The Famous How I Wow Podcast

Wow Gold Making Podcast

Click the above link to listen to the famous How I Wow podcast that I did with Sean and Patrick before they ended their series. I managed to meet up with both at blizzcon and thought that they were really nice/fun guys to speak with.

The topics covered in this podcast were:

Real Life and Balance
Gold Making tips
Inscription Strategies
Being Successful (not just in game)

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed recording it with Sean and Patrick. It was an honor :)

9 comments: on "The Famous How I Wow Podcast"

  1. Loved the podcast..nice job..
    Best thing you put step by step how to use auctioneer.
    And I just installed Auctioneer in November and it make me at least 15k since then...

  2. listening to it atm while im healing in some heroics. would love to hear some pvp tips from u :)

  3. It's funny how in the podcast you say you'll never go to a Blizzcon considering your post presenting the podcast says you met them at Blizzcon!

  4. Yeah we had a good laugh at blizzcon about that :D

  5. That episode of "How I Wow" was probably my favorite of their entire run. You opened my eyes to aspects of not only making gold, but PVP. Thanks for the repost!

  6. This was the show that got me started making serious gold in WoW. I really miss How I WoW. After they went off the air (so to speak), I stopped listening to all WoW podcasts. Just didn't have the heart to listen anymore, since there show was perfect (for me, anyway).

  7. Well hopefully you will enjoy the show I'm working on with a few other bloggers!

  8. Hi Markco, ive been reading your blog and forum for about one year. It has given me alot of tips and strats for making gold. You even inspired me to play arena again with my resto druid.

    When is the podcast you were planning to do coming out?

  9. We hope to do episode 2 tonight, and then we will probably release the website url for this after we have both up and running.

    These are going to blow you away hopefully.

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