Batch Posting - Setting Limits

Batch posting is a handy tool used in auctioneer to automate the process of posting an unlimited number of auctions at once. Many do not realize however that you can set the total number of auctions you'd like up at any one time for each item in the batch post. This provides you with a truly powerful way to post based on your sales instead of having to check to see if you have too many posted items before you press batch post.

Let's say you have the enchant "enchant chest powerful stats" and you want to keep only two up at a time in order to keep supply of this enchant low on the auction house. You currently have two up and press batch post, which you already have configured to post two enchant chest powerful stats with each batch post. Now there are three up there. Here's how you could of stopped it at two: Click the checkbox to the left of the word 'Only' in the batch post and then slide the bar above that to the number of items you'd like to see posted in total including what you already have on the auction house. Now if you had this set up before pressing batch post earlier than auctioneer would not have posted your third enchant chest powerful stats.

Incorporate this into your batch post to help automate your sales even more.

Good Luck!

5 comments: on "Batch Posting - Setting Limits"

  1. What I want is a way to keep auctioneer from posting something if the competition is below a certain amount. For example, let's say I want batch post a bunch of stuff but I don't want it to post for below some amount. There doesn't seem to be a way to do this without manually posting each item.

  2. I didnt start using this till I started selling glyphs. two at a time, and when I look at the list, I see which need a refill.
    LOVE this part of auctioneer!

  3. Not really related to this post: On my server we have a player who is pretty unliked who seems to be controlling the flask (and frost lotus) market.

    A number of players on the server would rather not flask than give him their gold.

    How can we beat him?

  4. merry christmas! what do i win?

  5. does anyone know of a video showing how to use the batch posting?

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