Farming Elemental Invasions - Winterspring, Azshara, Silithus, and Un'goro Crater

Elemental invasions occur every 24-48 hours after the leader of each invasion has been killed. If you want to farm easy wow gold from these invasions then I highly suggest that you simply kill the mobs around the lead boss elemental and then when you want to leave kill the boss and clean up the elementals that are remaining. As long as the leader stays alive then all the other elementals will keep respawning. Think of it as milking the cow versus having the steak. As long as no one comes along to ruin your farming then this is a great way to make easy wow gold.

Here are the four locations:

Tempestria leads the water elementals in Winterspring all around lake Kel'Theril.

Avalanchion leads the earth elementals in Azshara around where the elite giants also spawn.

Baron Charr leads the fire elementals in Un'goro Crater around the volcano in the middle of the map.

The Windreaver leads the air elementals in northwestern Silithus.

The drops from these elementals can be sold for incredible prices on the auction house... 13 gold for a breath of wind, 10 gold for a elemental earth, etc. Since you now know the value of these items on the auction house be sure to snatch them off the hands of lesser minded auctioneers that try to sell these for a handful of gold or even less than that. Flipping a breath of wind from 1 gold to 13 gold is definately an easy wow gold making strategy.

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  1. Its true the market price is the same on my server, except where im at no-one buys those only sell 1 a day on average, i suppose i could farm it once a month and stock up, but it seems everyone on my server is a little too stingy to craft good low level gear.

  2. Wow thanks, another part of WoW I had no idea about.

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