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One of my most lucrative business areas of interest right now is none other than the arena. Getting paid 1.5-5k gold to carry someone up to 1800 for their weapon has not only been easy and quick, but also hillariously entertaining.

What I do is join someone's team and have them que me while I simply go in and lose the game (sometimes I play for the fun of it and crush some 1600 teams 2v1). Once my mmr is down to 200 points below the team I'm going to carry, I then proceed to win 6-12 point games all the way up to 1800. By the time we get to 1800 usually we are facing 1700-1900 teams and my partner has learned a thing or two which helps the odds of winning tremendously.

NOTE: The team I'm carrying and the team I tank my rating are different and have different players queing me.

So far I've carried ret pallies, disc priests, mut rogues, resto druids, resto shamans, holy pallies, and even a destro lock. It's been an absolute blast and I'm getting to play with teammates who would normally be strolling around trade chat dreaming of a chance to play more competetive arenas. By the end of the carrying session I hope that they not only had a blast but learned a thing or two.

If you are a gladiator or even a really good duelist don't just sit up at that pointless rating or mmr, tank your team and make some easy gold! Be warned, tanking your mmr too low is pointless; ie more than 200-300 points below the starting team rating of the person you are carrying.

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  1. I'm also boosting people in arena, usualy for weapons. i charge 1k for every 100 rating above 1500. i can boost someone to 1800 in 1 day.
    Its easy money.

  2. Hi Markco, interesting idea, but i am quite confused by the "tanking" the mmr concept, please could you try to clarify these two statements for me?

    "What I do is join someone's team and have them que me while I simply go in and lose the game "


    "NOTE: The team I'm carrying and the team I tank my rating are different and have different players queing me."

    So, if i'm reading this correctly, you first join a new team, with a random person, and lose-spam matches until your mmr is lowered to say 700, then you join the person-to-be-boosted's team (at say 1000 rating) and play matches from there (with 12 points per victory).

    Sorry for this, but trying to understand how this works is somewhat confusing without intricate knowledge of the mmr system.

  3. Will all arena team ratings be reset when 3.3 comes out?

  4. I join my tanking team with a friend who doesn't do arenas. I que up and get down to the 1300-1500 range depending on who I'm going to be boosting. Next I que up with the new team and win 10-15 point matches and usually go undefeated.

    Does that help clarify?

  5. @anonymous

    I think I understand where you're being confused. He's tanking his Personal rating(before joining the boostie team) because otherwise the boostie team would be going up against teams equal to Markco's personal rating.

    so for example:
    Markco just got finished boosting a team to 1800, he finds a new team that starts at rating 1200. If he just starts playing games without tanking his personal rating, the new team will be going up against 1800 rating teams(instead of rating 1200).

    now, if Markco tanks "his" personal rating down to the 1200team's rating, then they'll only be going against teams at 1200 rating, which is a whole lot easier to "solo" than against 1800 teams

  6. Just curious, but don't you feel this technique might violate the "spirit of the game," and thus the tos / eula?
    Seems to me that blizzard would find this as distateful as milling in AV.

  7. okay if im the person wanting a boost what should i do? Ask in trade for a gladiator to carry me or find ppl thru armory?

  8. id like to buy ur services, to bad im on hellscream xD.

  9. Half the confusion comes from the dual meanings of Tank.

    In the context of WOW most people are thinking of tanking as the job the meatshield out the front of the group is doing.

    In the context of this article tanking refers to dropping the rating. When something is said to have tanked, it is slang for it declining in some way.

    To go into Arena and lose "tanks" your rating.

    It doesn't help your spec is Prot and this is a tank spec.

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