Smelting The Golds

There are two ways that I make gold with smelting (mining's better half) and they are titansteel bars and cobalt bars. First, I buy the materials off the auction house cheap every day as I see them. Once I have enough to make a few stacks of cobalt or one titansteel cooldown I craft the bars and sell at 75% market price to ensure that they sell quickly and I get about 20%-30% return on the investment.

Another item you can make gold off your miner with is bronze bar. These take 1 tin and 1 copper bar so check your auction house prices to see if this can also make you money.

Any other bars that you know of that will turn a profit simply by smelting them? It's not usually the case because of prospecting being so much more popular than blacksmithing.

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  1. Saronite can work wonders if a stack goes for less than 12G 50S

  2. I just did the math on the azshara server...
    97 titansteel compents..
    122 titanteel cheapest bar..
    Thanks for the idea.

  3. Adamantite bars sell fairly well

  4. A thing to note when calculating the price / profit potential of smelting bronze is that your 1 tin and 1 copper bar nets you 2 bronze bars not 1 like most other smelts.

  5. Turning Iron into Steel is almost always profitable on my realm

  6. my last comment didnt appear, but think it might have been a glitch in my connection.

    A good thing to remember is that when u smelt bronze you get 2 bronze bars for only 1 copper and 1 tin.
    This makes the profit margin quite good if you get the bars at a good price.

  7. I used to sell regular steel bars on my realm. Buy the mats for 20g/stack, and sell for 40g/stack

  8. Thorium bars also sell much higher than the ore on my server.

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