How I Make Easy Wow Gold on the Auction House

As you can see from reading my blog, there are hundreds of methods that I've tried to make easy wow gold. Sometimes I'm successful but the large majority of the time I'm sifting through blunders and missteps on my long journey to gold guru status. My specialty and the thing that got me started using the auction house to make easy wow gold was flipping items. It didn't matter if the item was worth 10 copper or 10 gold, I sold them all with the same feverish dedication and insane patience. If I knew an item was worth 10 gold and someone posted 100 for 5 gold then damn it I was going to buy every single one and relist them two at a time for fifty days until they all sold. This was my bread and butter and recently I decided to get back into this strategy.

So what is my famous strategy for making easy wow gold every single day on the auction house in world of warcraft?

Buy Low, Sell Normal. That's right, BUY LOW, SELL NORMAL. You're probably thinking to yourself, "Self, WTF does that even mean?" The meaning is two fold: first, you are buying items that are under priced and second, you are selling under priced goods at or just below normal value. In essence you're presenting goods to the consumer at or below the normal price range, and if done correctly, all your flipped and posted auctions will sell.

Just how profitable is this method? What if I told you that I can bring in 5k-15k easy wow gold every single 12-48 hours depending on day of the week and my posting schedule? Sure I've had my insane days like when I posted 8k auctions and made 30k gold in a night and a half, but that's not realistic and took way too much caffeine for the average human being. No this wasn't on a weekend either, you'll soon learn that weekends are not necessarily your best days when flipping because of how quickly competition appears and mass undercuts can happen. Weekends are actually your best buying days unless of course you camp the auction house every hour then it's a nice selling time. Case in point for buying days: Saronite Saturdays.

The way I make thousands of easy wow gold every day comes down to being able to pin point not just one or two profitable markets but every single gosh-darn one in existence. It's all about experience, non stop learning, and above all: patience. My goal is to flip 80+% of all profitable auctions on the auction house, which includes any items below 50% market value that I believe can sell quickly. Some nights I will lose money because I invest so much, but that money always comes back ten fold within a week anyway.

What's the best part about the way I make easy wow gold? No one can stop me. You physically cannot stop a person from posting for too little, undercut every auction I post, or even know what I'm going to post tomorrow or the next day. I'm the auction house viper, snaking in to get some gold and zipping back out before you probably even knew I was there. I'm everywhere at once and then suddenly I'm gone again.

This concept is what propelled this blog into existence and grew it from 300 readers into the wow gold making monster it is today. I think it's time to get back to my roots, and yes I will keep experimenting but I want to write more about my flipping style and personal methods which work regardless of level or personal professions.

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  1. Now with all that knowledge you have gathered over time Markco, would you be able to do it without all those addons you got right now?
    Would you be able to make that kind of gold if you were using only the default interface that blizzard provided?
    Or does one have to turn into an "auctioneer-slave" to bring in the gold ;-)

  2. Hey Markco - I don't have the market knowledge yet to pull this strat off but I'm working on it.

    Can I ask what you've found your average daily investment using this process has turned out to be? (ie, if you flip 80% of the AH flipables). Are there some items that you wouldn't flip due to a high listing price?



  3. JC/Alchemy has exploded.
    No cool down on transmute and being a transmute master nothing is more fun than random extra bonus transmutes.
    Prospecting Saronite...because everyone else is buying for just fantastic right now.
    And yes the random dungeon generator has been a boom to Epic crafted Jewels...
    thanks Marko for another correct prediction on epic jewels going up after 3.3 patch.

  4. I've started doing this process that you are talking about since a month ago, and have been making a lot of gold with it. I started with about 2k gold and I'm up to 12k gold on my bank alt now.

    I love being able to check the AH 3 times a day and just pick up bargains which I can sell for sometimes 10x that amount of gold on another day.

    For people that want to do this, take a look at the addon Market Watcher (made it real easy for me).

  5. @Anonymous On a new server I made 1k gold in like 4 days with 5 gold to start. I did this without addons so I say as long as you have the knowledge you just have to type a lot of different things into the search bar instead of relying on auctioneer to make your life easier.

  6. I used a variation of this as my main moneymaker for quite some time (before I started on resource starvation games). Open Trade Goods, buy everything green (70%) and relist at market rate. No professions needed, no drama, and there's not much a server full of QA campers can do to you.

    There's always enough righteous "fair price" listers to provide you with a steady stream of underpriced goods to resell. I've had thousands of auctions of auctions up at a time, and making even a 15-25% profit over that many auctions adds up fast.

  7. @Marko... A while back I started a lvl 1 on a new server (no alts or friends) with nothing but the clothes, gear and water/food Blizz starts you off with. Sold it all for something like 16 copper and ran to Silvermoon. Using the method you posted I hit 100G within 3 days. Now I have 1500G with minimal work.

  8. I found another good thing to flip would be Crusader Orbs, with everyone buying them now, I can pick them up for ~150-200g on trade channel and resell them on the AH for close to 300g, which is easy money when I'm going to bed/school and want to make some money when I'm gone. I've posted up to 12 of these at once and had them all sell for ~10 gold less than my competitors, so I found it to be reliable. Anyone else have any other strategies?

  9. Definitely agree - this is completely possible without auctioneer... I recently removed auctioneer because it was causing my client to crash whenever I searched anything on the AH... still able to do this using auctionator - which does not have the same tools for this as auctioneer... the only things auctionator really does is buy out things quickly, remember average prices and allow you to post quickly... it won't scan for things at all...

    Also, the epic gems after the patch has been a huge boon - since the price of epic gems went up (160-200 again on my server, back up from the 120-140 they were before the patch) and titanium went DOWN (about 200-220/stack vs the 275-300 it was previously) This has been awesome for prospecting titanium - as I've been making enough to just sell the gems and use the powder for more patterns...

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