Suggestion Box Friday (12/11/09)

This friday I'm not here because I'm currently flying out to see my favorite resto druid. Feel free to turn the comments section into your own personal soap box for discussing your favorite ways to make gold in the game but with a twist:

What are your favorite ways to make gold pre level 50? Comment!

While on the trip I have posts pre-made for the blog but will be unavailable for emails/comments/questions/etc until I return on the night of the 14th.

I will check periodically to moderate comments whenever I have a free moment, but that's all I'll have time for.

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  1. I think pre-50 , wool, mine and skin on one toon....Mats always sell. Crafted items it depends on the market...But base materials always make money in every market. Even if your market is flood be a buyer not a seller and store in the bank for the weekend when the stores sell out

  2. maybe not long term, but the best way i've found to start out my toons is with mining so i can sell copper ore. normally sells for ~5g/s a stack, which is great for a level 10-ish toon, but i've made sales at 20g/s when the right buyer is cleaning out all the copper from the AH. as long as i'm not trying to power level a profession, any alt can stay self-sufficient as a miner.

  3. The best way to make gold I have found pre 50 or leveling to 50 is through gathering professions. Skinning and herbalism have done me very well. I just leveled a priest to 50 and have made over 1000 gold from selling herbs and leather on the AH gathered just while leveling. I was able to sell stacks of those lower herbs up to 40g a stack and leathers 20g a stack.

    Inscription can also be very good for making money on a sub level 50. Probably the only profession that would be good at lower levels.

  4. why does like 50% of all females (in wow) play resto druid? :-)

  5. Pre-fifty?

    Heh. Mining copper and selling odd little engineering pets.

    Everybody wants a squirrel!

    -Tufak of Feathermoon

  6. Personally I think taking Herbing/Inscription is actually the best pre-50 money maker. If you actually know how to sell glyphs, there are plenty of glyphs that sell well that you can craft before you hit 80.

    Other than that, run pre-20 toons through WC. or other raptor infested areas, I've had two of the raptor pets drop so far on a druid I'm leveling (21 right now) and they sell for 400g+ each.

    The other way I've made large amounts of gold leveling is buying greens and selling enchanting mats while leveling enchanting.

  7. I sell teh hugs outside stormwind.

    /hug little paladin
    /hug little rogue
    /dropkick little gnome

    I net 5000g a 10 min session, nobody undercuts meh and there is no competition.

  8. My favorite way to make gold in with a new toon on the alliance side is go to the master cooking recipe guy in SW buy 3 of each and post them all in the AH that usually gets me 40 gold the next day

  9. "why does like 50% of all females (in wow) play resto druid? :-)"

    2 words...Bear dance

  10. If you don't want to level a profession, there are other ways to make gold. A big one is buying low level crafting patterns and selling them at huge markups.

    Some basic and easy ones to get you started are the low level fish cooking recipes (brilliant smallfish, slitherskin mackeral, etc).

    Once you have a small amount of capital, Booty Bay has several patterns that sell for a hefty markup, including a scope recipe, some cooking recipes, tailoring recipe, and you can also resell the parrots there for a good markup as well.

    Once you've built up even more capital, you can start scanning the AH for world drop recipes that people have posted too low.

    Lastly, with the advent of glyphs, there are a ton of people who automate their glyph posting and accidentally post them way too low. I have bought hundreds of glyphs for 1s50c and resold at 1000% or more markup. I have a level 21 hunter who has 4000g just from recipes and reselling glyphs.

  11. I just dinged 50 on my BoA geared hunter with no professions and 0 farming. When I created him I sent him 10g and 4 Netherweave bags. Currently on that toon I have 3 tab g bank, 2k gold and all the mats to level JC to 425. How you ask? A couple ways actually first and my favorite: Spamming trade chat with "WTB Full SM runs, 40g each" once you get an 80, tell him you'll pay 40g for each full clear but you get all the trash loot. Each run nets me around 100g of cloth and enchanting mats; mind you this is only good while you are in the right level range so once you ding you can move onto the real gold mine. "WTB ZF runs 40g each" now this is the money maker, same idea as before just say you want full clears and all the trash loot. Greys from here sell for 60s-90s and stacks sell for 3g upwards not to forget the Mageweave cloth that goes for 16g a stack for me.

    The second method I use is just a type of auction house farming I've developed over the the course of WotLK using auctioneer and about 30mins of play time.

  12. If Alliance, there is always Little Timmy's kitten. Otherwise, certain DE mats can command a decent price. Glyphs can line a toon's pocket nicely, too.

  13. I have a question for all of you veteran scribes who maintain large inventories:

    How do you track what glyphs your bank alts have so you know what to make? So far I've been using WhoHas tooltip, but is there a better way?

    basically the whole question of maintaining a huge inventory kind of has me stumped.

  14. Herbalism is great, depending on the server. I just pick all the flowers along the way while questing and all the flowers sell really well. Even the low level ones sell because of inscription and people leveling alchy, etc.

  15. My favorite goldmakin in any MMO has always been to level faster. I have neve found a way to make gold at low level i could not beat by 400% at max level. That being said, just gather on your way to 80 when it is in your path, hit 80, and then go for the gold.

  16. @last Anon
    I don't quite get the WTB dungeon run for 40G part. If you can make 100G or more from a 40G run, it means those 80s who fall for this are really stupid. They sure as hell don't need you for a complete clear. If you can get them to do this then more power to you.

  17. I've found mining to be very profitable while leveling up, for alts you should go for melt-leveling so they wont run next to mining nodes they can't mine because their skill isn't high enough (e.g. I've leveled my 35 locks mining to 290 through melting, she's able to mine rich thorium if she would happen to run past a node)

    Combine that with herbalism (I know, you have to switch tracking alot) or enchanting and you've got a gold-making machine pre-50
    The problem with enchanting is that it's expensive to level, no matter how you look at it, it should never be the profession of your main while leveling up.

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