronite Bar -> Titanium Bar Transmute Cooldown Lifted

This has sent buyers running to grab up all the Saronite Bars and Ore that they can find in anticipation for transmuting them into titanium bars. What will this do? Decrease the value of titanium bars and all the items made from them, as well as increase the value of saronite bars. Saronite ore will also be affected and this will greatly damage the profitability of the 'Saronite Shuffle.' Infinite dusts being made more readily thanks to a recent hotfix will also help to ruin the profitability of this method. Will it still exist after 3.3? Probably, but it will not be as profitable.

2. Heavy Borean Leather to Arctic Furs

Arctic furs and 10 heavy borean leather are going to even out to the same price.

3. Rare/Epic Gems going up in value along with other with upgrades

People are going to be upgrading at an insane pace thanks to the 5 mans. Not to mention the fact that t9 will also be available for triumph badges and 5 mans will drop it. Getting 25 arena points for the daily bg will help people upgrade somewhat faster as well. Leg enchants, enchanted vellums, titanium ore and spellthreads should see huge price increases for the first few weeks of the patch.

4. Raid Consumables

The more top end raiding guilds you have the better this market will be on your server. Everything from flasks to potions to elixirs to fish feasts will fly off the proverbial auction house shelves.

5. Snowfall Ink Glyphs

Two new glyphs are appearing which cost snowfall ink. Expect the price to rise on your server for these inks. I predict that it will increase even more so than the week of a darkmoon faire.

6. Pygmy Suckerfish Flood Incoming

With the emphasis on fishing and leveling fishing thanks to the new fishing competition expect pygmy suckerfish to flood the auction house. Definitely look for some great deals on turning these into pygmy oils for resale directly or indirectly as potions.

7. Disenchanting Option

Disenchanting option is equal to greed. If you roll a 90 on De and someone with greed rolls an 89 you will win the item in disenchanted form.

8. Random Dungeon

People will run WAY more dungeons thanks to this new tool. Get ready for enchanting mats to drop like a rock with this new option. People will que for dungeons the way they que for battlegrounds, resulting in far more runs and the incentives to try this new tool will have everyone doing it.

9. BOA Shoulder Enchants

Say goodbye to what was left of the Relics of Ulduar market.

10. New Leveling Rings

Say goodbye to the amazing profits of selling low level bis rings. Look into disenchanting if the mats for these rings plumet.

For a second opinion on Patch 3.3 Analysis here is Mark from Wowzer Gold

Hello my name is Mark(not Markco :)) aka The Wowzer and this is what I have done to prepare for Patch 3.3. The obvious ones have been stocking up on Heavy Borean Leather and Borean Leather for the Arctic Fur Exchange and Saronite Bar for the Titanium Bar Cooldown removal. The not so Obvious one are stocking up on things like Pygmy Oil, Flasks, Frost Lotus, Eternal Life, Lichbloom, Goldclover, Tiger Lily and Icethorn, and that's just for One Profession. Other mats are Rare and Epic Wrath gems, Infinite Dust and Abyss Crystals, Glyphs Galore and Nobles cards. Yes, I Don't Believe the new DPS trinket that drops from the new 3-Part 5man is that much more desirably and you could always have both. I predicted the 15th for the drop of 3.3 but am quite happy to be wrong and for it to drop this Tuesday/Wednesday as the Darkmoon Faire is in Elwyn Forest that week (Yup I'm Alliance). Last but not least, Eternal Earth and Shadow for the new ammo as they will take 2 Crystalized of each for a stack of the new ammo. Massive Thanks to Marco for the guest post and all his help.

What do you think will happen after Patch 3.3 hits? What have you done to prepare? Comment!

18 comments: on "10 Things You Should Know About Patch 3.3 Analysis"

  1. Great Write Up! and so early on a cold monday...

    I am trying to figure the break point between saronite/titanium..
    right now a bar of titanium easily sells for 28g and can go to 40g on a weekend on azshara server..
    but saronite is still 13g a stack..
    so 8x1.25=10g...
    So I should be buying all Saronite on server at 13g a stack is my question?

  2. Eternal Shadow and Eternal Earth may also see a rise in prices thanks to the new ammunition plans that are getting released with the patch.

