10,400 Gold in One Batch Post

I decided to do a little experiment where I used one batch post to post around 2,000 auctions live with the majority of them acquired via methods similar to my 22 steps to auctioneer and auction house viper strategies. After 12 hours I opened my mail box live on XFIRE and produced a whopping 5k gold. By the next 12 hours it was up to 8k gold and by 48 hours it was at 10,400 easy wow gold. The vast majority of these items were simple flips from both normal and cross faction auctions. I did not include an epic gun I sold for 770 gold in these sales numbers as that wasn't a typical item for me to sell. I'd say 4k of this gold came from profession manipulation (infinite dusts, netherweave bags, armor vellums, weapon vellums, snowfall inks, cobalt bars, etc) and 400 gold came from a stratholme run.

What does this mean for anyone starting out with auctioneer trying to make easy wow gold? There's hope and you don't even need professions! All you need is the simple knowledge of individual markets and how they cycle in prices during the week. Buy/Bid low, sell normal... remember? I aim for items that are 50% or lower PCT and I rely heavily on my snatch scan to help remove the 'filth' from auctioneer's normal resale scan and make my purchasing faster. I cannot stress enough the importance of building a snatch scan that encompasses as many items as possible in the game when trying to make wow gold efficiently. This is just for simple flipping, that's not even taking into account buying out items for professions to manipulate and make even more wow gold.

A snatch list of 100+ items is not uncommon among auction house gurus, what does yours look like?

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  1. I've just started building my snatch list from scratch.

    I think right now, it's important to have Dream Shards, Infinite Dust, and Frozen Orbs in your snatch list.
    Why? Well they are in the tanker right now. People will undercut into infinity. I've bought frozen orbs below vendor price!

    Also you should always have staples in there.. Saronite Ore, Borean Leather, Cloth.. if you don't really know the price of these things, set it at near vendor-value for the goods it can produce.

  2. I am currently in the process of rebuilding my own snatch list because I accidentally lost my addons fixing wow with the last patch. Definately don't try to live without a snatch list!

  3. epic uncut jewels 120g
    eternal fire 10g
    titanium ore 10g
    essence of undeath 2.5g
    mithril ore 1.5g
    mithril bar 1g
    crystal life 76s
    iron ore 60s
    rugged leather 89s
    wool cloth 50s

    *Oh and I got my first complaining email in the game that I am underselling my titanium bars from transmuting and crushing the market.

  4. I'd love to hear some comments as to what people have on their snatch list, for those of us just starting out!

  5. Spider silk. It's a limited supply item and used for making Robes of Arcana, which is a pretty popular lower-level item.

    You can sometimes buy them for less than a gold, and resell them for 10g. Not going to get rich doing it, but easy money.

  6. Robe of Arcana is "reagent" for a warlock quest, and the reason why it sells

  7. For someone looking to setup an entry level snatch list you need at least a week of Auctioneer scans complete. Preferably you scan 3 times a day during that first week some basic items on my list include: Infinite dust, Greater Cosmic, Dream shards, Abyss crystal, eternals, saronite ore, raw gems, cloth and herb. I'm a main competitor in Enchants scrolls and Glyphs so I have each scroll I sell on snatch for mat cost. Hope this helps.

  8. @Arckon

    How often do you update it? With all of the patch changes, a scroll's 'mats cost' changes so rapidly..

  9. I was under the impression frozen orbs do not have a vendor price?

  10. Vendor price is 5g. It's listed on Wowhead below.


    I figured they didn't have one either. I was surprised the other day when I saw they did, and that's when I added the snatch.

  11. For those new to auctioneer and the gold making process could you make a post explaining how to build a snatch list and what its purpose is? I know myself and many other new banking players that just have a banking alt camped at the AH to do scans and check for deals every few hours.

  12. @Annonymous - I'll see what I can do with the batch post idea, not sure when it will be posted though.

  13. A list of what you have on your snatch list would be nice.

    Not prices, just the items to lookout for.

  14. How do you set up a snatch list?

  15. @ Ohyeax

    to add an item to your snatch list, open the auction hourse and type

    /snatch [Link Item] XXgXXsXXc

    for example one of mine is

    /snatch [Saronite Ore] 50s

    the price you specify is for each individual ore.

    @ Thealah
    It's fairly easy to edit a snatch list based on prices however I usually dont touch my scroll settings and work around the materials costs. If Greater Cosmics ever go below 15g market on my realm I'll edit the scroll costs, till then I'll leave them alone.

  16. Question for Markco and others who batch post.

    What Auctioneer settings do you use to make sure to undercut and be the lowest price, but not undercut below what you payed for the item?

    Do you set to undercut to a certain percentage, and figure if the market goes below that then its not worth selling?

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