Live Mail Box On Xfire

Today I'm going to be openning my mail box live for all to see on XFIRE at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

It will be an excellent time to chat up with each other live on xfire and you can discuss what I'm selling and why. All auctions were posted yesterday between 4-8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time and will show up as having 29 days left in the mail box tab.

I expect it will take the usual 45 minutes to 1.5 hours to unload the mail box so feel free to stop in any time between 7-8:30 PM Eastern Standard Time on XFIRE with the name markcolol. I sold items from all of my professions at once except for jewelcrafting and engineering on one toon so that you could see how much money I typically make without having to switch characters.

My XFIRE link is in the side bar but for those reading on a feed, go here.

I highly suggest being intoxicated to help pass the time between mail box loads, as I expect 35-50 of them. See you tonight!

For feed readers today's actual gold making post was on Cataclysm Flasks in PVP.

EDIT: That was fun although I didn't sell as many auctions as I thought I would in the 24 hour period. Ended up with about 800 still being sold on the auction house but from the 20 minutes of openning mail I made almost 6k gold. Not too bad, I apologize to those that came late and were expecting it to go longer :(

6 comments: on "Live Mail Box On Xfire"

  1. =( That is midnight where i am. ill be sleeping. Can you film it and send to please?

  2. what about your Europe readers?
    maby a youtube vid? + a post with the best questions.
    would be forever greatfull =)

  3. I'll see what I can do, thanks for bringing that point to my attention. If I film the video it is going to be way too long for youtube, perhaps a discussion on the forums for those that miss it would be best.

    I'll see what I can think of; throw any ideas you have at me as well.

  4. Mind if I ask how much gold you currently have (roughly)? I don't think I've ever taken that long to empty out my mailbox (unless I'm getting stuff out to alter in some way).

  5. I've played around in youtube videos with 10-50k gold on a character just to see the comments but I have never actually shown how much gold I truly own between all of my toons.

    There are only 4 people in the world that know other than myself and I like to keep it a mystery for the speculation.

  6. Wealth is binary. You have enough or not enough.

    The numeric value doesn't really matter. :-)

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