Sporeggar Reputation Grinding - Wow Gold Strategy

Here's an emailed tip on making gold with sporeggar reputation grinding!

Hello marcko im kylol emailing to share with you another killer gold making secret! Sanguine hibiscus is an outland rep and quest item for the sporeggar bc faction. You can get the sanguine hibiscus in underbog, and it has been selling by me all week for 30-100g per 20. Now, i am on a full server, but this is insane! I never have competition except a few random people who ran underbog and got a few, they post them cheap and i buy em and resell. You can make about 500-900g per hour on your 80 in underbog farming this i bet, it even stacks up to 200 so you save bagspace! Kill everything that moves in the very first room, go up ramp kill boss, go out, reset. Test it! Make a vid about it! The quest that takes 20 of them gives great exp (because its a dungeon quest) but people can complete it in 3 mins using the ah and get all that exp. Plus, the faction that handing in alot of it gives good rewards, http://www.wowhead.com/?item=25828 is a great aoe leveling shield and an item some 70 or 80 players will buy because of its mass aoe potential when running lower levels or otherwise aoeing when you dont need the defenses of a shield. You can also get http://www.wowhead.com/?item=29150, http://www.wowhead.com/?item=29149.
But most of all the sanguine hibiscus sells so well because this faction will give you

Thanks for the tip kylol! Be sure to sell in lots of 20 for the people doing the dungeon quest.

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  1. Unless my memory is faulty, the dungeon quest in question is "Bring Me A Shrubbery!", and requires 5 Sanguine Hibiscus, not 20. Could have changed somewhere along the line, I suppose.

  2. I think that is the "starter" quest. If memory serves me (and it usually doesn't...) the follow up is a 20 item turn in.

  3. I did this before. I usually just skipped to the Sanguine Hibiscus. It sells really well. You can skip most of the mobs at level 80.

  4. Unless it has changed, they ask for 5 to start with, and then the followup repeatable is 5 again. They never ask for 20. People just like to buy things in 20 stacks for efficiency because they're used to 20 being the stack size for most things.

  5. As a rogue who has a hard time pulling just one group at a time, I've found I'm able to stealthed around to the nodes of these flowers and pick them without pulling agro. There's only one spot I've had so far where it's right next to some mobs, but since you can pick it within a couple seconds, you can take it and then vanish.
    This works up till the Naga boss (which is the second one I think)
    On a run like this, I get about 10 Sanguine Hibiscus.

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