  3. I am very interested in the saronite/titanium deal..
    I wonder where it will settle...cause on the azshara server there is limitless saronite ore stacks at 13g and titanium bars sell between 30g and 40g depending on the day...

  4. This should be a profitable patch for making gold and hopefully all of you speculations end up colored in gold. Thanks for all the great tips Markco - welcome Mark!

    Enchanters Beg for Mercy?

  5. Interesting things happen when patches hit. Because Emblems of Triumph will be such a common drop, people will be upgrading their head, leg, hand, chest and shoulders more quickly now. This will probably mean a small surge in the enchanting/gemming shortly after 3.3's launch. Players already geared higher than the tier 9 floor(What will become a floor, that is) will still need access to epic gem cuts and enchanting materials in order to gear up further.

    Popular cut gems will probably sell quickly on the AH, leaving more room for some profit for the diligent JC. This surge of sales will be temporary, so take advantage of it sooner rather than later.

    Enchanting materials could do anything. The new random dungeon system combined with the public DE option(Yes, I say public because I don't think the enchanters have a choice in the matter if they're present), we'll probably see a small boost in enchantment material sales from the surge of newly geared players and veteran players going further, followed by a downward slope as the materials become rapidly more available to everyone who groups with an enchanter the further we get into 3.3. LW and Tailor leg enchancements will see a similar effect.

    Saronite -> Titanium transmutes could either wreck one or bolster one of the two products. The only certain thing is that there's not a whole lot of people who agree what will happen to the two once the cooldown vanishes. My unprofessional opinion makes me think that Saronite's practically vendor worthy sales might shift to something more profitable while Titanium bars will drop in value. I don't see much happening with the ore sales of either metal, but I've never actually seen anything like this happen in the past.

  6. I went looking for the new glyphs on the PTR build 10958 (Tagged as "PTR-Release")

    The new glyphs do -not- cost Snowfall ink at this current time, instead two of them cost Ink of the Sea and one costs Ethereal Ink respectively

    I doubt this will change which is a shame since I have built up quite an alarming amount of Snowfall ink (I would say 200 stacks now) and it is selling slower than I am collecting it.

  7. With the price increase of saronite combined with the normal need for enchanting mats and so on I do think infinite dust will be profitable for a while after the patch with a few drops when people get the gear for the part of the instance that is released.

  8. I'm stock full of saronite ore. I purchased 1000 ore @ 13g a stack. It's ALMOST a no risk transaction. If saronite and titanium both become worthless I could atleast recoupe most of cost at the vendor w/ sarnoite bars. I'm most likely going to prospect the ore if it comes to that though.....

  9. I must have missed something somewhere...but, BOA shoulder enchants? Can someone fill me in on this?

  10. I don't see anything anywhere about BOA shoulder enchants...could someone please explain?

  11. Sons of Hodir shoulder enchants are now BoA instead of BoP.

  12. Shoulder enchants are available for BoA gear through a rep grind with the Zul Grub faction; the name escapes me right now. I don't know what Blizzard is doing now thou as I havn't seen anything regarding a change to this....

  13. Why are they trying to ruin the Saronite Shuffle? I mean, SHEESH! I suppose I'll just have to figure out flipping.

    le sigh

  14. I wouldn't give up on the saronite shuffle just yet. If saronite prices rise a couple of gold, then that will suck, but remember that, at least temporarily, you're going to be getting an increased profit from your dusts, essences, and gems that you get from the ore. I would be surprised if avg. profits went up 10g/stack on saronite.

  15. http://felfire.com/guide/patch-3-3-gold-tip/

    Do you have another blog? Because that's a copy/paste to me.

  16. Thank you! I'll have to have a word with felfire.

  17. Soopacranky, xavius said... December 8, 2009 at 10:47 AM

    Hey, i was wondering if its any use buying cheap boe epics, and resell them after 3.3? or will we see a change in boe epic prices as a follower from the new lfg system and more available hc's .

  18. My prediction is that relics of ulduar demand will actually go up for a bit, then plummet. HOWEVER. Prices will be about teh same; 1g per each. Its just like anything else that becomes obsolete, it will just disappear from the AH, and the price may actually go up.

    But yeah I think i will finally buy some relics and get exalted on a few toons now. Up until this point it wasn't really worth it to grind for so long.

    I think the other stuff will come true though.

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