Large Brilliant Shards - How to Make Easy Wow Gold

Enchanting mats are such an awesome way to make easy gold in wow. Oh I'm sorry was I typing out loud again? I apologize for that, excuse me.

What I meant to say is that large brilliant shards are one of my favorite enchanting mats to sell and farm for that matter. On my snatch list I buy out these babies for 4.5 gold a piece or lower and I relist them at 6-8 gold depending on market value and day of the week. When I've posted all my auctions and have nothing better to do I go to old world stratholme and farm the whole instance for tons of blues to disenchant. Farming this instance is one of the oldest forms of making easy wow gold and it has been farmable by a single player since burning crusade. Every single blue in the instance becomes a large brilliant shard and there are tons of other great items to grab such as stacks of rune cloth or righteous orbs. If you don't have a dispeller for the nasty diseases and curses you can get from the mobs of this instance then you have two options:

1. Use my video to see how you can skip all the way up to the live side of the instance where righteous orbs can be farmed.
2. Bring potions that dispel the debuffs.

Many players go for Baron runs in an attempt to get the Baron's mount but do not finish the live side of Stratholme. I am the opposite: I always finish off live side with the Scarlet Crusaders before deciding whether or not I want to do the Baron's side. Regardless of whether you do either side or both, this is by far one of the easiest sure fire ways to make gold in wow. If you want to make even more profit from this place then you may want to invest in creating enchanted vellums from the mats you farm. There's a lot of easy wow gold to be made from these enchants and that's the market you're selling to anyway with the dream shards, illusion dusts, and greater eternal essences. That being said, be sure to diversify as sometimes you are selling straight to enchanters trying to level their profession and they don't want your enchanted vellums.

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  1. Yup, LBS have been a nice extra pocketchange for me as well. I always bought them out when they were like 1g a piece. Last couple of months I have been selling load of stacks for about 5 to 6g per shard.

  2. Remember that you get at least 1 crusader orb as well for each full clear of stratholme living side. Crusader enchant is pretty popular for heirlooms :)

  3. you mean righteous orb

  4. Markco

    You made me laugh out loud today!
    “I love making gold in world of warcraft.”



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