10 Ways to Boost the Efficiency of Your Wow Account

Do you feel that your current class/spec/profession setup for your wow account is not good enough for making lots of wow gold efficiently? Here are 10 ways to boost the efficiency of your wow account:

1. Make 10 level 80's.

2. Max out each profession on your characters, except only get one character to max fishing/cooking.

3. Get first aid on all your characters.

4. Get atleast entry level epics. Either purchasable via the auction house or honor/badge gear.

5. Have all professions covered between your characters.

6. Your farming characters should be paladins or deathknights for the speed aura. Getting gladiator on top of that is really fun (or any other 310% speed mount).

7. You should have a paladin or mage for aoe killing.

8. Have at least one pure dps class that can farm forever, ie dps prot warrior (shameless plug for markco), dps prot pally, bm hunter, affliction warlock, rogue, shadow priest, etc.

9. Have multiple guild banks for storing your business crap.

10. Have all boa chests and shoulders for maxing out your leveling speed for all your characters.

For the comments section what is your ideal setup of 10 characters for making easy wow gold? Include transmutes/dailies/etc.

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  1. Currently using this setup
    Rogue: Eng/ Mining
    DK: Herbs/ Skinning
    Lock: Inscription/ Jewelcrafting
    Shammy: Leathering/ Alchemy(flasks)
    Warrior: Blacksmith/ Enchanting
    Mage: Tailor/ Alchemy(transmutes)

    My rogue is maxxed cooking and fishing but dont really use them as much as i should!
    Currently do not have the time to really utilize all profs but I am getting great returns from my rouge and shammy. Burning all prof c/d's and save mats for CATACLYSM! since im getting such good retunr on flasks and eternals right now. Just wanted to say thanks also to all the posters on here I have really taken alot from here!! Great site Marcko keep it up!!!


  3. Easy said than done i think :D
    However for those who would spent a bit more real life money you can quite easily triple box characters to 60 using RAF.
    Check youtube for this pretty good guide on it.
    As far as perfect 10, i'd simply do one of each class, having 10 80's gives you access to 20 proffessions
    So i'd have,
    Engineer x2 for new arrows and bullets
    Alchemy x3 for all specialisations
    Enchanter, Leatherworker, Herbalist, Blacksmith, Scriber, Skinner, Tailor x1

    That would use up 12 slots, for the last 8 probably would have
    6 miners, only do mine on one of them though, use the others to make titan steel,
    2 JC's to make 2 icy prisms per day

    I dont think class or race matters too much, apart from you would definitely want a druid for the mining/herb farmer

  4. i already have all of that except for the gladiator title.

    Having every class and prof maxed out allows you to pretty to use every gold tip out there unless it requires a specific combo like BS/enchanting

    but a must as a gathering skill or 2 on a pally/dk due to the mount speed increase

  5. np lemme get glad real quick :P

  6. Why have all characters have First Aid? I fail to see the benefit it wasting the materials leveling it more than once. 1 character can send the other characters any bandages they might need.

    Also, feral druids can farm non stop for eternity plus can gather herbs while in flight form.

  7. I got four level 80's. I should have 5 soon. I take full advantage of my daily cooldowns. I wish I could roll like 5 more level 80's and make them all transmute specced alchemists. Nothing like turning 15g worth of mats into a 200g+ gem.

  8. 11. Have time to live a real life

  9. That would be a dream. I would have to quit work, divorce the wife and get really busy leveling my toons!

  10. Leveling 10 level 80s alone is a daunting task. Without multi-box RaF, you're looking at somewhere around 7-9 days played just to level each of those characters. Multiply that by 10 and that's 70-90 days or 1680-2160 hours of play time!

  11. 10 level 80s.. easier said than done lol

    If you have time to do that its a good idea though.

  12. You can maximize professions at level 65, so going all the way to 80 can wait until Cataclysm gets closer. Professions with dailies (JC, Cooking, Tailoring) will probably want to be 68 so they can fly in Northrend. Alchemy specialists will also need 68.

    I only have one 80 and two almost-80's, but the rest of my account is full of RAF'ed 65's and 68's with maxed professions. I have three JC's and seven Alchemists, so I'm up a few thousand gold every morning just from burning cooldowns and 15 minutes worth of dailies.

  13. having 10 level 80s to maximize efficiency?

  14. As to the first aid, I thought you needed it to at least 400 to be able to use Heavy Frostweave. So, it would still be viable to level this up on all characters.

