How Population Imbalances Affect Eternal Fire

Cross faction auctions remains one of my favorite ways to make easy wow gold in world of warcraft. Especially on an imbalanced server where one side has far more players than the other (even after the paid faction change), it is easy to find items which sell for 30% more on one faction or the other.

On my server, eternal fires sell for 20 gold more on the alliance side than on the horde side. BAM! I just shot myself in the foot revealing this tip but oh well there's always my left foot for walking and kicking noobs in the rear. Why is this item so much more expensive on one side?

It comes down to three things:

#1. Wintergrasp is the most popular place to farm fire but there's only one spot and it is camped by the larger faction (in this case horde) making farming unreliable for the alliance side.

#2. The dailies at hodir is the second most popular place to farm fire and it's just as camped by horde players.

#3. The cave next to the Scions of Storm in storm peaks is not well known but would be the perfect place for an alliance farmer to setup shop killing those little yellowy floating fire balls. I guess not enough people are farming there to keep up with the insane number of eternal fires hitting the horde auction house.

Thanks to population imbalance eternal fires are an amazingly easy way to make wow gold. Excuse me while I dump all mine on the auction house in preparation for the mad rush of players who will try this method on my own imbalanced server.

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  2. If you're an engineer, just do the routes in Sholazaar to suck up your fires. Every time I'm out in the area I can easily pick up 3 or 4 eternals on my dk or rogue in a very short amount of time.

  3. /wave markcodk

  4. It's funny how everyone just started to post about cross-realm ways to earn Gold but how to you get the items from one side to another?

    If I recall right is there a 15% cut ón the neutral auction house. Is there a way to Avoid This? Items like Wool would be great to get from alliance to horde :)

  5. That mote extractor engineers have, can anyone provide a link? can't figure out the correct name for it :)

  6. zapthrottle mote extractor

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