Lowbie LFG Necklaces Bugged Vendor Price

I received a whisper from rawrior, a level 32 warrior on my realm who has made almost a hundred gold in 10 levels with the looking for group tool. How you ask? Well the necklaces that you get from the bag each time you complete an instance can be vendored for over 3 gold a piece! For a lowbie that's insane profit while also picking up the regular drops from an instance run. With everyone running their lowbies through instances wearing the BOA gear it's like having decked out epics for already incredibly easy content. Add to that the fact that there are 5 people doing the instance and that almost any class can tank before level 40 and you have a ridiculously easy way to both earn gold and level up. Let's not also forget the 30% health nerf to bosses and level reductions on some of the larger instances. Now that instances which used to be a pain to set up are fairly easy to participate in, I highly recommend questing while also queing for instances with the LFG tool to level and make easy wow gold.

Have you noticed the insane vendor values for these necklaces too? Does the vendor price scale into the higher levels or remain around the same? Will blizzard nerf these necklaces?

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  1. I'm constantly hearing BOA gear compared as if it makes a character "epic geared", but they're just rare quality at the appropriate level. I recently leveled a couple caster alts and there was several times it would have been statistically preferable to replace my BOA chest/shoulders for a few levels from a blue instance drop (disregarding the +20% experience). I sometimes felt annoyed at this crutch. Plus, it's kind of annoying to see the same Staff of Jordan on your back for 160 levels in a row.

    I understand the point that it is FAR superior to the whites/greens we used our first time leveling but anyone with an 80 will have the funds & knowledge to gear up appropriately and skillfully as they level. BOA gear is definitely convenient, but not overly overpowered compared to the alternative low level instance blues.

  2. 3g for a level 32 or below necklace is high, very high. At level 80 neck items vendor for less then 10g, I think it's actually closer to 5g, not sure. If you don't have an 80 this would be a great way to increase g/h.

    I had a chance to use the dungeon finder on my lvl 74 alt. So far I've ran four dungeons, between two days. I gained almost an entire level. I'm just shy of 75 by 2 bubbles. Every day you get two badges, 32k exp, and some gold. If you run a second dungeons you get 16k exp and some. Along with rested xp and bosses dropping 8k exp per kill you can see why this is such a great way to level up.

    Is it the best way to level up? I'm not sure. My alt is a feral druid and tanking = insta queues at any level apperently. So it's worth my time. If I only had a DPS character I think I'd stick to questings while waiting for the LFG.

  3. Could you post the actual name of the necklace so I can look it on up.
    I have a 23lvl hunter i am lvling for inscription and blacksmith..i am using random dungeon nice way to lvl..but i don't see the necklack

  4. How has it been finding groups for lowbie instances? I might level another toon and just run instances if it finding a group isn't hard. I always play tanks/healers so I think I'd be able to get in right away.

  5. Unless they've nerfed the prices already then they do scale. The ones we were getting sold for over 4g each.

  6. My wife just got one of those. She called me over just to make sure. It was a slight upgrade so she just vendered it. It was a nice little bit of gold on a new server we just started playing on.

  7. @rachaels_dad: Tumultuous Necklace (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=51996).

    Actually if wowhead is to be trusted its worth almost 4g!

  8. I'll just point out in a hopefully positive fashion that gathering a stack of herbs or ore is likely worth more than 4g (unless its peacebloom). So...this is great, but i would look elsewhere if you are in serious need of gold.

  9. As a tank level 60-71 I do have wait times. It mostly depends on the day and time you queue. Up to that the tool is not able to create a group. This is especially true for the high level 70 instances as most people who could queue for these, queue for the random WotLK which gives badges.

    And what's funny is that you are often waiting for DD. I was in the queue for CoT2 for about an hour. The tool showed that it found a healer but not a single DD.

    Yesterday, 11 pm, I waited about 10 minutes for a healer for the random WotLK.

    The items from the bag were all useless to a DK as they are level 64 and the DK starter gear is better.

    I was able to rush through the TBC instances as a DK could easily do them alone with a healer. Low DPS DD don't really matter and I always got very good healers.

    Up until know the WotLK instances were not worth the trouble XP wise because you get much more damage as a tank in UK then in places like Arkatraz or Shadow Lab. You have to really slow down and babysit the TV watching healer as you die within seconds without heal. Low DPS DD are a pain in places like Nexus which can take forever.

    So, in WotLK I'm going to grab my 2 badges each day and revert to questing.

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