  15. @Anon that said you can mail bandages

    You need a certain skill in bandages to use them heavy frostweave is i think 400ish to use, if you don't have that then your just taking up bag space.

  16. I actually have this type of setup, though not all are 80.

    Paladin: JC / Goblin Eng
    Hunter: Mining / Gnomish Eng
    Warrior: BS / Mining
    DK 1: JC / Mining
    DK 2: JC / Mining
    Druid: Scribe / Herbalist
    Shaman: Potion Alchemist / Herbalist
    Priest: Mooncloth Tailor / Elixir Alchemist
    Rogue: Skinner / Leatherworker
    Mage: Shadowcloth Tailor / Enchanter

    I've been raiding Icecrown on both my engineers. This means soon I'll be able to make both types of epic ammo.

    2 cloth cooldowns of each flavor
    3 titansteel cooldowns (warrior isn't maxed with mining yet)
    3 JC dailies
    2 Transmutes

  17. Hmmm, I'll have to try some of the easier ones!

    Already have a paladin personally and I love playing it but levelling bores me a lot.
    I have a guild bank on an auctions alt that's full of crap including the whole bank and most of the bag space. I probably should sort that out one day...

  18. Multiboxing + RAF would be your friend for that. I know it got me 4 60+ toons.
    If you've only got one or two, then
    alchemy transmute spec on one and jcing and mining on another are a really nice combo. The alchemist transmutes the gems and the jcer cuts and sells them. Cut epic gems go for generally 100g or more than the uncut ones, so it's a nice bit of change.

  19. My ideal setup (keep in mind that I am very against gathering... just never do it)

    So best possible setup...

    Class isn't a huge issue for me (although I like shaman for bank alts, recall is wonderful) - though race would be - make sure to take advantadge of race bonuses for easier prof leveling...

    1x Draenei Shammy JC/Alchemy (to be able to recall to dal to trade in JC tokens)
    2x Gnome for Engineering/Alchemy on both
    1x Enchanting/Alch/Fishing/Cooking (main character you run instances on)
    1x Leatherworking/Alch
    1x Blacksmithing/Alch
    1x Inscription/Alch
    3x Tailoring/Alch

    Notice all the alchemists? I would have 1 pot spec, 1 elixir spec and the other 8 be transmute... being able to xmute 8 times a day would be a ridiculous amount of profit...

    Currently on my server, Sky Sapphires sell for around 10-15g per, Eternal Air is 20-25g per and Majestic Zircon (cut into stam gems) are 200g per

    I make at minimum 160g profit per without procs... add is procs and it's sick... that's over 1200g profit daily without procs...

    For the tailors, I would pick up all 3 specs... that will cover those xmutes as well...

    That should have every non-gathering prof/spec covered...

    Just my opinion though - like I said - I hate gathering unless I'm actually leveling a toon - I tend to drop it when I hit 80

  20. I disagree with #10. You only really need 3 chests total across all characters to cover everyone (cloth, leather, plate). Grabbing all of the chests is a waste.

    The leather chest is far-and-away the most versatile of all the chests. It can be used for Druids, Rogues, Hunters, and Shaman. Cloth covers Warlocks, Mages, Priests. Plate, I feel, is probably the least useful. You can use the leather chest and still level effectively.

    I would also recommend at least one, if not two, set(s) of shoulders. The XP bonus from both pieces is a boon to leveling.

  21. I don't really see the need to have 10 lvl 80s to cover all of the professions. I'd go with:

    DK- Mining/Skinning
    Druid- Herbalism/JCing
    Pally- BSing/Alchemy (trans)
    Shammy- LWing/Alchemy (flask)
    Lock/Mage- Enchant/Tailoring
    Rogue- Eng/Inscript

    If after all that you want a 7th toon, shuffle thing about a little and add another Alch for another transmuter, and of course the classes I listed are just suggestions.

    Even having this many toons and involving the necessary time and effort into them and their trades, plus AH time, etc etc...well, gl having a life outside WoW *lol*

  22. I remember seeing a guy on the forums that had multiple high-level characters with the Alch/JC combination.

    You actually don't need that many gatherers at max-level (since you can only go gather with one character at the time)

    I use my DK for mining/skinning and I have a druid for herbing (also an alchemist, but that's not gathering is it)

  23. A couple friends of mine have 3 accounts and like 30 lvl 70+ between them all of which with maxed out xmute spec alchs. They say they have like 300k gold just from doing epic gem xmutes.

  24. To Anonymous, you can't use bandages unless you have first aid

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