My First Auction House Sale

My first auction house sale was a blue dagger from a level 23 mob (can't remember the name). I ran to orgrimmar from ashenvale to sell this beauty on the trade chat and had no idea what the auction house was. A friendly person redirected me to it... and the rest is history. That dagger sold for 25 gold and it was the most gold I'd had on my poor little warrior who took 25ish days to level to 60 (grinding and staying in X9's for bg's ftl!). From that point on I started to watch the auction house and tried to learn as much as possible about the items within. I remember drooling at the prices of epics and marvelling at why some items were only a copper.

My first real serious set of sales where I was flipping items for profit involved low level herbs and minerals. These items have very fast sale rates and can often be picked off with simple bids. I would search for Herbs and then sort by buyout price to try and find items really really cheap that I could resell for several gold a stack. I didn't have auctioneer and I didn't even know what it was. Combining this with farming got me my epic mount back in vanilla and made me far richer than most of the people who I met in the game. Everyone else seemed to farm and dump their items on the auction house, and I was all too happy to snag and relist the items of anyone foolish enough to throw leveling herbs/minerals up for too cheap.

When I finally discovered auctioneer and started seriously making use of it in burning crusade... GG.

What was your first sale on the auction house and what was your first real series of sales as a businessman?

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  1. the first item i think about is the blue 1h boe axe that dropps in lbrs/ubrs, which i sold for 15g i fremember right. of course i've probably sold loads of other lowlvls items. i mean those was worth a silver, a gold at most. 15g was a fortune!

    my first and only niche in the original wow was mooncloth bags, using every cd to make a bag, which yield me 15-20g per 4 day. as a semi moderate raider it was enough to buy elixirs at progression bosses and pay the bills (cloth is gooood:)).

    merry xmas everyone!

  2. Small eggs were my first sales, during winter veil. I could not fathom why drops from lowly birds my hunter was questing on would go for 2-3g each, but my huntard never needed gold again.

    Now of course I know why, and stockpile them during the year... but only 2 weeks into the game I was mind boggling.

  3. Around level 26 or so I realized "Hey, I can craft for about 50s and make a decent profit reselling the DE's mats, I was tailor/enchant, and I just did that for an entire day XD.

  4. First sale on AH was a blue lvl 23 axe, Bloodmaim or something. Sold it for around 60g at the time (late vanilla).

    Took my first steps as a farmer, after a few days in westfall, I made a steady profit selling 1 stack of linen cloth for 40s. Got my my first 200g :D

  5. I had the blessing/curse to actually get 2 epics while leveling up to 60 in vanilla wow. Myrmidon's Signet and Jeweled Amulet of Cainwyn. I was so noob on how to use the AH then that I gave them to my friend to ah and only asked for half of the money.

    Granted this let me get a epic land mount. It wasnt until BC that I really started to play the AH.

    Still haven't gotten an epic drop via leveling on 6 other characters :(((


    Troll's Bane Leggings 250g on my level 25 warlock main.

  7. At first I struggled (naturally), but my curiosity of this 'auction house' turned out to be the piece of the game that hooked me.
    I could sell as many items as I wanted, whenever I wanted, for whatever price I wanted, without being online all the time risking computer crash/DC and losing sales. On top of that, I could see the prices of what everyone else was selling for without spending all day browsing player shops to get them.
    My first business purchase was the plans for Steel Weapon Chain ( for 160g. That was all but 50s of my money, but thankfully my main character was a paladin so I did not have to use that money for a level 40 mount. Using mats I had available, I began crafting and selling weapon chains. The sales of the first couple bought mats for more, until I had long since earned back the price I paid for the plans.
    A couple world drop epics sealed the deal - I now had the capital to buy whatever I needed in the game.
    I also learned early on while I was making and selling weapon chains that disenchanting was profitable. Guess what I had? A level 30 druid with tailoring and enchanting, in the 175 range, a toon who would retain such professions and later become my first level 70 and second level 80.
    I now sit on cash reserves of about 175,000 gold and have the "cap" (for one character) in sight. The gold "cap" for me would be as much gold as all of my characters could possibly possess at one time, plus as many personal guild banks I can possibly have.
    I have 3 accounts. My gold cap is a ways away.

  8. my first big sale, or the one that got me into the AH was an Assassin's Blade (blue dagger from SFK for twinks) got it while running a friend through the instance...
    I used the 300g from that item to fund leveling leatherworking and enchanting, along iwth the stuff I gained from leveling them...

    About this time - the upgrade dungeon set quests came out, and everyone and their mother wanted Greater Eternal Essences to use for the quests, so I set about buying rugged leather and disenchanting Wicked Leather Headbands... and make huge bank on them... and so was my first ever craft to DE scam... I think I made a couple thousand gold, enough for multiple epic mounts and all the gear/enchants/etc I wanted...

    From then on - I was playing the AH whenever I could...

  9. My original Troll Rogue was an Alchemist, and I first started really making money using my cooldown to transmute Arcane Crystals (10g) into Archanite Bars (30g).

    My first big mistake was stockpiling Traveller's Backpacks prior to BC, assuming everyone would want some for their new alts. I didn't do my research, and the Netherweave Bag made from cheap Netherweave Cloth dropped bag prices through the floor. I still have a couple of dozen of the things left.

  10. Snuggles-Dath'remar said... December 29, 2009 at 10:19 PM

    My first sale was a bunch of linen cloth and copper ore.
    My first real jaunt at moneymaking was buying cheap low-level uncommon items and disenchanting them for profit; turned 10s into 1g, and made a steady 50% profit on investment up to 100g.

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