Auctioneering Tip for Alliance in Stormwind Auctionhouse Trick

An excellent find by Thrim on the JMTC forums can be found here.

The gist of it is that you can stand outside by the mailbox that is attached to the auction house, press your hotkey for viewing friendly health bars (shift + v is default I believe) and then you can browse the auction house or open the mail without moving!

Pretty sweet trick and it allows you to do something while you wait for your mail box to load for those lucky enough to have that problem.

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  1. Thrim huh? Looks more like Tella to me.

  2. Now if only we can figure out a way to access the bank there too. I'd never have to move my alt!

  3. In orgrimmar, next to the mailbox by the bank entrance you can cook using a fire inside the bank instead of running in to use it or making your own.

  4. You can do something similar in Dalaran, in the Engineering shop, if you're an engineer anyway.

    You can stand halfway between the anvil and auctioneer and use both without moving. Alternatively, you can stand to the left o the anvil in the room and up against the wall and use the forge and the anvil and stay closer to the AH.

  5. To be able to do your auctioning and mail from one spot is an extremely nice time saver.

    Full credit goes to Deltrus.
    Found on hit the cap - Screen shots FTW

    For an opening mail time saver you can turn off all of your addon's except Postal or Eq, and Qa2 or Eq - make a /reload macro or to avoid the errors that sometimes close Wow use Zerotorescue's Auto opening tool (I use since I'm afraid that I will eventually blow-up Wow with /reload).

    Lot of smart people in Forums and these are just some of the benefits.

  6. Oh man, that crate is gonna get even more crowded now!

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