Flasks in Cataclysm

This will be one of the greatest level 85 money makers. I highly suggest leveling up a level 80 alchemist with flask specialization before cataclysm hits.

Why? Well because of rated bg's that's why! There is one thing every pvper is going to need for group bg's and that's flasks which persist through death. This will greatly increase the value of the mats for flasks (mostly herbs and oils) as well as provide a constant stream of buyers for the market. Let's not even discuss consumables like free action potions...

Don't delay, get an alchemist today! I highly suggest getting two (potion + flask specialization) but not everyone wants to be as hardcore as me so I understand if you only get one.

Discuss in the comments section :)

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  1. I think having ALL professions maxed out (or at least at 425) on level 80 characters will be a great way to make Gold in Cataclysm. Considering proc-rates and cooldowns, flask specialism already is a good one to have (I have a transmute specced one ATM and I haven't seen a proc in a looooong time)
    First character to level in Cataclysm should be one with two gathering professions

  2. Well Markco, imma let you finish,I don't know about being "one of the greatest 85 money makers" of all time. Sure, people dedicated to getting High Warlord (or whatever they're going to call it this time around). I think this also applies more so to PvP servers than PvE servers. Another things is my personal preference would be a resilience flask (hey, I'm a healbot, and we're people too). While I have no idea how that mats differ since I've never dabbled with Alchemy; correct me if I'm wrong, they're cheaper to produce.

    Also, isn't it a bit premature to be talking about anything Cataclysm? Other than maybe leveling a Goblin or Worgen, we have no idea what Blizzard is planning to do with professions (I can see other profs being buffed to be in line with JC/Enchanting), or that they might even pull a surprise, of endless flasks for everyone. That might be an extreme example, but even LW drums got nerfed very hard.

  3. Alchemy is becoming a very powerful profession that I fully intend to level up on an alt as soon as possible. This profession has been the true money maker since epic gems came out and transmute to titanium will be a very nice addition to the professions wealth. Flasks have been a solid money maker since there has been very little fluctuation in the price of rage and wyrm pots while the demand is steady. Must have for raiders and I never considered using them for pvp, but it does make sense.

  4. I still think Transmute will be more profitable for a while...

    The proc rate on flasks is so low... and the mats costs are so... high...

    Hard to keep it G comming in.

  5. The only people willing to buy flasks for pvp will be the hardcore pvp'ers. Casuals will say, "60g for a slight buff in pvp!?!". Casuals are the ones that would flock to the market and pay stupid money for things. Rated BG's only matter to HC BG'ers, and they're going to be in pvp guilds.

    PvP'ers don't want to spend alot of time making money for the most part, any pvp guild worth it's salt will have guild alchemists that provide flasks at good prices.

    Flasks sold well for raiding in BC because it was hard and it was a new concept. Flasks sold well in Wrath because casuals couldn't be bothered to make their own flasks or join a good guild. Raiding became accessible, but they had to do dailies to pay for the flasks so they wouldn't be a "omg noooob".
    Blizz knew that, so they made it so money was stupidly easy to get in wrath.

    I personally think that Rated BG's will either have no effect or hurt the flask market. No effect if my idea above proves true, or hurt it if the market gets flooded by sellers following your line of thought.

  6. I might hang fire on this tip until a bit more detail comes out about the cat changes. The world may change significantly, to the point where flasks are not nearly as important as they are now. Some of the other professions may get a boost, but I'm waiting to see what archeology needs to progress, as simple mining may be what's required to provide mats for the shiny new profession, with the drain on mats to update all other professions, there have to be changes to the trades to account for the current expense to level to 450. The next level will be 500 for all trades, and it may be that current farmed mats become vendor sourced.

  7. A reasonable assumption, however I am willing to bet that we will see a flask market similar to what we have now (Flasks go for just barely over material cost, meaning only flask specs can make any cash on them, and not much there).

    Why? Same reason it is now.
    People who are serious get their flasks for material cost from guildies or alts.
    On top of that we will still have the standard "I Farm my mats, and am flask speced, so I can sell at material cost and make a killing!".

    Admittedly, only time will tell, but I don't expect flasks to be a killer market. Potions I don't know. If the mechanics stay the same (one pot a fight) I suspect we will see them stay at low prices, if they become a necessity again, that might change.

    That said, if you have the time/energy/cash to level an elixir master I suggest doing it any way. Why? Because then you don't have to rely on the market to provide you with your raid/pvp materials, it makes you more attractive to a guild, etc etc.

    Also, don't forget that Horde side will see a deluge of Alchemists (Better Living Through Alchemy).

  8. I already have an 80 Flask-spec. In fact, it's my money maker. I tend to believe I'm just on a lucky server, where there are really no hardcore raiding guilds, yet tons, and tons, and TONS of PUG raids. Any given tuesday you can easily find a handfull of each raid.

    All the PUGs = lots of AH flasks sold. That is my experience, and in my experience flasks are ALWAYS a hot item. I could be wrong across the board though. Either way at the very least Alchemy makes money from one transmute per day. The more Alchemists you have, the more transmutes, nothing wrong with that.

  9. Being the primary Flask supplier on my server I plan to continue this trend into Cata. The profit per flask is fairly low, but it's a lot like Wal-Mart. Buy mats cheap and in bulk, sell in high volume at retail sizes.

    The addition of rated BGs should improve the market, but I'd not go so far as to it being a Golden Calf. Just expect to see a slightly higher volume of flask sales.

  10. Pfft Marcko, step your game up! I have 5 alchemists. 1 potion, 1 flask, and 3 transmute specs. ;)

    Honestly though, it's one of the few professions that you can have on multiple characters and still benefit from. The only other one, in my opinion, would be jewelcrafting, but that only lasts for so long when it comes to making money. The personal bonuses are still there of course.

  11. @markco

    "greatest level 85 money makers" a fair bit of an exaggeration for an expansion that is a log way off.

  12. Flasks are at or below material cost right now exactly because people need so many of them. If they buy something every day for 300g, they're gonna have to make more than 300g a day just to cover that purchase, plus more for other costs (repairs, other consumables, big-ticket items etc). For something like gems people don't know when they'll need more so they're willing to make a big purchase- flasks have a constant unbending demand per person and although rated bg's will cause a small increase in demand, there is already huge demand for flasks right now and they still sell below mat cost. I'm skeptical that it will be enough to make flasks profitable.

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